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How to send emails without having to wait an hour
Do you want to send mails to NPCs or your friends without having to wait an hour just to send one? Yes? Well you came to the right place!

It is pretty self explanatory really, but it should help you greatly when trying to get to Onion Knight or any other side-quests quickly.

So here are the steps:
(Before doing this cheat make sure you already sent an email, so that you won't waste the next mail.)

1) Turn ON your DS and tap the bottom button (DS icon) to get to your settings.

2) Tap the blue icon (clock and calender) to get to your time settings.

3) Next tap on the icon next to the alarm clock (large clock) to enter your current time.

4) Okay, obviously, you see digits with a colon and the words, "hour" and "minute." All you have to do is change the hour up 1. After that just save and turn back to your game.

5) Go back to moogle, choose send mail, and... tada! The 1 hour limit is taken off!

After sending your mail to your friend or to a NPC, the 1 hour limit is back on, but don't worry... just do the same process that I told you and you should be fine.

I hope this helps all of you!