Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

Gilgamesh's Farewell!
In the room before Exdeath in the Rift, there is a Save Point, but before you can use it, you must defeat a monster called Necrophobe. Necrophobe has four little heads called Barriers, which makes him invincible.

Now, to make this battle MUCH easier since you are most likely hurt from all the last battles and are in desperate need of rest, take out all four Barriers, and start whittling down Necrophobe's HP. Once you have caused enough damage, Gilgamesh will appear, and start his farewell speech, after he is done, he will use Self-Destructe, destroying himself and Necrophobe. The battle will end, and the ever-so important last Save-Point is yours.

Note - you can steal some Genji equipment from Gilgamesh!