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An Easy Way to Beat Lich in Cavern of Earth

ok, the fiends u have to beat at the end of the 4 caverns (fire, earth, wind, & water) are hard. so an easy way to beat Lich is to have u're white mahe cast Diara on him. he is a skeleton so it will do between 100-150 damage every time (depending on u're level). Also have u're black mage cast Haste on u're strongest Warrior or Monk or whoever u're strongest physical attack person is. so there u go and enjoy.
Avoid death without using a spell!
Are you having some trouble with the bosses in Earthgift shrine? Echinda and Arhiman can OHKO you with " Earthquake ". To avoid this, go to Gaia and buy a Protect ring( Glove class ). Anybody can weild it. It protects you from " Death " Attributed attacks.
Avoid Treasure Chest Traps in Western Keep
There are three treasure chest in Western Keep in Final Fantasy 1 that hold traps. These are triggered when you go to open them but only from the front. The solution therefore is to go to the left side of the chess.
Beating Lich
An easier way to beat Lich is to have a White Mage and a Red or Black Mage in your party, Have your physical fighters (Warrior, Monk, Thief) attack, have your White Mage cast Dia or Diara (since Lich is undead) and your Red or Black Mage should cast Fire or Fira since undead are weak to those spells as well. It also helps if your Red or Black mage knows the Temper spell and can cast that on the physical fighters to increase their attack power. Following this strategy makes the battle against Lich much easier.
In order to get the canoe, you must go to the town of crecent lake. When you eneter the town you must go to the tip of the town and to the right, you will find a path leading south, take that path. You will then see the sages on ur right, talk to the one that is right of the sage that has a blue coat on. He will then give you the canoe and ask of you to destroy the fire deamon.
Directly south of Kashuan Keep is a forest. Within that forest is a small patch of grass. Walk over the grass to enter the hidden Chocobo's Forest, which is a large field of grass. there is a chochobo in it talk to it and you can ride it
Class Change
Once you have the airship, fly to Gaia, a town surrounded by mountains on the northmost part of the map.
From there fly west and south(a bit) until you find a castle. To land near the castle, you'll have to go north of it, over the water, and onto the regular colored land. Then you have to walk around it to the castle.
Beat the challenge there, making sure to open all the chests. The last chest you open on the second floor should have something called a Rat's Tail in it.
Once you have that, go back to your airship, and fly south and west until you come to a group of islands. Each island will have a hole on it. Two of the islands will have two holes.
Go into the RIGHT hole of one of them. If there is lava and an elf guy here, go back out. Don't continue, it will put you in a tedious, unescapable Soul of Chaos Dungeon. If you go into that one first, look for the other one. If you go into the right one, follow the halls onto each set of stairs.
Eventually you will come to a throne with a large dragon on it. This is Bahamut! If you have the rat's tail, talking to him will make him upgrade your party members' classes.
The upgrades:
Red Mage-->Red Wizard
White Mage-->White Wizard
Black Mage-->Black wizard
There are some spells unique to White and Black wizards. Ninjas can use levels 1-4 black magic. Knights can use levels 1-3 white magic.
Easy Boss Killing
I was looking through funny flash videos for FF and came up with these 2 ones called 8-bit theater, and there is this guy who says, "4 white mages? It'll never work!" So I went and found out that if you take 4 white mages and teach them all the spells you can get (including level 8) and give them the best armor and weapons you can get, you can kill almost anything!!! It works by using protera and null spells alot and then just use things like diara and attack. Even though your attack is weak, you can keep it up for almost days without losing a person. (NOTE: Get a black mage, theif, or warrior (warrior recomended) and 3 white mages. Get everything like it says above, but when you're in a boss battle keep the knight alive and cast healing and other spells on him. You don't need a black mage for this because some items when you use them do things such as Haste (Hermes shoes), Saber (Gaints Gloves) and more.)
Easy Tiamat Kill (FF1)
To easily kill Tiamat, use the spell Break. It'll kill her in one hit IF it hits.
Easy weapon and sheild levels in FF2
You equip two shields on all your characters, then you use magic to kill all but one enemy, which can't escape, then keep using attack and you won't actually attack, you will just keep blocking. Then after a while kill the enemy and your shield level will go up, but if you change weapons in battle, so like your two shields for two swords your sword level will go up. The easiest way is to just hold A for a while, so if you have blutack or a rubber band it works well.
Elixir Mayhem
You know those Elixers? That seem to have no use other than in a tough fight? To recharge all your HP and MP in one shot.

