Final Fantasy IX (PSX) Cheats

Final Fantasy IX cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Final Fantasy IX cheat codes.


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Hippaul Race Rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wyerd CardLevel up Hippaul to level 10
Carrion Worm CardLevel up Hippaul to level 20
Tantarian CardLevel up Hippaul to level 30
Armstrong CardLevel up Hippaul to level 40
Ribbon CardLevel up Hippaul to level 50
Nova Dragon CardLevel up Hippaul to level 60
Genji CardLevel up Hippaul to level 70
Athlete Queen- key itemLevel up Hippaul to max level. (80)
Jump Rope Minigame Unlockables
The jumps must be countinious, with NO mistakes. If you mess up, you must restart.
UnlockableHow to unlock
10 GIL20 Sucessful Jumps
Cactuar Card50 Sucessful Jumps
Genji Card100 Sucessful Jumps
Alexandria Card200 Sucessful Jumps
Tiger Racket Cards300 Sucessful Jumps
King of Jump Rope Key Item1000 Sucessful Jumps
Ragtimer Rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Question 1 Correct1000 Gil
Question 2 Correct1000 Gil
Question 3 Correct1000 Gil
Question 4 Correct2000 Gil
Question 5 Correct2000 Gil
Question 6 Correct3000 Gil
Question 7 Correct3000 Gil
Question 8 Correct4000 Gil
Question 9 Correct4000 Gil
Question 10 Correct5000 Gil


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10, 000 gil and a moonstone...
During the fight scene at the start, try and get one hundred of the nobles cheering for you. You will not be able to do this on your first try, no matter how good you are - you must repeat the scene once or twice. Within about four or five tries you should get it. Rather than the thousand or so gil you get from 95%, you'll get ten thousand, and, if you send Steiner to speak to the Queen when you have control of him she'll give you a moonstone.
Alexandria Items
After Alexandria's destroyed and you can go back there, search around the city and castle to find one of each jewels, some money, and other items thruout the place. Just wonder around and the field icon will pops out like crazy.
Dagger's Dali Scenes
When Dagger first passed the South Gate (before Treno first time), she can return to Dali. Do it. You'll learn about Dagger more by talking to everyone here and see some scenes. You'll also receive some Gils (outside Item Shop) and an Elixir (at the farm). If you enter Dali later on after getting Zidane back, you won't see these scenes and conversations.
Dead Peppers For Free
After finding Chocobos Paradise talk to the chocobo near the fat chocobo. He'll, for some random reason, give you 99 Dead Peppers, which are used on cracks or bubbles on the world map. You can talk to him as many times as you'd like, so don't bother buying them.
Defeating Ozma With Ease
When battling Ozma, you'll notice that he/she's too far away to attack physically, so you have to use abilities such as Shock and Dragon Crest. However, there's actually a way of making him come close to you so you can damage him with physical attacks!

When you're on the World Map, and a random battle occurs, dreamy music will sometimes play. This heralds a fight with one of 12 very important creatures. These creatures will ask you for items such as diamonds or ore. Make sure to give them what they want.

Once you've found all 12 (use an online guide to help you), and initiate the Ozma battle, he/she will come close to you so you can attack him/her with physical attacks, making the fight much easier.

PS: Ozma absorbs shadow attacks, so don't even think about using Arc on it.
Disc 4 Nero Family Sidequest
During Disc 4, returning to the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum will trigger a cutscene with the Nero brothers. Each time after defeating a boss or watching a cutscene, returning to the hideout will trigger an additional cutscene that introduces more members of the Nero family. This can be repeated for every boss encounter and cutscene in Disc 4 (barring the final ones). After triggering the event nine times, a chest will appear in the hideout containing a Protect Ring. The cutscenes and battles that can trigger this event are:

1. The start of Disc 4.
2. The boss fight with Nova Dragon.
3. The boss fight with Maliris.
4. The Alexander flashback.
5. The scene where Zidane talks to himself.
6. The flashback of Dagger on the boat.
7. The scene with the Invincible in the sky.
8. The boss fight with Tiamat.
9. The scene with the two planets colliding.
10. The scene where Quina thinks s/he is drowning.
11. The scene where Garland talks about memories.
12. The boss fight with Kraken.
13. The scene about Gaia's birth.
14. The boss fight with Lich.
15. The scene where Garland talks about the Crystal.
16. The scene where the party enters the Crystal World.
17. The boss fight with Deathguise.
Early EASY Level Ups
There are 2 places early in the game that will give you advantage for levelling up: The North Gate near Chocobo's Forest (East of Lindblum's Dragon Gate) and Quan's Dwelling. Why? They both have springs that will recover your party's HP and MPs. So level up outside, get in when your in critical, go out and fight again, and so on. You can level up both Zidane's party and Dagger's party without spending any money, which will help you get the items at Treno's Auction a LOT better.
Easy 9999 Damage in Disc 1
To hit 9999 damage in disc 1 all you need is:

> Quina

> His Blue Magic "Limit Glove" ((Learned from Mandagoras in the forest northwest of Chocobo's Forest.))

