Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Cheats

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift cheat codes.


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Unlockable Espers
To unlock the Espers listed on the left, complete the corresponding mission listed on the right.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AdrammelechThe Moorabella Cup
BeliasThe Camoa Cup
ChaosThe Loar Cup
CuchulainnThe Odalia Cup
ExodusThe Jylland Cup
FamfritThe Goug Cup
HashmalThe Fluorgis Cup
MateusThe Graszton Cup
ShemhazaiOf a Feather
ZaleraThe Last Step
ZeromusThe Five Kings
ZodiarkA Lasting Peace


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a few helpful tips.
have you ever seen the tresure chest and pots around the battle field?
if you have youi probably opened one but got something lame like a potion or an antidote but not all of them have lame things.
if you are lucky then you canb get a ribbon from one or a madu, the weapon that teaches dual cast to the red mage, or even the luminous robe(it teaches the half mp ability).

2.obtaining the sequencer and the peytral.
the sequencer is the sword that can gain power as time goes on and the peytral also raises defence as time goes on.
the sword is obtained after you defeat the red king of cinquleur and the peytral is obtained after you defeat the blue king of cinquleur.

3.using cocobo knight.
after you get a chocobo knight you need a chocobo so he can ride so since he can use most weapons give him the strongest weapons and when you enter a battle with a chocobo as your enemy you weaken the chocobo without killing it and then get right next to it and chose "mount" and he will get on the chocobo.

4.using a illutionist the right way.
you need an illutionist with half mp and a cannoneer that knows ether shot and shoot the illutionist with ether shot to give him mp and cast any spell you want with that team.

5.the ultimate mooogle knight.
teach the moogle knight ultimate charge with the materia blade and get a cannoneer to shoot him with ether shot (learned with the brevis) and with that the moogle knight can hit three time the damage every turn.

6.getting frimelda.
frimelda is a zombie paladin that you have to help throught doing some quest.
the quest list starts with the quest "under the weather" then "chill in the night" then "show of strenght" then "hunted" then on "memories forged" you heal her and she joins youe clan.
she is a paladin with nurse, defend, cover, and dual wield mastered.

7.getting the class heritor.
the class heritor is a special class that only adelle can get.
she gets it after the quest "through another's eyes".
you have to go to lezaford's cottage and talk to him and after that you go to zedlei forest and go to the place that has the red square with the exclamation point.(the quest might need some more quest before you can get the class)
Alternative way using magicks
Classes: Summoner (Viera) + Red Mage secondary
Skills: Bloodprice (S), Doublecast (A)
Explanation: Bloodprice uses HP to cast magick instead of MP, so you get tons of available spells available in the beginning of battles. When she's low on HP, just cast Double Cure and she's back to full HP again. Really love her, she can kill 3-4 enemy on her first turn in a small map. As long as she can reach them, they're dead for sure.
Cannoner/Dragoon Major Help For Everything!!
This combination of classes has MAJOR boosts, it has great range and upclose fighting traits. Plus if you teach it ether/potion shell it can restore health or give your magician a quick boost so you don't have to wait for mp build up. And can be used as damage takers for your other units as well.
Damage to Undamageables
Do you ever get those annoying quests where you can't attack, or can't attack a certain species? There's an easy loophole around it. All you do is:

A: Can't attack: Use abilities. they won't count. also works for laws that ban weapons.

B: Can't attack hume, moogle, etc.: if you can't harm a group, don't. harming means anything that makes it lose hp. If there's only one or two of the enemies you can't attack, make sure you have a counter. it won't count as a violation. If there's a bunch of enemies in the catagory, I say screw it and attack anyway (unless you need training, and these guys are way high in level).

