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"Your Psychic Friend" Mr. Clio
When you get the Submarine in World 3, head directly 4 steps south of Karnark, and dive into the water. Now head south, you'll see a small hidden cave, enter it. There, you will find an old man in purple. Talk to him, if you say "yes", he will give you the number of:

Battles Fought
Monsters Slain
Average Experience
Treasures Gotten
Times Saved

This may not seem useful, but it actually kinda is, wether its using the Battles Fought and Monsters Slain to decide to either get the Chicken Knife or Brave Blade, or the know how much Treasure you have gotten.

beat movers in 1 turn in the rift!
first, have two cannoneer and master the job,then you will learn the 'combine' ability then set it as their ability, (ensure that u have many blitzshots and flame scrolls)when u see those little monsters called movers combine the blitzshot and flame scroll 2x then they die like crap.
hooray! u officially earned 150,000 gils and 199 ABPs in just one fight!
Bonus Dungeon Boss No. 1 - Grand Aevis
Grand Aevis:

Lv. 97
HP - 42000
MP - 20000
Strength - 120
Defense - 60
Evasion - 30
Magic - 100
Magic Defense - 40

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind
Immunity - Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop

Before beginning the battle, equip everyone with a Angel Ring to protect against zombification.

The Grand Aevis appears with two Dark Elements, which get REALLY annoying with them casting a about three Ga-level spells every turn, so set up Reflect with Carbuncle. Before that, however, hold on just long enough to cast a few defensive/supportive spells (Golem, Mighty Gaurd, Hastega are good). After you are ready, cast Carbuncle and switch to effensive.

With the Ga-level spells being Reflect back at them, it may cure them or hurt them, since it doesn't cure more then you can hurt them, just ignore it. You will find yourself low on HP a lot, so use White Wind as a healing method. Pound Grand Aevis with strong spells and attacks (Bahamut, Meteor, Holy, Flare, Rapid Fire), eventually it will go down. Just remember to keep your denfense high, any sign of weakness with be exploited.
Bonus Dungeon Boss No. 2 - Archeodemon

Lv. 17
HP - 50000
MP - 62000
Strength - 180
Defense - 40
Evasion - 0
Magic - 90
Magic Defense - 0

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Holy, Earth, Wind, Water
Immunity - Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop

Everytime Archeodemon is hit, it will cast Death on itself twice, since it is Undead, it CURES him! Like Grand Aevis, cast spells to protect yourself from magic and to aid you (Carbuncle, Mighty Guard, Hastega, ect.). Since he is already pretty slow, use Slow to make this battle even easier.

This method of beating him is slow, but very effective and safe. Start by having a Mime with Summon Magic and Time Magic mastered. Use Quick to stop everyone but the caster, use Bahamut as much as possible before Quick wears off. When it does, Mimic Bahamut through-out the fightm, for some reason, something in this method stops it from casting Death to heal itself. Heal when needed, and avoid attacking, because it may make it start healing itself again. This method is VERY long, but it's the safest way.

Bonus Dungeon Boss No. 3 - Guardian

Lv. 97
HP - 55000
MP - 60000
Strength - 110
Defense - 40
Evasion - 0
Magic - 50
Magic Defense - 10

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Lightning
Immunity - Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Slow, Stop

Launcher (2x)

Lv. 97
HP - 20000
MP - 50000
Strength - 110
Defense - 20
Evasion - 0
Magic - 50
Magic Defense - 10

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Lightning
Immunity - Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Slow, Stop

Wave Cannon

Lv. 97
HP - 22000
MP - 55000
Strength - 120
Defense - 20
Evasion - 0
Magic - 100
Magic Defense - 0

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Lightning
Immunity - Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Slow, Stop

Guardian is an upgraded version of Soul Cannon, and has ann added part: Wave Cannon. This may sound hard, but it really isn't. The only real helpful benefitcial spell is Hastega, so cast that and get ready to fight.

The Launchers constantly casts Missile on you, so keep your HP up with Curaga or White Wind. Keep pummeling Guardian with strong attacks and spells until all four parts fall. It's that easy!
Chicken or Brave?
Head to Moore in World 3. Head to the left of the Inn and go as far as you can. Go down, you should see 2 barrels in a line next to a tree, you should be next to the tree now, go in front of the barrels and go down into the small building. Now you should be in the woods, use these directions:


On the last direction, you will suddenly freeze. the screen will go fizzy and two boxes and a old man will appear. He will tell you to pick a box, one with the Chicken Knife, and one with the Brave Blade. The Chicken Knife's power will increase the more you run, and decrease the more you fight, vice versea for the Brave Blade. When you pick one, the old man will turn into a skeleton, and will leave. You may now leave the woods and try out your new weapon!
East Enou Kill
There is a way to kill Enou with 4 freelancers and not using rapid fire+spell blade:

1st be level 81 or 91, 87 or 97 work well here too, due that they are nor multiples of 3 , 4 or 5, that is important due to enuo has two lvl # spells, both which can be a pain to deal, nameley lvl 4 gravija, so being an odd number helps A LOT.