> Get him down to 1HP, then use Limit Glove for a guaranteed 9999 damage. Grand Dragons, bosses, and all monsters become so easy!
Easy Peridots and Ores
Go to Black Mage Village and fight the Griffins outside the village (at the Magdalene Forest). Steal an Ore from them (it's the one and only thing you can steal from it, btw) and they will also 100% always dropped a Peridot after each battle.
Easy Tantarian at Disc 2
1. Get your charas at lv. 25 at least before they return to Alexandria.
2. ALL of them must learn and equip Auto-Potion.
3. Those who can learn Chemist (Freya and Steiner), learn and equip it.
4. Put ALL of your charas on the back row.
5. When the fight begins, make your attacker attack the Book Form ONE BY ONE till the amount of their attacks damage is around 150-200 HP of the Book Form. This way, it will reveal the Cute Form. At this state, stop attacking physically and let Vivi cast Fira (or Fire if you haven't got one) and Steiner do Magic Sword (same magic as Vivi). Zidane can steal if you wanna.
6. DONE. You'll beat it in less than 10 minutes. 5 minutes to go down, and you'll easily beat Zorn and Thorn less than another 10 minutes. As long you didn't encounter the Alexandrian Soldiers along the way, you'll have lotsa time to spare.
Eneros Game : Easier Way
When you're back to Alexandria for Dagger's coronation, there are 2 mini-games you can play here. Hippaul's Race (played only when you control Vivi) and Eneros Game (played when you regain control of Zidane). This tip is for the later one. When you switch back to Zidane, don't go to the castle yet, instead go to the weapon shop to find 3 black-furry-men hanging around there. They are Benero, Genero and Zenero. See why I called it Eneros Game? Anywho, talk to one of them to play. For the record, if you missed this game or decided you have enough gils already, this is your only time to play the game for after Alexandria's destroyed, you'll say goodbye to the game for the Eneros are going back to Lindblum and the weapon shop is destroyed.
Eneros Game objective is to find one of the Eneros who will randomly and fastly switch positions. You'll need to pay 50 Gil first time you play it and it will double the pay each time you level up. But you'll get your prize doubled as well. The total of the prize is around 25000 Gils. A HARD cash, I think. Remember, you can't stop if you wanna level up. If you stop, or loose, you'll start all over from level 1 again.
To succeeded passing all 10 levels of the game, you'll need a VERY fast eye to spot which one goes where. However, with this tip, all you need is a good memory and fast fingers. The trick is to abuse the Start button on your controller. You know, THE PAUSE BUTTON. Tap it like crazy while watching their movements. This way, you could see where they're going and/or predict their moves. If you're tired, just hit it and let it be on Paused, and then continue again. Now, you'll start to think that's this mini-game is easy!
Fast EXP.
There is a monster in this game called Grand Dragon, it is at Level 60 and is super power, however, it has one flaw, its level is divisble by 5. Why is this a flaw you ask? Once you get Quina and learn LVL. 5 Death, simply get into a fight with it and use it ASAP, even at level 50 you get 8000+ EXP. equip the Level Up ability to get even more. This helps if you are at low levels, or just want to level up.
Frog Catching Tip
Quina's Frog Drop Blue Magic requires him/her to catch frogs at the Qu Marshes. However, you can't catch all the frogs there since you'll need to leave a pair of different gendered frogs in order to get them to get married and give birth to new frogs which you'll catch again later on. To see their genders, you must first catch the frog and let it go again if that's the frog you wanna leave. But, you'll waste your time and energy by doing so. So, the tip is: See Their Color. They actually HAVE a VERY slight different green color. Carefully notice that the female ones have brighter green while the males are darker. Just leave the 2 color alone and after an hour or so, the two will become 8! Also, if you're near to catching 99 frogs, I suggest you wait till all 4 Qu Marshes are full of frogs again. This is due to the fact that the frogs WILL NOT developed again after you hit 99. However, if all Qu Marshes are full with grown upped frogs, and yet you have, say 98 frogs catched, you can catch the rest of the frogs after beating Quale and have over 100 frogs on your record.
Get Quina in the First disc
After Garnet puts everyone to sleep, go after her, after leaving the gate keep going stright and soon, you'll reach the Qu marsh, when there capture a frog, afterwards talk to Quina and S/he will ask for it, Give it to him,
his master will then ask you to take him.

Instead of getting him in the 2nd disc, you'll get him in th 1st.

It's better than having only 3 characters, especially in boss fights.
Get Rare Cards
Twin Moons, Boco and Airship: Play with the phantom in Memoria: Twisted time (or whatever)

Namingway: On Kuja's Palace, Disc 3, behind the night table (you have to rescue the characters you left).

Gargant: Some Zombie Dragons have their card.

Invincible: When collecting the Ultima Weapon Chest in Disc 4.

Divine Dragon and Alexander: Twin Moons: Play with the phantom in Memoria: Time Shortage (or whatever, the place with a pendulum) or in Treno, Winning against Sarah.

Getting through Lifa tree
Most enimies in the lifa tree are undead or stone. Give the stone ones a soft, and they'll become to soft to live (this works on all stone creatures...) and the undead ones, cast 'life'. Cast life on the Lifa tree Boss and he will instantly die.
Kill Ralvuimago easy
The second time you face the snake Ralvuimago on the Gargant after rescuing Dagger, there is an easy way to beat him. One of the guides by TestaALT says to use Zidane to hit him once physically then wait for him to unwrap himself, then hit him again to make him wrap up again. That way Ralvuimago cant hit you. But this would take too long seeing as how Zidane only deals about 200-300 damage to it per turn depending on your level, so this fight would last forever. However, if you make Vivi use Focus while he is wrapped up, you can make him cast Fira on it just as it unwraps. This does about 1000+ damage!! Making this fight a whole lot shorter! Make sure Zidane is ready to attack when Vivi finishes so it wraps up again. Then make Vivi use focus while he is wrapped up, and Fira when he unwraps for another 1000+ damage! This makes this fight easy AND short.
On the start of disc 3 when cid gives you the boat, first go to terno and get the dark mater (at the house with all the nobels) then hop back on the boat and go back to the place where you had to open all the doors with bells. Go up to the room with the 2 mogs in it and at the back wall there are some vines, climb up and go outside where you can fight grand dragons. You get about 10'000exp for each one but they are realy hard to beat. The best way to do this is use zidan, vivi, stiner and dagger. Just get zidan to atack, get vivi to use blizzara, get stiner to use magic soard (blizzara) and have dagger summon odian (dark mater). Its very inportant that everyone is equiped with a coral ring and as soon as 1 of the party dies you revive them.
Listen To FF8 Tune
You can listen to a FF8 tune. First go to Treno. Buy the Doga's artifact and the Une's mirror. Then go to the Black Mage village and go to the Inn. Talk to the black mage that is standing by the doorstep off the Inn's bedrooms. Then you will hear a FF8 tune.
Live Through KO!
If you are about to summon pheonix for any reason and you die, pheonix will revive your party!! You can use this if you know you're about to die!*

*How random Resurrections occur is dependent on the following:
1.) You must have Eiko in your party
2.) Eiko must either have Phoenix Pinion equipped or learned the Phoenix Eidolon
3.) How many Phoenix Pinions you have in your inventory. 99 Pinions equal roughly 30% chance that Phoenix will revive your party when annihilated!
Mognet Tip
Each time you met a Moogle that had Mognet for the option (obviously, only Moguo the World Map Moogle who didn't have it), choose the Mognet option like this:
(1) When you don't have any mail, so you'll hafta check to see if the Moogle will give you any.
(2) When you have a mail to be delivered to the Moogle.
(3) After you deliver a mail to the Moogle, check the Mognet option once more. Incase the Moogle will need to ask you to send his/her reply or mail to other Moogle.
(4) After an event occured, and you can get access to go back to the Moogle, do so. Example: after saving Dagger when her Eidolons were extracted, there will be a scene where Beatrix become your ally. And afterward, you gain access to the place where Zorn and Thorn extracted the Eidolons again, so go there. The Mognet is now have a mail for you to deliver. Another good sample is at Pinnacle Rocks after getting Ramuh, you'll get an option to Jump Now or Jump Later. Choose to Jump Later and go back to the Moogle. He/she will now have a new mail from Stiltzkin.
More Gils
Learn Zidane's Steal Gil ability and Quina's Millionaire. Equip them, bring the 2 charas in battle (well, you can't didn't bring Zidane, of course), let Zidane steal successfully. Quina's Millionaire add 20% of gils you received, Zidane's Steal Gil add another 10%, and it helped Zidane's Thievery.
Pinnacle Rocks Before Ramuh
When you first go to Lindblum, go out to world map. North of Lindblum, you'll find weird looking shaped hill-like thing. Go there, and you'll see "?" sign and the "Push X to enter" sign. Do it. That's Pinnacle Rock. You can get 2 items here (I think it's Ether and Elixir, I forgot) and you can read a sign "Old man spotted here" or somtn like that. Of course, you can get back here after Lindblum destroyed, but incase you wanna get the items earlier in the game.
Powering Up Zidanes Thievery
A good place to steal a lot is on the snowy plains near Esto Gaza. Usually you encounter 4 enemies that have a few items to steal from each. This way you can steal at least 9 items per battle. Stealing in every other battle is of course also essential.

