Final Fantasy IX GameShark Codes (PSX)

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rating: 5/5

lots of different codes :) enjoy (PSX) North America

Infinite Money
8008B7B0 FFFF

Maximum Money
8008B7B0 967F
8008B7B2 0098

All Items Cheat
5000FF02 0001
8008B7C4 6301

No Random Battles On Overworld Map
D00A897C 1821
800A899A 2400

No Random Battles Everywhere Else
D0038DD0 202A
80038DD6 1000

Walk Through Walls On Overworld Map
D00B0FB8 A021
800B0F06 2400
D00B0FB8 A021
800B0FC2 2400

Walk Through Walls Everywhere Else
D00C378C 3021
800C3792 1000
D00C378C 3021
800C389A 1000

Can Run From Boss Battles
D00C1A40 3572
800C1A2C 00C2
D00C1A40 3572
800C1A2E 2402
D00C1A40 3572
800C1A52 2400
800BAED2 1000

Infinite Item Usage
80027EB6 2400

Infinite Magic Stones Everyone
50000990 0000
3008B2A3 0063

Enable Equip Option
D01FBF88 0001
801FBF88 0101

All Abilities Learned: All Characters
50000990 0000
3008B296 00FF

All Key Items
50000902 0000
8008B9C4 FFFF

Infinite ATS Meter In Battle: All Characters
D00B2A32 A600
800B2A32 2400

Cards: Have All Cards
50006406 0001
3008324E 0000

Cards: Maximum Wins
80083248 7FFF

Cards: No Losses
8008324A 0000

Cards: No Draws
8008324C 0000

Please note the following:
Walk Through Walls On Overworld Map D00B0FB8 A021 800B0F06 2400 D00B0FB8 A021 800B0FC2 2400 does not work in US & CANADA version.

Equal Cards (PSX) North America

50006406 0001 - Cards are Always Equal
3008270E 0000
rating: 5/5

99 of All Items (PSX) North America

5000FF02 0001 - 99 of All Items
3008FFC4 0000
5000FF02 0000
3008FFC5 0063

*Problems may occur on NTSC version.
rating: 2/5

Everone can equip - Daggers (PSX) North America

80069030 FFFF
80069042 FFFF
80069054 FFFF
80069066 FFFF
80069078 FFFF
8006908A FFFF

999 AP After Battles (PSX) North America

D00F11B8 0001
801F0C84 03E7
D00F11B8 0001
801F0C86 3403
D00F11B8 0001
800FDF38 03E7

Chocograph code (PSX) North America

3007AFAB 00FF

Note: This gives you in theory, all chocgraphs you can have in the game!
rating: 5/5

Max power thievery (PSX) North America

8008B7BA 1000

note: saves you all the trouble of making theievery gets to its peak
rating: 4/5

Chocobo beak upgrader (PSX) North America

3007AF7B 0063

note makes the beak of your chocobo be at lvl 99.

Have almost all frogs (PSX) North America

8008B7B8 0062

Note: The code gives you 98 frogs, be sure to have collected before hand all the items that this mini game gives

Queen + nobles perfectly impressed (PSX) North America

D0073930 FCBF
80077E7E 0C80
D0073930 FCBF
80077E8A 0032
D0073930 FCBF
80077E82 0032

Note press:

L2+R2+L1+R1 before the match starts