Hope it helped.
Dealing lots of damage
Classes: Ranger (Seeq)
Skills: Mirror Items (A), Camouflage (A), Item Lore (S)
Explanation: Mirror Items is basically the same as the Items skillset, but it reverses the items' effects. Potions will take away HP instead of heal HP. Antidote poisons instead of cures poison, etc. Item Lore doubles the effect of items on the user. Combined with Mirror Items, Item Lore doubles the effect of Mirror Items. This can be VERY dangerous if combined with the right items such as X-Potion or Phoenix Down. With Mirror Items X-Potion deals 200 damage. Item Lore makes it 400 damage. That's consistent 400 damage at 99% accuracy, folks! Camouflage is just an icing on the delicious cake. It makes the Ranger invisible. Turn your Seeq invisible in the first turn, move next to an enemy unnoticed, and BAM! hit them with 400 damage.
Defender/Gladiator tip
Classes: Defender/Gladiator
Skills: Aura(A), Meltdown(A),Strikeback(R)
Explanation: Its pretty cheap but it works quite well. Basically get your defender to master Aura and Meltdown-learnt from Lohengrin and Vajra respectively-then use Aura to gain regen and rerise(revive immediately upon KO. Go up to the opponent and use Meltdown-KO's you and inflicts damage equal to your current hp-this should hopefully kill the enemy and you will die at the same time, but, thanks to Aura you will revive. You can repeat this as many times as you want. Strikeback is used just to stop enemies dealing damage to you so you can maximise the damage done (although it only block normal direct attacks).
Dragoon/Gladiator combo
Classes: Dragoon/Gladiator
Skills: Jump(A),Fire breath(A) Bolt breath(A), Ice breath(A), Ulitma Sword(A), Double hand(S), Lancet(A), Dragonheart(R)
Explanation: pretty good for short, mid, and long distance enemies. Jump for those far away, the breaths for those just out of reach and elemental bonuses, ultima sword for those up close, lancet for when u start to get low on hp, dragon heart just on the off chance it does get KO'd , double hand for an added boost in power with 1-h wpns. i believe spears on considered one handed on here.
Easy ways of killing bosses
Classes: Parivir/Fighter
Skills: Wind Slash (A), Shimmering Blade (A), Skyfury Blade (A), Hoarfrost Blade (A), Lifethread Blade (A), Rush (A), Wild Swing (A), Aura Blast (A), Counter (R), Geomancy (P)
Explanation: This combination is very easy to use, just walk up to your opponent and use an elemental strike. The fighter abilities are just used to add some range. This combination is VERY deadly when fighting enemies one on one. It kills like crazy and has decent range. I find this combination to be very useful against bosses.
Experience power
Before each battle, you'll get to choose with advantage you want to give your crew (so long as you don't break the judge's rules for that battle). You should always, always choose an experience boost over any other statistical advantage. You'll rarely (if ever) run into a battle where you should be challenged to the point that you'll need a mild speed or strength boost, for instance, but experience is always a hot commodity that should be gathered when and where you can. Giving yourself an experience boost during each battle will let your characters level up quicker, and ultimately this will lead to an even stronger party that will never need statistical advantages in battle. Continue to repeat this process and you'll be working with a really strong crew before long.
Good Class Combinations
Here are some of the good classes in the game that can make one hell of a team. Hope this helps.

Paladin/Parivir with mastered Chivalry and Flair, Geomancy, Ribbon-Bearer, and Sequencer/Fallen Angel: I'm sure you all heard a lot about this combo: High ATK and powerful skills from Parivir combined with the hif DEF and great equips from Paladin plus x1.5 elemental damage (when weak to) with Geomancy and debuff-invulnerability from the Ribbon results in one of the most powerful fighters in the game.

Seer/Illusionist with mastered High Magick and Illusion, Dual Wield, Replenish MP and equipping non elemental Rods: Make sure he has good DEF and you have a fast guy to hit him with: Have the other guy hit him without killing him, then cast away to hit everyone thrice.

Seer/Blue Mage with White Wind, Angel Whisper, Recharge, Esuna, Raise, Strike Back, Halve MP equipping Ninja Tabi: Pretty much the most powerful healer I can think of. White Wind heals an ally's HP by how much is your current HP, and Angel Whisper grants Reraise and Regen. Strike Back let's you go around without getting hit most of the time, and Halve MP/Recharge let's you heal faster. Plus, Blue Mages have decent equips and Seer's have high RES growth.

Cannoneer/Gladiator with mastered Cannonry and Sparring, Strike Back and Unscarred: Quite powerful, as Unscarred is very useful and Gladiators have good ATK. The long-range of the Cannoneer and Ultima Sword will guarantee a hell lot of damage at a safe distance, and with Strike Back, it just ensures that you'll be there to hurt more. And Ether Cannon ensures more damage from your mages.