2nd have Equip ribbons passive ability, equip one to each member of your party, along with genji armor and accesories that help to reduce damage and or will void some extra status effects.

3rd Have this ability combo Finisher! and the Mix! abilities, you must have 99 of all base items, pitions, elixirs, etc.

4th start the battle by using mix! to create dragon armor/shield, the one that gives you shell/protect, make sure all of your characters have it, keep alternating between finisher! and mix! to make sure your party is mostly resistant to enuo's spells.

5th at the start of the second phase make sure you keep up with the healing via X-potions, in case any one dies make a revive potion, bringing back a character at full health, keep using X-potions and such until enuo falls, is not an easy task but this simplifies thing A LOT.
Easy ABP and Gil
once you are saved from the moogle village and get free roam of the castle go to the basement and save in the save point use a cottage or tent if nessary. you MUST HAVE LEVEL 5 DEATH or thunder powered weapond a moster called object d'art lives there they have 3300 hp and cast break which petrifies a party member. a group of 5 yeild 2535 gill and 8 abp and a group of 2 yeild 1014 gil and 4 abp but since there level 45 just use level 5 death when you run out of magic just go upstairs and use a tent you can easily buy all new items and max out your item (99 of each) in 20 min
once you get the black chocobo from cresent island go to jachol which is almost straight to the left and enter in the jachol cave here are nutkins in groups of 3 which give you 2 ABP per fight and the skull eaters which flees 25% uses insisors 1200 + damage 25% of the time and attacks 50% of the time. you get 5 ABP a fight regardles if he flees
(note: have at least 2 characters with the gaia ability physical attacks do 0 damage and most spells miss)
Easy chicken blade str increase
As you know the chicken blade increases in power the more you run ( +1 power per 2 escapes). the easy way to get it up fast is make your fastest perrson a ninja, then learn the !Smoke command. the ninja will always move first if it is your fastest character and just use smoke. This way is faster than holding the R and L buttons. If you have keep curser on you can just keep pressing the A button to make it go even faster. The chicken blade can be as powerfull as the legendary weapons if you run from over 500 battles, this is when the power peaks. Get the chicken blade as the power will never decrease, the brave blade stars high but can get lower. Also if you use !Rapid fire or !Aim it will counter the chicken blades escape special.
Even More Easy Gil
In phoenix tower when you go against the pot monster, Give him one elixer and have everybody else as mimes, you can ' Give ' him 3 other elixers ( if u have 3 mimes) by using mimic without actually giving him anything!! Amazing discovery
Extra Content
The GBA release of FF5 has some extra job classes and dungeons thrown in that are unavailable in previous releases of the game. These are as follows

??? Cave-Available once you get all 12 legendary weapons from Kuza Castle.

Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle jobs-Available when you first enter the ??? Cave.

Cloister of the Dead-Available once you earn the Necromancer job.

Necromancer job-Defeat Enuo in the Sealed Temple.

Sealed Temple-Beat the game once.
Famed Mimic Gogo!
Head South-East of Phoenix Tower, and dive with your submarine, Walz Tower is there, so head inside. When you enter, you have 7 minutes to reach the bottom and back. I accomplished this with just running, but if you really want more time, use the Thief's Sprint Ability. When you reach the bottom, you will find the crystal shard that was lost when Walz Tower sunk. When you try to grab it, a voice will challenge you to a fight, say "no" and begin the battle.

Gogo is a mimic, and will mimic your every move, if you attack, he will attack you, but will do much more damage, same goes for magic. What are you going to do? NOTHING! Just sit there for a few minutes, eventually Gogo will end the battle, you will get the Mimic job and 50 ABP! Head out and try your new toy.

