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This Fantasy is Final! A Review by JeremyOrOmega

The good:

This game has a lot of stuff going for it. Not only does it have Final Fantasy, but it has Final Fantasy II, which was a very good sequel. From here I'll break it up into parts, a Final Fantasy I review, and a Final Fantasy II review.

Final Fantasy I Pros:

  • Customizable Teams
  • Good Exp to Level Ratio
  • Interesting Characters
  • Interesting and Indulgent Lore
  • Extra Dungeons Included
  • Good Difficulty Level for Beginners and Experts Alike
  • Well Delivered Storyline

Final Fantasy II Pros:
  • Intriguing Stat Increasing System
  • Ties in with Final Fantasy 4
  • New Soul of Rebirth Side-Game
  • Well Delivered Storyline
  • More Adult Oriented than Final Fantasy I

The bad:

Well, there really isn't that much stuff wrong with the game, but there are slight annoyances that sadly come with most games like this, which make it less than perfect.

Final Fantasy I Cons:

  • Team Members have no identity
  • Traditional RPG, without any defining features
  • Dungeon Crawler status always bites
Final Fantasy II Cons:
  • Also a Dungeon Crawler
  • Stat Increasing is slow, and you have to grind to get through the game
  • Temporary Characters are never fun
  • No aftergame for the main party


So, once again, let's break it up into sections:

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I is where it all begins. Though none of the storyline affects the sequels, it does have a lot to do with setting the mood of the series. We see characters such as Cid and Bahamut, which are commonly recurring, however completely unrelated characters. We can see how the series begins, inside a castle, four warriors bearing crystals with murky, unexplained pasts. Somehow these warriors know what they have to do, even though it's never explained how. The first time you actually find out what you are really doing is w...


A good game...

The good:

-Nice Characters
-More details then NES version
-2 games in one.

The bad:

Difficuty kinda hard.


I have to admit, I love this game.
-Graphics 5/5
-Sounds 4.8/5
-Story-line FF1 4.5/5 FF2 5/5
-Gameplay 4.7/5
-Overall 4.8/5

This game is the bomb! It cost like $29.99, a really good for GBA. I must say this game is better than the originals.
-The graphics are great and good GBA style.
-The sounds are good.
-The story-line is better than NES version, because the NES version I don't understand.
-The gameplay good as FF6, FF5, and FF4.
-The characters graphics are way better than FF4.
-It has 2 games in 1 cartridge, amazing huh?

Buy this game than the PSX Origins (well.. if you think this is co...


Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn Of Souls

The good:

You get two games for the price of one.

The bad:

The random battles are endless.


RPGs are a different breed of games for a different breed of gamer and FF I&II are both the titles that kicked it all off. With both games included, Dawn Of Souls is the most turned-based, stat-boosting action you can get on a GBA cart.

It's classic prophecy stuff when the world is shrouded in darkness, four warriors will appear to shed light over the land and... blah, blah, whatever. That means you'll wander around towns and dungeons, busting up monsters with spells and watching numbers go up that makes your characters stronger. Thankfully these classic FF titles are from an era when insane...


Double the games, double the goodness! Or some things.

The good:

Wow, it's wicked in here. As you can see. 4.8 out of 5 is an A and NEARLY a Perfect A+. But it's not one to give you a letdown, you've really gotta kill for this. There are a few, but read on and you'll find them. The truly amazing details? The battle system in 2.

The bad:

The only failure that Square put into this game (and the NES version) is the storyline and graphics. Really, how many games do you get demanding you to "Get the Legendary Gems" or "Become the Heroes of All Life"? A hell of a lot, that's where it goes wrong. And seeing the amazing capabilities of Game Boy Advance graphics (such as Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) it's really dissapointing.


Well, I've played a few Final Fantasy games, ranging from FF4 onwards-I've played everyone. But after this, I still wonder if this game is better than the Wonderswan Color version, and atleast better than the PSX version. Guess what? It is. It's stunning in every way. Well, ALMOST every way.

Graphics: 7/10

This is the game's killing medicine. It just can't stand up here, and it's a so...un-elite sort of way. Not even a SINGLE frame-by-frame animation.

Storyline: 8/10

It's just...old. So many games....Zelda: Get the gems...FFX: Get the Aeons (but it's a bit deeper)...Too many. But the storyline ...


You can buy it ...but...


As many may already know, these two games were the first in a series that would soon become one of the larger game franchises in the world. What most people don't know is that this is one of the MANY times that these two games have been re-released/remade.

Let's begin with a little introduction. Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 are NES games that were re-released at the same time on NES a few years after their initial release dates. As a result, people got to play two good RPG games in one cartridge. Later on, it was re-released on the Wonderswan color, with new graphics (quite similar to...


Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

The good:

I like the fact that the graphics are more developed compared to the NES, WSC, and PSX versions of these two.
The UK translation even seems to be more appropriate than the Australian/American translation of these two. It is not too literal, if you compare the Fan translations and a bit of the Australian/American translation, even though it was more or less the same at some points. Ahh, love British grammatics...
Also, they fixed some bugs that the American/Australian version had, the most annoying one being the cursor sound when checking the Magic menu in battle in Final Fantasy II.
I also like the fact that you can save anywhere you want (except for battle scenes and cut scenes).
The sound, in my humble opinion, has improved alot compared to the NES, WSC, and PSX versions of these two also.
The UK translation.

The bad:

The intro of FF1 has been shortened and the chase in the intro of FF2 has been removed and just started off with a battle this time, AKA NES FF2.
The bland American translation.


Final Fantasy:
Splendid. I liked the way how the gameplay was adapted to the GBA, and certainly how the music sounded so good. The harp in Boss Battle A was done very well for a handheld. I liked the fact that I could fight bosses from Final Fantasy III, especially because I've never seen or played the WSC version of Final Fantasy III. Thank God they're re-releasing it for the DS. Chaos still is the myth, the legend, and still that mad rock-'n-roll demon.
Final Fantasy II:
Loved this. The gameplay has been improved, enabling a bigger menu in the battle scenes for the items, unlike all the othe...

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