Lanista/Ranger with mastered Astutia and Survivalism, Item Lore and Blink Counter: I really do not need to explain this but what the heck. The Lanista is just there for good equips, Ranger skills does the rest.

Raptor/Hunter with mastered Devastation and Trapping: This combination is all about overpowering the enemy with damage and debuffs. Vitals Shot and the Crushes go hand-in-hand in weakening the enemy before Ultima Shot kills them.

Fusilier/Moogle Knight with mastered Onslaught and Gunmanship and Concentration: Long-range debuffs galore as Concentration also increases debuffing chances before hitting them with an Ultima Charge.

Sage/Arcanist with mastered Sagacity and Arcane Magick, Halve MP and Replenish MP: Either deals massive damage with Scathe, Gigaflare and Ultima Blow to so-so units or instantly kills slow, non-immune, tough units. Very versatile and can be used hand-in-hand with a fast Cannoneer or Flintlock to be able to cast immediately.

Green Mage/Assassin with mastered Assassination, Tranq, Reflex, Halve MP, and Ninja Tabi: Tranq yourself, go around casting Last Breath on your first turn. And if MP allows it, an Ultima Masher or two will not hurt.

Juggler/Thief with mastered Acrobatics and Thievery, Evade Magick and Concentration, and a Viking/Lanista with mastered Pillaging and Astutia and Gil Snapper, both equipping Ninja Tabi and Brigand's Gloves: Can steal pretty much everything possible to steal from someone in FFTA2 once the Juggler hits with Ring Toss. If there is nothing to steal anymore, Strike! yourselves up then hit the guy with a critical for extra money. If you want, make the Seeq a Viking/Ranger instead, spread some traps, have Vaan Salvage everything for loot.

Defender/any other job with Aura, Meltdown, Bulwark, Counter and Immunity, equipping Orb of Minwu, a KO and Sleep-immuning equip and Ninja Tabi : Basically an eternally exploding Bomb. Cast Aura on yourself, Bulwark your way to the enemy, Meltdown to deal massive damage, have someone heal you, rinse and repeat.

Summoner/Red Mage with mastered Summoning and Red Magick and Blood Price, equipping Flurry/Thunder/Blaze Robe, and a Juggler with good RES, Smile Toss and Critical: Quicken: A famous infinite loop in FFTA2. Have the Summoner and the Juggler set up in a way that you can summon an Esper on the both of you and an enemy and to the summoner and the Juggler alone . Use Doublecast, first cast an Esper that the Summoner can absorb on the three of you in such a way that the Juggler goes critical on the first cast, then cast a healing Esper on the Summoner and the Juggler. After the Juggler Quickens, Smile Toss to the Summoner to rinse and repeat everything.
good strong atack
early on you can get the assassin skill ultima mash learn it and then get the passive ability blood price, then all you need to do is equip a bow and mash away
helpful magic tips
you only need to have half mp on a human and have gotten either the mp channeling or the mp efficiency clan privilege.
next you need to give your hume the half mp technique and in a battle that you know you can keep the law use either the mp channeling or the mp efficiency clan privilege so you can cast a spell that can cost up to 40 mp in one turn but it wont cost that much with this technique.

using this you can use ultima shot every turn and completely desinerate your foes in a few turns.

