Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift review
Another FF game

The good:

  • A well defined job system that has grown.
  • The many many jobs that you can do.
  • The hundreds of abilitites to tie in with your character.
  • The auction house.
  • Laws aren't as annoying as they used to be.
  • Nice 3D-ish graphics that make the game more fun.

The bad:

  • A fail in the plot
  • Finding new characters isn't nearly as fun as they used to be.
  • There's to many side-quests that get repetitive


Another FF game to the long and good series? Yes, this game is as the others, and incorparates the job and battle systems that the others do. It's an RPG that is a turn by turn gameplay. You're only allowed a few people on the gridded map that has you turn by turn attack.

The job system is the same too, but with the addition of two different races. There are also a few more jobs that are allowed, so the game is still a classic Final Fantasy on the handheld. Just like the last, the game allows you to get your units to learn new attacks/magic/etc. usually by using a certain weapon while in battle. If you use the weapon for long enough, then it allows you to master that ability, so that you can then move on to other attacks. This can be a pain when you can't find the certain item, but comes a great addition to the game. It makes the game longer, and persuades you to battle more, and to use much more items. The abilities are always fun to master, so you'll never reject the offer.


Once again, a boy gets sucked into the world of Final Fantasy, and here he meets some great friends. The main plot of the story isn't much fun, though, and you find yourself doing side-quest after side quest to level yourself up. I also think there was to many jobs in this game, and because of this i got really bored of them all. Instead of just a few fun ones, there were many ok ones. There are still the same old ones, but with the new ones you'll be shifting through which to actually pick.

As for the amusement in the actually levels, yes, they're fun, but they're just to many. Over three hundred missions to choose from isn't a bad thing, but when most of them don't have to do with anything, you eventually just give up.

Luckily, they added something very fun. Now with the auction you can acquire land to your clan name by betting on things. After each you win a fun prize, and the bragging rights of ruling over the huge continent.

And we come to another great thing about this game. The amount of space that you have to travel is amazing. With just about two islands, and another counting the very last level, you'll be traveling back and forth. The only bad thing is that it's really annoying to have to travel to one place, fly over, and then soon fly back. If there was another way to get between the two places, then it would have turned out much better.


As i said the graphics are much more fun to look at. There's a more 3D feel to the characters, and the attacks that they place on opponents.


Now, this is just a personal note, but i really didn't like the characters in this game. The last game had people like Shara and Ritz who i loved, but this game didn't really have anyone i could connect to, and because of this i wasn't as enthralled. I enjoyed the extra mission to get Vaan later in the game, but besides that i really didn't enjoy Luso. There really was only Adelle who i liked, so i was really only using her.

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