Final Fantasy III Tips

Quick Lvl Up (Kum Kum's)
Having trouble at the last areas of the game?

Got some spare time to train?

If the answer to these is yes, then look no further. In the Crystal tower there are summoning enemies named Bluck (purpleanemies with tenticles on their faces). Fight until there is one left and let it summon, keep beating the Kum Kum's (that usually die in a single hit) until you feel like you have beat fair amount, usually 30-60minutes should do it. At the end of which you will gain around 200,000 EXP and an insane amount of gold.

Points to consider

-It will take a while

-Kum Kum's have powerful 'aga' spells

-I would recommend having a devout with adequate healing powers.

-after fighting you may have to return to the airship to heal, depending on how long you fight for.