Final Fantasy V Advance Tips


8 Dragon Lances
4 Coral Rings
Ninja Class Mastered (Dual-Wield)
Dragoons Jump
In the Rift, after you've cleared four warps (Entrance Warp, the Warp Gilgamesh was standing on, and two more after), you will find a chest at the bottom of some steps, DO NOT open it until you are ready! Inside the chest is a monster called Shinryu, one of the two optional bosses of the Rift.

Shinryu, along with Omega, are the hardest (but optional) bosses in here, and most all attacks done will do 0 damage. However, Shinryu has a huge weakness. Wander around the Rift and find a monster called Crystal Dragon, it may sometimes drop a weapon called Dragon Lance, which is very effective against dragons. It will pose a challenge, but collect 8 of these.

Now, you must have 4 Coral Rings, which is also a big challenge because you will need 200000 Gil to buy 4 of them in Phantom Village.

To top it off, you must have mastered the Ninja's Dual-Wield ability and the Dragoon's Jump ability. Now, after you have all the needed precautions, make your characters Freelancers.

When you have two Dragon Lances equipped for each character (Dual-Wield is needed for this), the Jump ability, and the 4 Coral Rings equipped, open the chest to start the battle. Shinryu will start by using Tidal Wave, which will more then likely wipe out your party. HOWEVER, if you have the Coral Rings equipped, the attack will be absorbed. After it uses Tidal Wave, JUMP ASAP!

When all characters have used Jump on Shinryu, it should have done enough damage to end the battle! If it is still alive, quietly use Jump again.

For winning this battle, you get the Ragnarok, that even surpasses the Excalibur, and the Dragon Seal!