Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift User Reviews


Another FF game

The good:

  • A well defined job system that has grown.
  • The many many jobs that you can do.
  • The hundreds of abilitites to tie in with your character.
  • The auction house.
  • Laws aren't as annoying as they used to be.
  • Nice 3D-ish graphics that make the game more fun.

The bad:

  • A fail in the plot
  • Finding new characters isn't nearly as fun as they used to be.
  • There's to many side-quests that get repetitive


Another FF game to the long and good series? Yes, this game is as the others, and incorparates the job and battle systems that the others do. It's an RPG that is a turn by turn gameplay. You're only allowed a few people on the gridded map that has you turn by turn attack.

The job system is the same too, but with the addition of two different races. There are also a few more jobs that are allowed, so the game is still a classic Final Fantasy on the handheld. Just like the last, the game allows you to get your units to learn new attacks/magic/etc. usually by using a certain weapon while in bat...


Strategy at its Best


Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a tactical RPG game that stands out as one of the best strategy games for the Nintendo DS for many reasons.

The story of FFTA2 (Final Fantasy A2, or advanced two) is set in Ivalice like many games in the Final Fantasy series, but the way to getting there was a bit strange. Luso Clemens is a stubborn school boy who finds himself working in a library and eventually writing his name inside of an old book. The book then flickers and Luso finds himself being attacked by a giant chicken. Throughout the game Luso's main task is to find a way home an...

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