also if you use this on a seer that also has illutionist commands then you can use magic frenzy with the illutionist spells and you can magic hiot and melee hit all your enemies in one turn.
How to get a Brilliant Theorbo
For all those people who accidentally made a Shining Lute instead of a Brilliant Theorbo, only to find out that you only get Strawood once and you can already get the Shining Lute from a quest but not the Brilliant Theorbo, do not despair! There is a way to easily get one, and it's through everyone's favorite man and woman every year, the Luck-Stick Seller and Trader. The Brilliant Theorbo is the Special Prize A of the luck-stick thing, and despite the fact that the prize you get seems random, there is actually a pattern. Try buying a luck-stick at the 20th of Blackfrost then returning to trade it at the 1st if Goldsun. It works for me every time, and I already got 3 Brilliant Theorbo's, but still, it might be different for each game. But in the case that it's the same for both of us, you might as well try. Hope it helps!
Infinite Move and MP gaining
Using this Tip you can traverse the entire map without letting an enemy move or attack.
1. you need a Nu Mou with a Quicken Skill and the Halve Mp skill and a juggler with the smile toss skill.
2.When it comes the juggler or Mages turn. Repeatedly use the Quickening Skill on the other unit with the Quickening Skill, moving each time.
You can use this to gain MP for the mage. Though it is a bit time consuming.
Invincible Mage Knight
Classes: Paladin/Seer (Hume)
Skills: Cover (A), Saint Cross (A), Holy Blade (A), Sanctify (A), Reflex (R?)/ Magick Frenzy (A), Blizzara (A), Fira (A), Cura (A), Esuna (A), Ribbon Bearer (S?)
Explanation: The reason I listed so many abilitys is because all of them make this one of the top combinations probably out there. With this you become practically the Ultimate Mage Knight. Yes, Mage Knight. With this comination you not only have the abilitity to hold great powerful swords, but you can deal magick and fighting damage with magick frenzy. The reason I say Mage Knight is because the unit can now Heal with Magick, Damage with Magick, but can use fighting and holy powers to kill any enemy. You can attack from far with Magick, move in and attack with Holy Blade or Sanctify (if its undead), and then Cura yourself. Ultimatly you become possibly immortal. This isnt just a good combination for side units as well, it makes for an incredible main combination for Luso or Adelle. Its worth investing some time into.
Learning two things
Get dual wield( from the job ninja weapon name: type:sharp-edged katanas rank:A) on a charechter and equip the weapon you wish to learn from and if its a one handed weapon then you can learn twice as many abilities.
I know this is obvious but i hope it helps
long-ranged fencer
I found this when I tried to turn my fencer into an asassin.
You just need to upgrade your fencer with some powerful skills, and at least you have to add Nighthawk skill too.
The next step is to turn your fencer into a sniper. Just add the fencing abilities to substitute the Item command.
There! With this trick, you should be able to hit a long distance enemies with fencing skills (except Piercing Blow, you see the description is about hitting two enemies in front, so you cannot add more distance).
And if your enemy has the Archer's Bane skill, just simply attack them with Nighthawk (it doesn't counted as arrow attack).

Just add the right skill, and the deadly fencing abilities are ready to blow from your greatbow <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Powerful Archer
Classes: Hunter/Archer (Hume)
Skills: Cupid(A), Arm Shot(A), Aim Vitals(A), Ultima Shot(A)
Explanation:Pretty simple, just keep charming, disabling, dooming (with luck) everyone until you can do the Ultima Shot. I simply love to make the bad guys do the dirty work for me. Usually my Time Mage is aroud to Haste/Quicken the Archer. I don't really need to do much damage, since the enemies will be doing it for me.
Powerful Bangaa (Master Monk)
Classes: Master Monk (Bangaa) + Gladiator secondary
Skills: Pummel (A), Unscarred (S), Strike Back (R), Ultima Sword (A)
Explanation: This is why Master Monk is considered one of the best melee classes in FFTA2. Unscarred is very, very potent. It increases the character's stats considerably as long as his HP is full. Combine that with Strike Back, your HP will always be full unless the enemy hits you using some action ability. Even then, you can always heal your HP back up to regain the advantage of Unscarred. Now here's where the fun is: Pummel. It basically lets your character attack twice, at full power. At full HP, a Master Monk can easily do 150-200 damage attacking from the back each time. That's 300-400 damage total. The same with Ultima Sword. From the back, it can do 400+ damage easily. The only drawback is that it requires 32 MP to use. Remember, for all of these high damages, Unscarred is required for the stat-increases which makes your Bangaa more powerful.
Powerful Hume
Race: Hume
Job Combo: Paladin/Parivir
Abilities: Hoarfrost Blade/Shimmering Blade/Skyfury Blade (Parivir A-Abilities), Reflex (Paladin R-Ability) Geomancy (Black Mage S-Ability)
Items: Leveled Sequencer or Fallen Angel (Greatsword)