The Mimic job gives you the most space you'll get in this game, giving you 3 whole open command slots, AND the ability to mimic your last allies command. Make sure to find the right combination of commands that suits you. This can make either a extremely strong warrior, or a devastating mage in seconds, this job is more then worth getting. Examples:


Rapid Fire


White Magic
Blue Magic
Dual Cast

With Dual Cast having three lines or Black Magic, Holy from White Magic and Blue Magic, Black Magic is rather useless. After a while
Force Shield
Omega Mk.II gives you force shield after you beat him.(65,000 HP) force shield blocks all elemental attacks.
Free Ragnarok
To get free Ragnarok go through the rift to exdeath before you battle him set your strongest characters abilities as mug and artful dodger now battle exdeath and kill him then he trans forms to neo exdeath mug the part to the bottom left it will take a few tries but you should steal Ragnarok. Repeat as many times as desired.
Gilgamesh's Farewell!
In the room before Exdeath in the Rift, there is a Save Point, but before you can use it, you must defeat a monster called Necrophobe. Necrophobe has four little heads called Barriers, which makes him invincible.

Now, to make this battle MUCH easier since you are most likely hurt from all the last battles and are in desperate need of rest, take out all four Barriers, and start whittling down Necrophobe's HP. Once you have caused enough damage, Gilgamesh will appear, and start his farewell speech, after he is done, he will use Self-Destructe, destroying himself and Necrophobe. The battle will end, and the ever-so important last Save-Point is yours.

Note - you can steal some Genji equipment from Gilgamesh!
Great Items at Beginning
When you first reach Tule, head for the house directly left from you. This is called the Greenhorn's Club. Head up to the lady at the desk and talk to her, say "yes" and head right through the passage she opened up.

Here you can learn all the basics of the game, but what you really want are the items stored inside, which are useful at anytime, so take them when you wish. Starty by taking whats in the Pot, Barell, Box and the two Chests, the head upstairs. There is a ches to the left of the room, open it to find a monster. It is one Goblin and can be taken out very fast. You will recieve the Leather Shoes from it.
How to get Ultima Weapon.
go to the sealed temple and beat grand avies then go through the omega room (room with 7 omegas) find the switch to shut off barrier in from of cave 2 rooms from omegas. once the barrier is down go through and stay on the lava don't go up stairs keep going on lava that is in a straight path you will enter a room with a single chest in the chest is the Ultima Weapon and Neo Shinryu. Neo Shinryu has 65,000 health and casts mighty guard counter with dispel and attack constantly with dragon lance should die in one or two turns. you will now have the most powerful sword in the game.
Kill Neo Exdeath in 2 turns
Have 2 party members set as mimes with the abilities !Time, !Summon, and !Duelcast. Have the other 2 party members with the ability !Finisher or !Rapid Fire (!Finisher is easier but less powerful).

When you start fighting Exdeath, there is only one "Part" of him you have to destroy so !Finisher and !Rapid Fire are especially effective (!Rapid fire is even more effective if you have 2 swords). Your other two party members should just attack to save MP.

Once Neo Exdeath appears, have your first Mime dualcast the spells "Quick" and then "Bahamut" then have them duelcast "Bahamut" twice and then twice more. If your party members are high levels, Neo Exdeath might just drop dead there. If it doesn't, have your other mime repeat the first's process.

This is effective because Neo Exdeath has 5 "Parts" to it so single-target attacks won't work well. Therefore, you should use multi-target attacks. Since Bahamut is the strongest multi-target attack you have, he's the obvious choice. The whole "duelcast-quick-bahamut-duelcast-bahamut-bahamut-duelcast-bahamut-bahamut" thing essentially lets you summon Bahamut 5 times in a row.

Good luck!
Kill Omega in three turn
Use Mime for your main character and choose this abilities
- !Rapid Fire from Ranger
- !Spellblade from mystic knight
- Dual Wield from ninja
The other use white mage time mage and blue mage
When you face Omega in the first turn
-Use !Spellblade Thundaga sword
-white mage use Curaga to the party
-time mage use Hastega to the party
-blue mage use MghtyGrd to the main character
Second turn
Main Character use !Rapid Fire. It can takes damage to Omega ~64,000 damage.
Try to still alive. In turn three use !Rapid Fire again. It must dies now.
I think it has Hp ~100,000
Master Jobs in a Flash!
In the Rift, enemies will give out about 28-30 ABP, this will make mastering any job easy! Even Mimics and Red Mages Dual-Cast!
On the final floor of the Rift where you fight Necrophobe, you'll occansionally run into a group of three monsters called Movers. These may look useless and not worth the time, but if you can defeat them, they give you 199 ABP, and at least 50,000 Gil.

They have 10,000 HP, but they aren't easy, you have limited limited moves to defeat them. At a certain time, the Movers (even if only one is left) will cast Delta Attack, a reform any dead Movers. A few turns later the battle will automatically end.

