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Borderline unplayable - but at least it has a good story!!


The Introduction:
The original Final Fantasy for the NES was a bit of a jump from what Dragon Warrior had established – a large world, filled to the brim with monsters where our heroes must acquire the four crystals in order to vanquish the evil in the world. It was an admirable effort from Square, especially considering that it firmly established elements such as vehicles, surprising bosses (particularly super tough optional bosses), surprising near endgame plot twists, colorful towns and class upgrades. Perhaps it was lacking in some regards, but what it established and what it got right w...


Interesting if poorly executed


Oh boy, another NES game given the HD makeover on the PSP to celebrate Final Fantasy's 20 years of existing! And it's one that wasn't released in English until Final Fantasy Origins was released on the PS1 in 2003! For once, it's not being released in the same CD or cartridge as Final Fantasy 1, but hey, we want to know what the real Final Fantasy 2 was like, so let's sink our teeth into it... I mean, you would hope that the only reason that it never got a domestic release was due to JRPGs not being profitable outside of Japan back in the 80s and early 90s, and maybe the first Final Fantasy...


Evil experiment in innovation... which doesn't work all too well


Alright, so Square got a hit on their hands. Excellent. What's the next step, you may ask? Cash in on it! Remember, the first Final Fantasy game was Square's last ditch attempt, and it managed to get them back into the game, so why not capitalise on it? Well, as admirable as that may sound, Square fixed a lot of that wasn't broken, and upgraded what would be considered broken later in the future... you'll see what I mean as the review goes on, but for now, let's start with what this is all about!

Story: Four orphans escape from their hometown, which was invaded by some evil empire, but these...


Final Fantasy II on steroids!!!


Square once again releases Final Fantasy II for the Playstation Portable. It contains all the elements from the original NES game while implementing new things to make the game much more enjoyable!

I have to say all around, this game is excellent! The sprite and enemy designs are well done for a PSP game. Although a lot of times they use the same graphics for different enemies, there is still a large variety of different enemies in the game to enjoy variety as you play along in the game.

I have to say the soundtrack in this game is really well done. The different boss themes in the game ...


A Masterpiece


Final Fantasy II...this has been remade the same number of times as Final Fantasy I. The game starts out with the epilouge, which explains how the Emperor of Palamecia has sold his doul to evil, giving him the power to start his campaign for world conquest. Four youthes, Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon, find themselves running from the now taken over town of Fynn, where a rebellion force had been established to stop the Empire.

While running, the four run into a party of Black Knights, and are badly injured. When Firion, the hero, wakes up in the rebellion headquaters in the town of Altair, he...

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