Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

Piano Locations
In this game, there are Pianos sitting in certain areas, playing them all will earn you the Level Song later in the game. Here are the locations:

Piano #1: Tule Village Pub
Piano #2: Carwen Pub
Piano #3: Karnark Pub
Piano #4: Jachol Pub
Piano #5: Cresent (Minstrel's House)
Piano #6: Regole Pub
Piano #7: Moore Pub
Piano #8: Phantom Village (hidden passage)

For the last Piano, go to Phantom Village, head to the Pub but don't go in, instead, head behind it, and go down. You should now be behind the counter of the Pub. Head to the door on your left, you will now be out of the Pub, head down until you find a door, keep going through the three smalls room to some steps, now head down until you reach the wall and turn left. press against the wall until you reach a small room that has some steps leading up. It leads to the Black Chocobo. Before getting the Black Chocobo back, press against the left wall of the room that leads to it, the last Piano is in the next room.

After all 8 Pianos have been played, head back to the Minstrel's House (Piano #5) and talk to him. Go back to Piano #5 in his house and play it. After your done, talk to him again, the Level Song is yours.