*Zidane's Theivery skill relies on his speed. The formula is DMG = (Zidane speed * Number of Items stolen) / 2.

Which is multiply his speed by the number of items stolen, then divide that number by 2.
Ragtimer Mouse: Where and How
1. Before entering Ice Cavern, you'll see a forest nearby. Enter it, stand as middle of it as possible, you'll encounter him FAST. Do it repeatedly till you encounter him 4 times, then stop and continue the story. You can't encounter him for the 5th time, so don't waste your time.
2. After getting out to Outer Continent, enter another forest just outside Fossil Roo's exit, do as above. That's 8 so far, rite?
3. At the forest outside Black Mage's, you CAN encounter him 1 more time. That's 9.
4. When you reach the next 2 continents, do as above again, and you'll be done.

So, you know the secret so far, rite? Enter a forest in 1 continent, stand in middle, do it 4 times, go to other continent, rinse and repeat.
Rare Airship Cards!
There's a man in Daugerro that tells you your treasure hunter rank, he's Gilgamesh by the way.

Before getting your rank to A, challenge him to a Tetra Master match. He will use some really rare airship cards you haven't seen before!
Restarting without getting up
Hold Start + Select + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and the game restarts withoutgoing through the playstation logo thing. Awesome for lazy people like me.
Robe of Lords
If you want to get the Robe of Lords in disc 1 get 10000 points in 'Chocobo Hot & Cold' game and buy it from the moogle.
You can also get it by: Collecting 11 Stellazio (or something), Synthing it from Hades, or Stealing from Ozma. I think the Hadestype of them is easiest!
FFIX\'s ability system is based on your equipment and your main character is a thief. The connection should be obvious. Always steal from every enemy possible, especially bosses.

Stealing items also ups the damage of Zidane\'s thievery skill; the calculation is made based on the amounts of succesful thefts and his speed. The damage can reach 9999 very early on and isn\'t dependent on your enemies defence.
The Cotton Robe Trick
In order to synthesize a Cotton Robe, you need a Wrist, which can be bought in Dali for 130 gil, and a Steepled Hat, which can be purchased in Burmecia for 260 gil. It costs 1000 gil to synthesize a Cotton Robe in Treno and they sell for 2000 gil each. You make 610 gil profit each time.
Hi there!! this leveling tip is very easy... and works like a charm... now it's like the "get the zomie status" thing... but the difference is that insted of getting zobiefied get a viruse...
1. You can't heal a party member with zombie status
2. You can't revive a party member with zombie status
3. Once a zombiefied party mem. is revived.. you'll re-zombiefie that party mem. agian.
4. It's very hard to do this with this zombie stuff...

Here's how to do it... and reasons to!!:
1. Go to Memoria and try to find the Chimera and do battle with them
2. But before that make sure you have the following abilities 1. Antibody 2. Body Temp 3. auto-reflect
3. To get this virus from the Chimera you need to get dmged by the Virus Crunch and survive two deadly skills. When faced by the Chimera don't do anything yet... (do this one character at a time)
(this may take only one encounter or two)
be idle(don't do anything)the Chimera will just throw Firaga at you and be reflected back at him... remember the auto-refect ability?? this is where it comes to use
4. You need to physicaly damage the Chimera to do this... (one character at a time)(the remaining character must remain idle) when you hit the Chimera... it will start a chain of deadly attacks of Venom Breath,Freze, and Virus Crunch... you need to get to the Virus Crunch
with out dying... this is where Antibody and BodyTemp come to action... this will get you past this attacks...
5. lastly your character should have 1000+ hp cuz the Virus Crunch dmg is quite strong...

there you have it... the virused party mem. will not take any EXP or AP and can be healed and revived without curing the virus...
The virus will not desipate due to OK so don't worry...
Last Explanation:
You may be asking "Why at the last part of the game??" Well... you'll just need this when leveling a character has gone too slow or trying to level those unused characters...

Thanks for veiwing this TIP!!

Easter eggs

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Hidden ATE
After meeting Doctor Tot but before entering Gargan Roo, leave Doctor Tot's tower. This will trigger a hidden ATE called "Crime and Punishment".


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" how to get alot of experience in the woods at the beggining "
when you go out to rescue garnet and you defeat the boss when the screen comes on the plants should be chasing you all you hafta do is kill them to get alot of experience its a good way to level up and to gain ap for your weapons
" how to get ruby to show up when disussing the plan to steal garnet "
to do this you have to keep on saying that you have to steal the queen and after you do it for like 50 times or more ruby comes in and says stop fooling around not that cool but worth seeing everthing in the game right
" how to play 2 players "
ever wondered if someone can control vivi and you can be dagger well stop wondering because theirs a way it works too . go to config, then go down to battle control and put it on custom and push x
it will give you a list of characters you have then plug in your second remote and while your one character someone else can be another say you wanna be vivi go to viv and make sure that 1 is highlighted and if someone wants to be dagger highlight the 2 and you can controls 2 char's at once
" how to skip scenes that take too long like at the begging "
when the scene show up like the ship at the begging to skip that all you hafta do is open the playstation 2 or playstation and when the screen freezes close the disk tray and the screen will go black skipping the intro .
9999 damee to bosses
Cast 'reflect' (Eico's carbuncle ruby light) on all members, then get vivi To cast the final element attack of fire ice of thunder ( eg thundaga) then it will reflect back, and if its the bosses weakness, it will do 9999 hp damage! becareful not to use a healing spell on them!
about 8000+exp
go to gizamaluke grotto where there are moogles climb the rope walk around(don't walk in the forest!) you'll fight a grand dragon its hp is about 13000 weak to ice element attack equip your character with equipment that absorb thunder element attack because the grand dragon will use thundaga
Bidding Cheat
When bidding for items one thing you can do is let the others bid and bid and when it looks like it will be sold wait for the second calling and bid for it. They will not restart the count and youwill get it for cheaper then if you kept bidding right away.
Card Game Stats
What the card numbers mean:

