Final Fantasy III Tips

Level 8 Summon, Bahamut!
Everyone should remember the beating they got at the Dragon Peak the first time around in the early stages of the game. Bahamut was way too powerful to beat back when you only had the first crystal's power to help you out.

Once you get the airship, 'Invincible', it becomes possible for you to get your well-deserved payback.

South of Dragon's Peak you'll notice a cave near some traversable mountains. Simply fly over the mountains on the airship, and enter the dungeon.

Although relatively short, Bahamut's Lair is filled with slightly more powerful monsters than the ones you may have encountered in the Leviathan's lair. It is highly recomended that you have at least one Dragoon in your party.

Make your way to the end of the dungeon, and as you reach the exit you'll have a text bubble appear at the bottom of the screen reading: "Are you powerful enough to defeat me?", after which you will immediately exit (whether or not you're ready for the fight) and confront Bahamut.

I reccomend mid-40s for the Bahamut fight. If you have a high-level Dragoon on your team, it's likely one Jump will finish the fight though.

Anyway, once you've beaten the Dragon, you'll be granted the summon Spell Bahamut. Congrats! Now go blow stuff up!