Well! Use them on any undead/zombie type creature for an instant kill. (this also applies to bosses with the Undead/Zombie status)
FF1 Minigame
While on the ship, hold down A and keep tapping B. Soon, a sliding tile minigame will appear. The aim of the game is to put the numbered tiles in order from 1 to 15. If you do well, you gain items and money!
FFI Really Hard Bosses
There's a simple strategy to follow after acquiring the giant's gloves. You will need a ninja, red mage or black mage (or any combination of those three) to make this easier for you.

When facing a particularly tough boss - namely Omega or Death's Head - stack the Temper, Haste and Sabre effects all onto a character with a strong weapon (Knight with Excalibur, Ninja with Sasuke, etc.) and make sure he stays alive.

Shinryu isn't so bad, seeing as how his defense is a joke. Put up protection against the elements and heal in anticipation of the flood attack, as the elemental protection does no good against it.

Omega is particularly difficult; even with an Ultima Weapon on a lvl 65 Knight with Temper, Haste and Sabre I can barely deal four-digit damage. Have the Rune Staff before you face Omega, and if you have a White Wizard, put Protera up and keep him alive to cast Full-Life. Omega's singular attack can take out a lvl 65 Ninja, Red or Black Wizard in one hit, and his beam attack will quash any less-than Full-Life remedies. In addition, put up NulDeath, so you can take a breather when Omega tries to quake you.
Final Fantasy 1: hard mode
In Final Fantasy 1, beat the game and go to the title screen, choose Continue and press A on the beaten game (with the star next to it) it will start a new game, but once you name your characters and start save it, it to will have a star next to it, you have entered hard mode.
The enemies are harder here, Ogres and Gigas Worms will appear on Cornelias continent already, go to Cornelia and buy new magic and weapons and start leveling up.
Here Lies Link
In Final Fantasy I when you visit Elfheim, press A on the left most tombstone behind the inn. It will say 'Here lies Link'. Link being the famous elf star of the Legend of Zelda series.
hidden store in soul of rebirth
at the beginning of the game go to the bottom of the waterfall and talk to it tada. Reference
In Hellfire Chasm, on the floor that has lots of NPC's blocking your path, one of them tells you, 'This is private property. Trespassers will be burninated!'
Memory Game Cheat FF2
I know this works for after you get the Toad Spell up to 16(might work for before). The boards are on a rotation, find a board that has a solution easy for you to remember.(solve it, and don't worry about how many misses you get this time) Now it will give you the option to start the next game. Say yes, then just give up and move on to the next game. Do this 31 times, then play the 32nd board. It will be the EXACT SAME as the one you solved and memorized!!! Now you can get your time down and get massive amounts of gil and items in no time flat!! I have gotten my time down to 3.85 sec and have stored up at least 80 Masamune blades to sell on top of all the gil I receive for beating it. You can then purposely mismatch a few times to get the other items as needed. Happy Matching!
Peninsula of Power
This 2x2 piece of land is Northeast of the town of Pravoka. From Pravoka, head South to the mountains, then East until you see a dock, then from there, head North. The monsters you can find is a whole lot stronger then ordinary monsters around, stronger monster equals to more EXP and GIL. Other then leveling up quickly, the equipments the monsters drop is the best you can get for quite a while; Winter Wolf drops the Ice Shield! Minotaur Zombie drops the Great Axe!
Peninsula of Power 2
In Final Fantasy 2 go down from the first town to a peninsula and move around till a foe come out. There you fight very hard foes like Brains. You get major EXP if you survive. Great if you started a new file.
OK. the weapon cost 10,000 gil so i recomend get around 30,000-45,000 gil b4 doing this cool get the spell "thunder" or "fire" and raise it to around lvl 10 so that u can kill the knights in fynn then go west of atlair, then go south to where the random monsters are somthing like werewolves and vampire girls ooops! oh yeah! you need the canoe too lol! ok back to the after every step u take save and if u run into alot of monsters then die and you will go back just 1 step.kill the werewolves,rinos,and try to kill the vampires. keep going south until u hit a stream and go past it. then keep going east until u see a small town. go in it and it is called mysida. go in the weapons shop and look for the "ogre killer" buy it or how ever many u need ps. DO NOT BUY THE FLAME LANCE IT SUCKS!!! another cool tip is go into the white magic shop and there is one of the best spells in the game called "holy" it 0WNZ!! then head back saving after every step and go beat the game owning.
Secret Dungeons
Defeat the four fiends to unlock each new dungeon. Each features random maps, exclusive items, and bosses from other Final Fantasy Games. I recommend beating all four fiends before venturing into the dungeons.