Now, you can make this one of the easiest battles in the Rift. Get two mages with Dual Cast and Holy, one Mimic. Dual Cast Holy to two Movers, and have the the Mimic copy it, now two should be dead. Now, have the other mage Dual Cast Holy on the last one, it should be enough to end the battle.
In the Rift and the Bonus Dungeon, you'll find a dressed-down samurai called Yojimbo. If you are lucky, you can Mug a katana called Murakumo from him. This is the strongest katana at this time in the game, be sure to get as many as you need!
Piano Locations
In this game, there are Pianos sitting in certain areas, playing them all will earn you the Level Song later in the game. Here are the locations:

Piano #1: Tule Village Pub
Piano #2: Carwen Pub
Piano #3: Karnark Pub
Piano #4: Jachol Pub
Piano #5: Cresent (Minstrel's House)
Piano #6: Regole Pub
Piano #7: Moore Pub
Piano #8: Phantom Village (hidden passage)

For the last Piano, go to Phantom Village, head to the Pub but don't go in, instead, head behind it, and go down. You should now be behind the counter of the Pub. Head to the door on your left, you will now be out of the Pub, head down until you find a door, keep going through the three smalls room to some steps, now head down until you reach the wall and turn left. press against the wall until you reach a small room that has some steps leading up. It leads to the Black Chocobo. Before getting the Black Chocobo back, press against the left wall of the room that leads to it, the last Piano is in the next room.

After all 8 Pianos have been played, head back to the Minstrel's House (Piano #5) and talk to him. Go back to Piano #5 in his house and play it. After your done, talk to him again, the Level Song is yours.
Prevent auto-fleeing with the chicken knife.
There are two ways to prevent auto-fleeing with the chicken knife:

1.Using dual-wield,equip a twin lance to the character's RIGHT hand,and the chicken knife to their LEFT hand. Now when you attack,there's no chance of running away because of the knife.

2.If you attack using commands like Rapid fire,Bladeblitz,or even Counter*,you won't run away because of the knife. It works great for phsyical-oriented mimes if you don't want to use equip swords!

*=If a character equipped with the chicken uses mime after someone else does a counter-attack,it's treated like a normal attack,so you might run if you do that. But actually countering strangely doesn't cause you to run.
Two islands West of Cresent are monsters called Prototypes. These are very hard and hardly take any damage. However, they are weak against Thunder, use your strongest attacks (Thundera and Ramuh). If you can maage to defeat it, it will give you a nice amount of EXP and ABP for this point in the game. You won't recieve any Gil, but its still worth it.

Note - you can steal Dark Matter from it, and it may drop a Ether.

8 Dragon Lances
4 Coral Rings
Ninja Class Mastered (Dual-Wield)
Dragoons Jump
In the Rift, after you've cleared four warps (Entrance Warp, the Warp Gilgamesh was standing on, and two more after), you will find a chest at the bottom of some steps, DO NOT open it until you are ready! Inside the chest is a monster called Shinryu, one of the two optional bosses of the Rift.

Shinryu, along with Omega, are the hardest (but optional) bosses in here, and most all attacks done will do 0 damage. However, Shinryu has a huge weakness. Wander around the Rift and find a monster called Crystal Dragon, it may sometimes drop a weapon called Dragon Lance, which is very effective against dragons. It will pose a challenge, but collect 8 of these.

Now, you must have 4 Coral Rings, which is also a big challenge because you will need 200000 Gil to buy 4 of them in Phantom Village.

To top it off, you must have mastered the Ninja's Dual-Wield ability and the Dragoon's Jump ability. Now, after you have all the needed precautions, make your characters Freelancers.

When you have two Dragon Lances equipped for each character (Dual-Wield is needed for this), the Jump ability, and the 4 Coral Rings equipped, open the chest to start the battle. Shinryu will start by using Tidal Wave, which will more then likely wipe out your party. HOWEVER, if you have the Coral Rings equipped, the attack will be absorbed. After it uses Tidal Wave, JUMP ASAP!

When all characters have used Jump on Shinryu, it should have done enough damage to end the battle! If it is still alive, quietly use Jump again.

For winning this battle, you get the Ragnarok, that even surpasses the Excalibur, and the Dragon Seal!


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Kill monsters in the rift before they attack!
Fist make everyone have the !summon ability and one person the !zenagde (samuri) abilty.

For 3 Movers just summon Bramut 3 times and your done. your get lots of gil, 199 AB points, and you haven't taken damage from the battle.

For king behmoth and the other monster just summon odin.

For others use !zenagde then summon Bramut. I Mastered every class in about 2-3 days using this.