This combo. is one of the most powerful in the game. The first reason is because as you level as a Parivir first you will have a large attack growth and then as a Paladin you will have a lot of defense growth, a great thing to have. But that isn't very important because if you did not know, the Black Mage ability "Geomancy" (which can be learned with the Sage Robe) weakens your opponents resistence to elemental damage. The Hoarfroat(ice), Shimmering(fire), and Skyfury(thunder) Blade attacks from the Parivir are one of the strongest attacks in the game. So, the extremely strong element attack combined with an opponent weakened element defense also combined with a paravirs high strength and finally combined with the massive strength of the Sequencer(leveled) or Fallen Angel equals extreme amounts of damage.
Primary/Sub Skill Combinations
Race: Hume
Assets: Magick Offense
Primary/Secondary: Seer/Illusionist *
Optional Additions: Dual-Wield (Ninja P-ability), learned through the use of a Ragetsu-denbu blade, Replenish MP (Seer R-ability) or Absorb MP (Illusionist R-ability), and Halve MP (Illusionist P-ability)
- Comments: Used properly, the Seer can attack each foe up to 3 times per every other turn. When low on MP, the Seer can Recharge 20 MP per turn (24 MP gain - 4 MP loss = 20 MP). This means every other turn, you can Magick Frenzy an Illusion cast, allowing you to strike an enemy target two times; one with magick, one with physical damage. If Dual Wield is equipped, an additional physical strike is calculated with the above.

Race: Viera
Assets: Magick Offense, Support
Primary/Secondary: Summoner/Red Mage *
Optional Additions: Halve MP (Summoner, Passive), Absorb MP (Green Mage, Reaction), Magick Up (Red Mage, Passive), Blood Price (Spellblade, Passive)
- Comments: This is the most favorable magick build for Vieras. Using the Red Mage's Doublecast, you can spam two summons per turn. If you have MP restorative abilities equipped, this'll help you build MP each time you're attacked. If Blood Price is equipped, all casts are available from your first action. Just be sure to heal your caster unit every once in a while since Blood Price applies two times the MP cost to your HP.

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Psycho Viera
Classes: Assasin
Skills: Ultima Masher(A), Blood Price(P)
Explanation: Blood Price Doubles mp but it takes it out of HP. Therefore, you can have a pycho viera Assasin running around doing 300+ every turn at the cost of 68 HP, which is easily healed with cura.
Recruit Frimelda
To recruit the character Frimelda, complete the following chain of missions: Under the Weather, A Chill in the Night, Show of Strength, Hunted, and Memories Forged.
Some Tips

Clan Abilities-
During the prologue (Luso's summer journal), you can answer the three questions in the following orders to unlock different clan abilities from the beginning.

AP Up 1 - Answer B, C, C
Clan Up 1 - Answer B, B, C
Evade Up 1 - Answer B, A, A
EXP Up 1 - Answer B, C, B
Gil Up 1 - Answer B, A, C
Lucky 1 - Answer B, A, B
Power Up 1 - Answer B, B, B
Smash Up 1 - Answer B, B, A
Speed Up 1 - Answer B, C, A
Contributed By: himynameisminh

Unlockable Classes-
Arcanist - Complete The Nu Mou Nobles quest
Assassin - Complete quest,Veis Assassin
Beastmaster - Complete the quest Knowing the Beast
Cannoneer - Complete Quest: The Bangaa Brotherhood
Dragoon - Complete Kyrra, Dragoon
Fighter - Complete "To be a Fighter"
Flintlock - Complete "Of Kupos and Cannons"
Fusiler - Complete the Goug Consortium quest
Green Mage - Complete Green Dominion Quest
Gunner - Complete "The Goug Consortium"
Master Monk - Complete Banbanga!
Parivir - Complete "The Eastwatch" quest
Raptor - Complete "Instrument of Inspiration"
Seer - Complete the Cat's Meow quest
Spellblade - Complete "To Be a Spellblade" quest
Contributed By: Joshua10_22, mantendo, LoonyLunatic, Zxela404, MCInfinito3, jdawg123, slxim360, Kev0rk, Lyanwulf

Unlocking clan ability Libra early-
You can aquire the clan ability 'Libra' at the start of the game by having a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in the Slot-2 of your DS, and starting a new game or loading a game.

Easter eggs

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Final Fantasy XII Cameos
If, late in the game, you accept the mission to catch the Aerodome Prankster, you'll see Vaan from Final Fantasy XII fighting in that battle as well. If you're victorious, Penelo (also from Final Fantasy XII) will come out and talk to you.