First Number / Attack Power 0 to E
E Being Highest
Second Number / Attack Type P X A
P Being Physical
X Attacks Lowest Defense
A Attacks Lowest Number
Third Number / Physical Defense
Fourth Number / Magical Defense
defeating yan
first,have zidane,amarant,steiner,freya in your party members.use zidane skill(what`s that)then,use amarant flair(no mercy),freya dragon(dragon crest),steiner swrd art(dark side)and zidane normall attack.make sure zidane have the ultima weapon.remember to equiped zidane with mp attack,auto-reagen,auto-life.equiped all the party members like zidane except mp attack.attack the yan one by one.dragon crest will do 9999 damage(make sure freya kill a few dragon like grand dragon till achieved 9999 dmg when using dragon cerst)steiner`s darkside will do 9999 dmg on yan and amarant do no mercy will do at least 6666 till 8888 damage.

by hellSperM-03-
Easy EXP
after kuja instructs you to go get his little precious item at the castle that disables magic, theres a monster in there that looks like a stone. if you hit it once he will bring out a copy of one of your eight characters, if one of your characters is selected. doom will be casted upon them and they will die. but thats what you want anyways. kill off the person that comes out of the stone around 3 or 4 times. then let the stone guy petrify 3 of your team mates, have the one member equipped with whatever stops petrification. after everyones dead kill the stone and gain 30,000 EXP. (level up helps too). this is just an example of what you can do with anybody if there a little behind on there levels.
go to vile island near the LIFA tree and encouter a YAN if ya kill it you get LOADS of EXP. they are very annoying to kill but if you find three in one battle you get tons of EXP. kill them with ark and doomsday sowrd.
Easy experience for Steiner!

On disk 2, after Marcus & Steiner escape, don't go up the ladder yet!! Make sure you have Steiner equipped with the Blood Sword & have his ability set to Level Up & Counter. Kill Marcus in a random battle & Steiner will get over 1000 experience points!!! I stood in the middle of the screen & the soldiers kept running to me. I did this for a while so that my party could defeat the Tantarian in the library before finding Dagger. I also equipped Steiner with Blizzard absorbing armor. Not only does he get hp from the sword but the soldiers like to use Blizzara so you don't take any damage. You get lots of experience, potions & mythril sword cards!
Easy Hi-Potion and Exp.
Their's an island by chocobo lagoon where you can fight the Grand Dragon. Use Zidane to steal and Quina to do LV5 Death.
Easy way to beat the Yans...
Make sure that you have any of these people in your party Zidane (Duh!), Garnet, Quina, Freya, Vivi, Steiner.

Zidane: make him attack with thievery after he has stolen enough to bring it up to max damage

Garnet: make her summon Atomos while you have alot of the stones that let you summon it in your inventory

Quina: us frog drop after you have caught a lot of frogs

Freya: use Dragons crest after you have killed 100 dragons

Vivi: use doomsday (equip your party with armor that defends or absorbs shadow damage)

Steiner: use Shock
Easy Way to Find Ragtimer
Most of us can't run into the Ragtime Mouse that often. This is a gauranteed way to encounter the freak of nature (that, incedently, looks nothing like a mouse). First, go to any forest in the world and position yourself a bit away fromt the edge (around the middle, preferrably, but it could be anywhere). Now, just barely tap the analog pad of the D-pad. If done correctly, you should see Zidane walk a bit, without the leaves rustling behind him. Keep doing this and you'll eventually encounter Ragtimer (Works about Ninety-nine percent of the time)
Easy way to get the Spirits of Gaia to appear
To get the Spirits of Gaia to appear without haveing to walk around for a decade in their forest, try tapping the directional button in their forest, so you don't create any disturbance in the trees. It makes the Spirits appear, and it also works with Ragtime Mouse.
eidelon list
User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 24
Attack :: Ice Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 26
Attack :: Fire Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 22
Attack :: Thunder Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 32
Attack :: Non-Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 28
Attack :: Instant Death Attack / All (*equip with suitable ability Odin can cause damage if instant death can't be cast)

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 42
Attack :: Water Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 56
Attack :: Non-Elemental Attack / All

User :: Garnet
MP Used :: 80
Attack :: Dark Elemental Attack / All

User :: Eiko
MP Used :: 24
Attack :: Cast "Reflect" / All Members

User :: Eiko
MP Used :: 30
Attack :: Earth Elemental Attack / All

User :: Eiko
MP Used :: 32
Attack :: Fire Elemental Attack / All
Revive Deceased Members / All Members

User :: Eiko
MP Used :: 54
Attack :: Holy Elemental Attack / All

Eiko's enhanced summons
equip these on Eiko, then summon the Eidolon in battle in a battle:

spelliamond light
effect:vanish on all allies

spell:emerald light
effect:haste on all allies

spellearl light
effectrotect on all allies

equip:none (normal attack)
spell:ruby light
effect:reflect on all allies

equip:Maiden's Prayer
spell:Millenial Decay
effect:wind damage all enemies
Ever wondered Princess Garnet's real name? Well now you can find out!!!^-^
Ok.. this is how you get to find out Princess Garnet's true blue name.Go to Madain Sari, to Eiko's porch. Make sure you have Princess Garnet in your party. Go up to Lani, and she will run away. Exit Madain Sari, then go back in, without Garnet or Amarant..(very importaint)go to Lani on the porch again, and talk to her twice. Exit, go back, talk to her twice again. Go to the Summon wall. Run clockwise, 9 times, around the pillars. each time you go around to the entrance, you should hear a chime sound. On the 9th time, you shall recover full HP/MP, and go to all of the pictures on the wall. Hit X to read them all.(what order you read them in is not importaint, as long as you read them) Then go to the one carving of Ifrit, somewhere on the wall.. It will reveal Garnet's true name. this may soud a bit funny, but IT WORKS! <(o'-'o)>(Kirby)lol. See ya! and if this dosent work just tell me please.. I can maybe explain it better again.. I do not mind. Edit: Instead of going 9 times clockwise around the eidolon wall, you have to walk once clockwise around the eidolon wall until you reach the entrance and later you have to do the same thing counterclockwise. Do this 5 times.
Face the boss Ozma
Ozma is the hardest boss in the game, luckily he is optional, so you don't have to face him. Ozma is hiding out at the Eidolon grave in Chocobo's Air Garden. To fight him, you have to complete other side quests first. You'll get plenty of chances to fight him, so fight him when you are ready, which is not neccesarily the first time you get a chance. You can steal elixir, Robe of Lords, Dark Matter, and a Pumice Piece from Ozma also. I would reccomend equipping Antibody and Clear-headed. He has 55,535 hp so watch out!
Faster Trance Gauge
Fight enemies who had magics as their arsenal. Magic damage filled the Trance gauge faster than physical damage.
Try to get auto reflect for everyone and once you fight use an attc\ack like water on urself and you'll keep doing 9999 hp!!!
You can get the ragnorow form the chocobo side quest but ithink you'll need at least the ocean one or the sky one to get.
Final Fantasy Music
Final Fantasy III Music
You MUST have the Doga's Artifact and Une's Mirror. You can bid for these two key items at the Treno's Auction house. After the world of Terra has been destroyed, at the beginning of disc four and onwards, return to Black Mage Village. Examine the gramophone at the Black Mage Village inn. You notice that the background music will change to a beautiful melody taken from the Final Fantasy III [Japanese] soundtrack and this melody continues on until you leave the Black Mage Village.

