Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

On the final floor of the Rift where you fight Necrophobe, you'll occansionally run into a group of three monsters called Movers. These may look useless and not worth the time, but if you can defeat them, they give you 199 ABP, and at least 50,000 Gil.

They have 10,000 HP, but they aren't easy, you have limited limited moves to defeat them. At a certain time, the Movers (even if only one is left) will cast Delta Attack, a reform any dead Movers. A few turns later the battle will automatically end.

Now, you can make this one of the easiest battles in the Rift. Get two mages with Dual Cast and Holy, one Mimic. Dual Cast Holy to two Movers, and have the the Mimic copy it, now two should be dead. Now, have the other mage Dual Cast Holy on the last one, it should be enough to end the battle.