Final Fantasy III Tips

Master Smith and Ultima Weapon
Send 4 mails to Sara. She'll ask you to fix her pendant. Go to Takka, he'll say he can't do it. Then send 4 or 5 mails to Takka, he'll mention something about a Legendary Smith. Once he mentions about the smith, go to Saronia. You'll find the smith in NW Saronia. She has a silver hair.

After you fixed Sara's pendant (she'll ask you to find Orichalcum), start sending mails to Cid. On his 4th reply, he'll say something's in his basement. Go to his house and beat the monster(Aeon). It'll drop something, which turns out to be Orichalcum.

For the next step, you have to open the door to Eureka first. Once you've done that, go to Falgabard. You'll find the Smith there. Talk to her and she'll give you Ultima Weapon in exchange for Orichalcum.

Note: You may need to send mails to OTHER players in order to get replies from the NPCs.