Final Fantasy IX's Second Ending

Complete the Stellazzio quest and keep Cinna's Hammer in your item inventory. DO NOT use the Hammer in the Legendary Synthesis Shop. You will see an additional hidden sequence in the ending. [Your eyes got to be sharp to see the difference(s). The second ending is just a few minutes longer than the original one. Have one save file with the Hammer in your inventory and another save file without the Hammer in your inventory to spot the differences.

Getting Excalibur II

Reach the Terrace in Memoria within 12 hours. You will encounter a boss fight there. Defeat Lich there and quickly check the second pillar from the right. You should see a '!' mark appearing over Zidane's head. This mark indicates the position of the sword, Excalibur II. If you exceed the time limit, the '!' mark will immediately disappear
Getting started
Final Fantasy IX:
Hints and Tips
The start:
When you first engage in the battle versus Bakù, (Disguised as a dragon.) use all your turns to steal, not attack. You will eventually steal the “Mage Masher” from him which comes in handy later in the game.
When you start as Vivi and explore Alexandria, don’t go into the tent in the square first. First go to the left and keep on walking. When you get to a church, climb up the latter and ring the bell to receive “Hippalus Treasure”. (Which is three cards.) Explore Alexandria completely and search everywhere for items or cards. When you’re done go into the tent in the main square of Alexandria.
Once the play starts and the battle scene engages don’t leave until you get 100. That way, when you’re Steiner, you can receive a moonstone from Queen Brahne if you talk to her. It it also VERY important to find all of the Pluto Knights. You can find the knights everywhere, and there is also one in the Library.
Evil Forest:
It is very important to search everywhere in the forest and the ship. There are many hidden, useful items there. Now, when Zidane wants out of Tantalus and fight against Bakù steal all the time! As Bakù has many very useful items like Hi-Potions and such.
Now, before the big fight against the Plant Brain (Next boss) you need to level up. Go to the place where there is a moogle and a Healing Spring. Fight in the next area and go back to the spring to heal. When you’re about lv 6-8 you’re ready. Heal at the Spring and talk to the moogle and save.
The battle against the Plant Brain is actually very easy. Steal or attack with Zidane, have Steiner use magic sword until he has no more MP, then he can attack. Let Vivi cast fire magic and magic sword. After a while Blank joins in and from that point only steal with Zidane and let Blank do the extra damage.
For the battles afterwards, with the bugs, try to fight as many of them as you can. They are extremely easy and you get a lot of experience points from them.
Ice Cavern:
Here search every place you can find, as there is a lot of useful, handy items hidden around. Try to fight many battles as well since you get pretty much experience from the battles. When everybody passes out, and Zidane must fight alone you’re gonna be really happy that you’ve got the Mage Masher. In the fight against the 1st Black Waltz and Sealion, the best tactic is to attack the 1st Black Waltz first. When he’s dead you only got Sealion left, and your Trance Bar grows faster with his attacks. When ou get Trance, select Dyne and watch Sealion disappear.

There! I hope some of my tips and hints were helpful. These are some tips on how to get a good start. That’s the most important aspect in a game.
This mini guide was written by: Puggy
Getting the Zeus Hammer
First go to Memoria and get to Hades, keep challenging him otherwise the !/? symbol won't come up so do it until he accepts. Defeat him and he reveals he is the best Synthesist in Gaia and Terra! He can Synth a Zeus Hammer for you, simple.
hard weapons to find(and where to find themo.0)
Steiners ragnarok:
outer island chocograph treasure

eiko/dagger's tiger racket:
bubbles near Quan's Dwelling

zidane's Ultima Weapon:
(note: this can only be retreived on disc 4!!!)
the EXACT spot where the Shimmering Island was(there are no bubbles

Dagger's Whale Whisker:
OCEAN chocograph

Freya's dragon hair:
crack near oilevert

Quina's Gastro Fork:
Beat the crap outta Quale and you'll recieve this as a prize

Amarant's Rune Claws:
in Memoria to the(i think) left until a '!' mark appears.(just before the Tiamat's stairs

Eiko's Angel flute:
right after the Malaris Boss Fight.
in the next room almost everyone will see the redestruction of Alexandria. Eiko can't because she didn't wittness the part it showed. then go up to the mini-Alevandria. you'll find it(unless your an idioto.0)

Vivi's Mace of Zeus:all the way in the top left corner by the ladder that leads to Lich and the room of emptiness(and excaliber 2 if ya meet certain...requirements)in fact i think that Mace of Zeus and excaliber II are in the same positiono.0!)
How to easily level up charachters
ok so its not really a tip but it helps.ok stock up on vacines and in disc 4 fight enemies that can inflict the VIRUS(NOT poison or venon) status.if your lucky enough to be attacked by one(try the yans with their virus powder) then keep battleing things(after un-virusing the charachter you wanna level up.All the exp and AP will go to that character.(and you thought virus was annoying=P)
Legendary Synthesis Shop

In Memoria, you will reach an area where Quina thinks he is in the waters and he attempts to swim. After the conversation, search the right side of the screen to find a hidden area amongst the coral. A mysterious voice asks you to leave at once because you have disturb his sleep. Choose to refuse to leave and you will fight Hades. He's quite deadly. Once you have defeated him, you will be able to gain access to the Legendary Synthesis Shop.

Leveling Up
Any time after the entire world map is revealed it is really easy to level up your characters. Once each of them are over level 60 or so, you can go to the islands to west of the southwest continent and fight the dragons. Allow the dragon to kill off 3 of your characters, (you can also use Zidane's sacrifice skill to accomplish this quicker), so that all the experience will go to one character. If you have have the level up equipped on the one character left they will receive just over 52,000 experience points for every kill. You will also run into the blue cat creatures who only give a few experience but give you 5,000 gil. I have raised my gil to over a million now just in the past two weeks, that is, while leveling up i've gained over 700,000 gil. Hope this helps ya. If ya do it before ya beat the game, it will make kuja and the others a lot easier to beat. If you wait till after though, it's a really good way to get ready to fight the sphere on Chocobo's floating island. Good luck

Mage Masher early on.
To get the very handy weapon which comes in handy in the battle in the Ice Cavern, just select "steal" in your first battle against Baku over and over until you get it. It's worth all the tries!
Mognet Route
Here are the locations of all the Moogles you will have to find for the Mognet mini quest.

