Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

Famed Mimic Gogo!
Head South-East of Phoenix Tower, and dive with your submarine, Walz Tower is there, so head inside. When you enter, you have 7 minutes to reach the bottom and back. I accomplished this with just running, but if you really want more time, use the Thief's Sprint Ability. When you reach the bottom, you will find the crystal shard that was lost when Walz Tower sunk. When you try to grab it, a voice will challenge you to a fight, say "no" and begin the battle.

Gogo is a mimic, and will mimic your every move, if you attack, he will attack you, but will do much more damage, same goes for magic. What are you going to do? NOTHING! Just sit there for a few minutes, eventually Gogo will end the battle, you will get the Mimic job and 50 ABP! Head out and try your new toy.

The Mimic job gives you the most space you'll get in this game, giving you 3 whole open command slots, AND the ability to mimic your last allies command. Make sure to find the right combination of commands that suits you. This can make either a extremely strong warrior, or a devastating mage in seconds, this job is more then worth getting. Examples:


Rapid Fire


White Magic
Blue Magic
Dual Cast

With Dual Cast having three lines or Black Magic, Holy from White Magic and Blue Magic, Black Magic is rather useless. After a while