Lifespring Grotto - Defeat Kraken. Located near the canal by Melmond.
Earthgift Shrine - Defeat Lich. Located near Temple of Chaos.
Hellfire Chasm - Defeat Marilith. Located in the Dragon Islands.
Whisperwind Cove - Defeat Tiamat. Located in the rivers near the Ice Cave.
Soul of Rebirth
After you've completed the main story, an additional option will appear at the Final Fantasy II main menu. Select Soul of Rebirth to begin a new journey...
Teleport and Cure Easy Level Up
Enter a town and cast teleport. You will then be damaged greatly (never killed). Next cast cure so you regain your health and gain cure and teleport experience. It doesn't gain as much at higher levels, but it will still gain some.
The vehicles of FFI
There are three obtainable vehicles in FFI:
The Boat
The Canoe
The Airship

The Boat:
To get the boat, simply play through the game up to the town of pravoka. Here, talk to Bikke the pirate, who is standing outside a building to the left of the inn. You will fight 9(I think) buccaneers, and when you win, Bikke will give up and let you have his ship. It will be in the port outside Pravoka.

The Canoe:
Once you have gotten to the town of Crescent lake, walk around until you find a path leading to a group of sages praying. Once is wearing different clothing then the others. Talk to the sage to the direct right of the differently-dressed sage. You automatically use the canoe when you walk or sail up to rivers.

The Airship:
The airship is by far the best vehicle in the game. It is extremely fast, and there are no random encounters while riding it! The downside? You can only land on one type of land, the standard green land.
To get the airship, go to the port near crescent lake. Sail your ship north along the coast until you come to a river, and take your canoe along the river until you come to a cave. If it is the right cave, then it will be an ice cavern dungeon. Completing this dungeon will get you a levistone, which is this big triangular stone you get after fighting evil eye. Once you have the levistone, go back to crescent lake. From here, canoe from the town along the path to mount gulg, but instead of continuing on, go down the first chance you have, follow this path south, and right before you get to the open ocean, walk onto the land to the left. Walk into the desert and a scene will trigger, ending with you getting the airship!
Tile Game
In FF II there is a match-the-faces tile game that gives items and cash prizes. When you are on the ice sled, hold A and keep pressing B to bring up the game.
Toad Memory Game
In FF2, if you level up the Toad spell to lv16, the faces on the memory game change to toads. Also, the prizes will change, yielding Genji equipment for many rankings, and a Masamune for a no-miss game.
Unlimited Blaze
After you have the wyvern, during battle, go to items, and select it. Your opponent takes damage from a high level blaze spell, and it doesn't run out.
Unlock Sound Test.
Beat Final Fantasy 1 and 2 once to unlock a sound test.
World Map
While outside a cave/town/castle/etc in Final Fantasy I, press B and Select at the same time to view the World Map. This allows you to see the entire world as well show places that you have visited, your current position, and the position of your ship.


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Final Fantasy II Leveling Up
In Final Fantasy II, there is no way to really "level up". Instead, there is a realistic stat system that makes you stronger in certain areas based on how you fight. There is an easy way to manipulate magic and weapon levels in this game.

When you enter a battle, select the spell (or, if you wish to strengthen your weapon proficiency, select attack) you wish to level up and confirm your target(s). When your next character comes up, press B to go back to the person you are working with. Continue this as long as you wish to easily gain a level with your magic and/or weapons. Note that you can only level up each spell and weapon skill one time in every battle.