Atla / Burmecia
Gumo / Dali
Kumool / Ipsen
Kupo / Alexandria
Mimoza / Oeilvert
Mocchi / Iifa Tree
Mogki / Lindblum
Mogmatt / Conde Petie
Mogmi / Gizamaluke
Mogrich / Treno
Mogrika / Esto Gaza
Mogryo / Mage Village
Mogtaka / Gulug
Moguta / Gizamaluke
Mois / Fossil Roo
Moodon / Lindblum
Mooel / Oeilvert
Moolan / Gulug
Moonte / Dragon's Gate
Noggy / Dagguerreo
Suzuna / Mountain Path
Other endings
End the game with the zeus hammer and/or save the queen in your inventory
to get extra endings
ozma guide
:Note: ozma is an optional boss,you dont have to b eat him but you will get pumice if you beat him and thwn if you beat him you will level up.

to get to ozma you will need to have a gold chocobo.while flying you will need to find a circular shadow on the ground the locations for these shadows are > Island near Dagguerreo
> Middle of the sea, N of the mist continent
> In the desert E from Ipsen's castle
> On top of the tall spire near Alexandria
once you have found one of these shadows you will need to use a dead pepper,then you will be taken to chocobo air garden,from there go to the back off the garden and examine the stone,(it looks like a triangular rock)youll know it when you go there,get ready first because there is a really tough battle ahead,id advise your characters to be at least level 95 or should equip your characters with dark absorbant armor(like doomsday demi ect) now you are ready for the could start of by casting barrier,shell and protect on all of your characters,then cst a powerful summon like maddeen,this should take off quite alot,in some point ozma will use an attack called curse,which is very annoying because it causes all bad status effect on all of your characters and hit the with about 6000,you should have a couple of remedys ready for this attack.if you have steiner in your party use alot of his sword magic like climhazzard and such, that will usually take of 9999 hp of him,have lots of potions ready cause he will use doomsday which is a high attack and lots of other bad attacks,unless you have given lapis lauzools to the yans and ghosts you wont be able to physically attack ozma,holy attacks do well aswell along with powerfull summons.zidane's dyne will do good and eiko's double magic does amazing in this battle so the recommended party would be eiko, zidane and steiner.after you repeat this sequince he should be defeated,,this is quite a practise battle for necron(the final boss)...........
ozma guide(p 2_ozmas attacks)
Standard Instant Death spell, works most of the time

LV5 Death
Same as Quina's, if you're level is a multiple of 5, you're dead.

MP Absorb
If Ozma somehow gets low on MP, he'll use this on someone and replenish his supply.

Star Flare
Old school (FF6, if I remember correctly) attack-all spell, does roughly 2500 damage to all. Tends to miss people sometimes, though.

Oh, he'll cast this on himself plenty of times. He heals for about 7000 a shot.

This one is just plain annoying. All your characters are, most of the time, afflicted with the Mini status. Sometimes it'll miss one person.

Remember Merton from FF6? Well, this is similar, except sometimes it heals Ozma, sometimes it hurts it. With your party's Equipment setup, it always heals you. Pray for this spell a lot.

Pray that you never see this spell. It causes every status ailment in the book unless you've guarded against it, and that includes Blind, Mini, Confuse, Poison, all your favorites. On top of that, it can do enough damage to wipe your party out in one shot. The damage seems to be somewhat random, though.

Just like Vivi's although it hurts more. Much more.

Just like Eiko's. Doesn't hurt much more. I considered it a breather when he cast it on me, cause he has so many better spells.

If he casts this, you're toast. Well, mostly. I can't figure out why it'll do 9999 to a character one time, then 800 the next, and then miss the next time.
Quick Power(for Zidane)
First of all, the first way to gain easy strength for Zidane is to constantly steal during your first match(versus Baku in a mask).

A quick way to level up is to take advantage of your time with Zidane alone every chance you get. The first time is when you first get to the Evil Forest. Another is when you get Madain Sari.

The other two ways are by fusing weapons. Before you leave for the 2nd continent, go to the synthesist shop in Lindblum for an "Exploda". When you get to the Black Mage Village, go to the hut closest to the graveyard. After talking with Dagger and the mages, talk to the mage by the door and synthesize a powerful Rune Tooth.

And you can't forget Zindane's Ultima Weapon! When you get back to Gaia after going to Terra, take a Blue or Gold Chocobo to the Forgotten Continent(the frozen one) and go from there to the place where Shimmering Island was. Use a Dead Pepper. You should find it.

I did this by myself, so no credit for anyone else!
run away faster!!!
If your the type who has done alot,alot and alot of training(yeah right)and gets annoyed when a battle comes out of no where just before a boss and the type who hates using Zidane's Flee skill because you got no money to spare then here's a faq for you!!!OK...whenever we get into a battle the screen sorts of freezes and then the battle music starts to play then the screen twists and then goes black then the battle right?....well I discovered that if you immediatly press & hold the R1 and L1(the running buttons)when the screen freezes and if you keep holding them until the battle then when the battle starts your charachters run away really quickly or sometimes IMMEDIATLY!!!!!!

ultimate weapon list
Adelbert Steiner
Weapon -> Excalibur II
Attack Strength -> 108
Status Effect -> None
Abilities -> Minus Strike (35AP), Climhazzard (70AP), Stock Break (35AP)
How to get it -> This is the most powerful weapon in the game. Reach the last part of Memoria on Disc 4 within 12 hours. If you defeat Lich in under 12 hours, one of the columns in the room will have an '!' on it. Examine it, and you will receive the Excalibur II.

Amarant Coral
Weapon -> Rune Claws
Attack Strength -> 83
Status Effect -> Darkness
Abilities -> Spare Change (90AP), Demi Shock (50AP), Revive (35AP)
How to get it -> Found in Memoria on Disc 4. Go to the room with stairs leading to a huge eye in the sky. Search the left of this room, and you will find the Rune Claws.

Eiko Carol
Weapon -> Angel Flute
Attack Strength -> 33
Status Effect -> None
Abilities -> Holy (110AP), Esuna (80AP), Curaga (80AP)
How to get it -> You can find this in Memoria on disc 4. After you defeat Malaris, and before you fight Tiamat, your party will have a flashback of Alexandria being detroyed. In this room, step onto the small platform towards the north of the screen. Search to your left, and you will find the Angel Flute.

Freya Crescent
Weapon -> Dragon's Hair
Attack Strength -> 77
Status Effect -> None
Abilities -> Dragon's Breath (250AP)
How to get it -> This is one of the Chocograph Treasures. Head to the Crack north west of Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent. The crack is invisible, so you will keep having to use a Dead Pepper. You can see the location on the Chocograph Map.

Garnet Til Alexandros
Weapon -> Whale Whisker
Attack Strength -> 36
Status Effect -> None
Abilities -> Curaga (155AP), Life (30AP)
How to get it -> It's the 18th Chocograph treasure in Chocograph sidequest - the Ocean Chocograph. Check out our maps section to find out where the Ocean Chocograph is (it's towards the left of the map).

Garnet / Eiko
Weapon -> Tiger Racket
Attack Strength -> 45
Status Effect -> None
Abilities -> Dispel (25AP)
How to get it -> Head to Quan's Dwelling (you can find this on the World Map). Once there, use a Dead Pepper. Choco will fly and dive into the water, and you will receive various treasures, including the Tiger Racket!

Quina Quen
Weapon -> Gastro Fork
Attack Strength -> 77
Status Effect -> Stop
Abilities -> High Tide (250AP)
How to get it -> After catching 99 frogs at the various marshes throughout the world, Master Quale will appear. Upon beating him, you will receive the Gastro Fork.

Vivi Ornitier
Weapon -> Mace of Zeus
Attack Strength -> 35
Status Effect -> Mini
Abilities -> Doomsday (150AP)
How to get it -> You can find this in Memoria on disc 4. After you climb the ladder with the fiery red planet in the background (just before you climb another ladder to fight Lich), you will find the Mace of Zeus to the north-west of the platform.

Zidane Tribal
Weapon -> Ultima Weapon
Attack Strength -> 100
Status Effect -> Sleep
Abilities -> Flee (40AP)
Getting the Weapon -> First, you must have a flying chocobo and be on disc 4. Head to the exact point where Shimmering Island used to be, and use a Dead Pepper. You will receive the Ultima Weapon.
VERY EASY way to defeat Soulcage
VERY EASY way to beat Iifa Tree boss: Soulcage!!!!

Step One: Use Garnet/Eiko to vast LIFE on it, Soulcage is undead, so his weakness is life, he will die instently

Step two: You can also use this cheat for any other monster who is undead, like those big red dragon things in the Iifa Tree! Happy Gaming!
~*~ Some more cheats ~*~
------------- The Ragtime Mouse -----------------

While wandering in the forests, you may end up in another kind of "special" random encounter. However, this will be different from the friendly monster encounters- when you encounter the Ragtime Mouse, he'll actually ask you questions. If you attack him, he'll run away.

You'll recieve a percentage ranking based on the number of questions you answer correctly. The higher the percentage, the more gil you'll recieve. If you answer all 16 questions correctly, you'll recieve a Protect Ring, 22,852 experience, and 59,630 Gil. Below are the correct answers to all 16 questions:
Question Answer
"I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon. False.
The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600. False.
The theater ship Prima Vista was build in Artania Shipyards. False.
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle. True.
Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack. True.
Burkmea Cable Cars have been running for 8 years. True.
Only one desert exists in the entire world. False.
Conde Petie is a village of Goblins. False.
Prima Vista means love at first sight. False.
Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only. True.
Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune. False.
You can defeat Ragtimer. True.
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate. True.
The Theater ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its energy. True.
Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria. False.
Lindblum's Air Cabs operate around the clock. True.

------------ Racing Happaul -------------

When you're in Alexandria with Vivi during disc three, you'll be able to encounter Hippaul. Hippaul, along with his mother, can be found on the main street in Alexandria. Talk with his mother, and she'll mention that she wants her son to lose some weight- this is where you come in. You'll have to race with Hippaul. The more you race him, the higher his level will increase. Every 10 levels you'll recieve a card. You can continue racing after level 80, but you won't recieve any kind of benefits.
Hippaul's Level Reward
Level 10 Wyerd Card
Level 20 Carrion Worm Card
Level 30 Tantarian Card
Level 40 Armstrong Card
Level 50 Ribbon Card
Level 60 Nova Dragon Card
Level 70 Genji Card
Level 80 Athlete Queen

--------------- Frog Catching ---------------

Dotted around Gaia you will find a few places bearing the name Qu's Marsh. One of them is where you will have met Quina. Entering a marsh with Quina in your party will prompt he/she/it to ask if it can catch some frogs. Cue a strange little mini-game!
Location of Marsh Description
Mist Continent West of the Chocobo's Forest after crossing the bridge.
Outer Continent Northeast from the Black Mage Village.
Forgotten Continent Northern section of the continent. East of Ipsen's Castle.
Salvage Archipelago On an island northwest of Daguerreo.

Frogs are safe from Quina's hungry grasp whilst in the water, so wait for one to hop out onto the ground nearby and try to grab it, remembering to leave one male and one female frog behind so that there can be more to catch when you next return to the marsh. Catching varying numbers of frogs will earn you rewards from Master Quale. In order to get the final one you must defeat him in combat.
Number of Frogs Reward
Two Frogs Ore
Five Frogs Ether
Nine Frogs Silk Robe
Fifteen Frogs Elixir
Twenty-three Frogs Silver Fork
Thirty-three Frogs Bistro Fork
Fourty-five Frogs Battle Boots
Ninety-nine Frogs + Defeat Master Quale Gastro Fork

Note: Quina's Blue Magic skill "Frog Drop" can only be learned in the Marshes, and the damage dealt from this attack is controlled by the number of frogs caught so far. Quina's level * number of frogs caught = damage dealt. This can actually be rather powerful; if Quina's level 60 and you've caught 100 frogs, that's an assured 6,000 damage. Each additional level or frog caught will increase that total by 100 each.

Thanks to Ed/Mike for contributing information towards this section.

------------------ Jumping Rope -----------------

Final Fantasy IX 9 Sidequests and Mini-games - Jumping Rope

The jump rope mini-game in Alexandria will probably be the first mini-game that you'll end up playing in Final Fantasy 9. The game itself is pretty simple, but to reach the level of jumps required for the best prizes you may need a bit of practice.

Vivi will move over the rope. Hit X to begin. A "!" will appear above Vivi's head. Each time this happens, hit X to jump.

The speed you'll need to hit X at will change as you progress through the mini-game.
Number of Jumps Speed
1-19 jumps Low
20-49 jumps Medium
50-99 jumps High
100-199 jumps Very High
200-299 jumps High and Low, alternates
300-999 jumps Extremely high

Number of Jumps Reward
20 jumps 10 gil
50 jumps Cactuar card
100 jumps Genji card
200 jumps Alexandria card
300 jumps Tiger Racket Card
1000 jumps King Of Jump Rope
~*~Some cheats that can be used in the game~*~
------------ Stellazio Coins ------------

Through the course of Final Fantasy 9, you'll find Stellazio coins. In case you're stuck, here's a full list of where they can be found...
Aries On the ground on the first floor of the Windmill in Dali.
Cancer In the overturned crate in the Burmecia Suburb.
Gemini Throw 130 Gil into the fountain at the Treno Gate.
Taurus On the ground near the item shop in the Treno slums.
Scorpio On the ground in the lower level of Quan's dwelling.
Virgo On the guestroom floor of the Black Mage Village Inn.
Libra Next to the fountain in Madain Sari.
Leo On the ground in the Neptune Room of Alexandria's West Tower.
Sagittarius On the ground in the Lindblum Shopping Area during the rebuilding.
Capricorn In the water in the entrance room of Daguerreo.
Aquarius In a chest in the entry hall of Ipsen's Castle.
Pisces In a chest in the core area of the airship Invincible.
Ophiuchus After giving the first 12 to Queen Stella, find the 13th in Quan's Dwelling.

Present each and every Stellazio coin to Queen Stella (in Treno). For each one, she'll give you a prize. Here's the list (in order)...
1,000 Gil
Pheonix Pinion
2,000 Gil
Blood Sword
5,000 Gil
10,000 Gil
Black Belt
20,000 Gil
Rosetta's Ring
30,000 Gil
Robe of Lords

After presenting her with the first 12 coins, she'll return them to you and ask that you use them as hints to find the last Stellazio coin, the Ophiuchus. After collecting all 13 Stellazio coins, give them back and you'll recieve the Hammer.

------------ Friendly Monsters ------------

Occasionally when a random encounter is triggered, you may notice the battle music has changed from the default to something more calm and sweet. This is basically your cue to know you're in a battle against a "friendly monster." The creatue won't attack you, but will instead ask for an item. If you agree to give them the items, you'll recieve a reward of AP and an item or two. Nine of these "friendly monsters" can be found throughout the world of Final Fantasy IX.
Monster Location Request Reward
Brown Mu Plains/forest between Ice Cavern and Dali 1 Ore

10 AP
1 Potion
White Ghost Plains outside of Treno 1 Ore 10 AP
1 Hi-Potion
Color Ladybug Forest ouside Black Mage Village 2 Ores 20 AP
Green Yeti Large forest outside of Madain Sari 2 Ores 20 AP
Green Nymph Forest near Iifa Tree 3 Ores 30 AP
Purple Jabberwock Forest east of Oeilvert Emerald 40 AP
Green Feather Circle Lost Continent near Chocobo-track. Moonstone 30 AP
Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Garuda Forest on the east near plateau after climbing rope inside Gizamaluke's Grotto Lapis Lazuli 40 AP
Friendly Yan Island south-west of Iifa Tree Diamond 50 AP
Rosetta Ring

Fighting the monsters in the order provided is strongly suggested; the rewards from the previous monster will help fulfill the requests for the next encounter. Also note that the Friendly Yan can not be "defeated" until you finish the requests from the other eight friendly monsters, he'll just run away.

So what do you get for supplying these friendly monsters with all these gifts? The AP is quite decent (be sure to equip Ability Up before the fights). Apart from that, once the quest is completed you'll gain a huge bonus for when you decide to fight Ozma: your range will be increased, so your phsyical attacks will be able to reach him.

"Non-friendly" Versions and the Gimmie Cat

It's possible to encounter the enemies listed above, but in "non-friendly" mode. The regular battle music will play, they won't request anything from you, and you'll just have to fight them like a regular enemy. There's also an enemy called a Gimmie Cat that will request a diamond from you. Do not give the diamong to the Gimmie Cat, you'll recieve nothing in return. As this isn't a friendly monster at all, the friendly music won't play. If you've accidentally given the Gimmie Cat your diamond, your best bet would be to restart the game without saving.

------------ Chocobos ------------

A Final Fantasy just isn't complete without man's best (feathered) friend and, thankfully, the chicken/emu hybrids have a much larger part to play in FFIX than its predecessor. Not only a mode of transport, there is now a whole sidequest dedicated to them. Walk into Chocobo's Forest and you'll be able to play a treasure hunting mini game, Chocobo Hot and Cold.

The premise is simple. Run around on your mount pecking at the ground and depending on the ethusaism of Choco's "kweh?" you'll know whether you're "hot" or "cold". Hence the name. Funny that. As well as items you'll find things called "Chocographs" which give you a clue to the location of special treasure when you're hunting on the world map. They're accompanied by a tiny portrait of where you're supposed to look as a little hint. For those lost in a daze of chocobo squakings and bizarre hints, the name of each chocograph and the location of its treasure is listed below.

"Kweh"- You aren't even close to a treasure.
"Kweh!"- There's a treasure near you.
"Kweeeeh!"- You're very close to the treasure.
"K-KWEH!"- You got it!
Chocograph Name Treasure Location
Abandoned beach South of the Qu's march in the outer continent
Abandoned lagoon South of Conde Petie
Between mountains East of Lindblum
Birds' eye lagoon West of Qu's marsh in the Mist continent
Cold field South of the fire shrine
Cold lagoon West of the fire shrine
Dawn lagoon South and a bit east of Treno
Dusk plains Southwest of Oeilvert
Fairy island Southwest of the Lifa tree
Faraway lagoon Just south of the water shrine
Forbidden forest Between Gizamaluke's grotto and Dali
Forgotten island Island west of the fairy island
Forgotten lagoon South part of the forgotten island
Forgotten plains Northwest of the water shrine
Green plains Northeast of Dali
Healing shore North of Cleyra
Mist ocean Northeast of Alexandria harbor
Ocean West of the dusk plains mentioned earlier
Outer island Way east from Conde Petie
Outer island 2 East from Madain Sari
Small beach South from Chocobo forest
Streamside Right next to chocobo forest
Uncultivated land East of the ice cavern

As you collect more treasures in Chocobo Hot and Cold, you'll gain points. The points can be exchanged by talking to Mene (the moogle in the forest/lagoon/air garden). The higher your point total, the more options you have for exchanging them for items.
Item Points Required
Robe of Lords 10,000 points
Protect Ring 8,500 points
Wing Edge 3,500 points
Viltgance Card 1,800 points
Ether 400 points
Ore 250 points
Phoenix Down 150 points
Gysahl Greens 10 points

------------- Morrid's Coffee ---------------

On the first disc when you're traveling from the Ice Cavern to Dali, head for Observatory Mountain. An elderly man name Morrid lives there, and he seems to be quite fond of coffee; if you can find some rare varities of coffee to give to him, he'll compensate you with some rewards. Three different varities of coffe can be found:
Coffee Locations

Moccha Coffee - Go to the South Gate entrance near the Chocobo's Forest. The Moccha Coffee will be at the bottom right of the screen.

Kirman Coffee - Search near the picnic table on the far left when you're at Eiko's back porch in Madain Sari.

Burman Coffee - You will only have one chance to get Burman Coffee. In disc three, during the card tournament, let Zidane leave the table and head to the South Gate of Dali. You may want to regroup with some party members if you don't think Zidane will be able to handle a fight or two on his own. The mayor's son is asleep during this portion of the game, so you'll need to be quiet. If you wake him up, you'll need to start over. Search the mayor's desk and find Mini-Brahne. Search the desk twice more, ignore the mayor's son's "zzz." Move to the stove slowly and find the mayor's key. Leave the mayor's house and travel to the windmill. Move around the chocobo pen and you'll find a chest with 30,000 gil and the Burman Coffee.


Mr. Morrid told you that he'll mail the Mini-Prima Vista model ship which he bought at the Auction House. Once you've collected all three of the rare coffee types, head to the Tantalus hideout.

Without completing the Mr. Morrid's coffee quest, there's no way you can manage to find all of the figurines. Collecting all four will improve your treasure hunting rank quite a bit.