Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Cheats

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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In-game Passwords
Enter these Romantic Phrases for new special dungeons. You can't use your items in here, and your level is determined by the level of the boss. (You can get these through mail)
PasswordWhat it does
far outHero Ticket 1; Level 50 Phoenix
winnerHero Ticket 2; Level 60 Levetathian Boss
geniusHero Ticket 3; Level 70 Alexander Boss
Lightning Dungeon
This special dungeon doesn't allow the use of items, is eight floors, a level 1 limit, and there are only bosses.
PasswordWhat it does
High VoltageUnlocks Lightning Dunegon
Spectral Dungeon
There are only ghosts, and Skeletons in this dungeon, a level one limit, no items allowed, and 10 floors.
PasswordWhat it does
GenerationsUnlocks Spectral Dungeon
Vicious Dungeon
There are four floors. On the first two, there are two bosses, and on the third, there is one. On the fourth, there is a spellbook for the Vicious spell. There's a level one limit, and no items are allowed.
PasswordWhat it does
Jump for Joy!Unlocks Vicious Dungeon


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Unlockable Jobs
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black MageReach 10F in Guardian of the Flame
DancerEnter "Pirouette" (case sensitive and without the quotes, with a musical note character at the end) as a Romantic Phrase
Dark KnightDefeat Croma Shade on 30F in Guardian of the Light
DragoonComplete Meja's Memories
KnightComplete Freja's Memories
NinjaComplete Volg's Memories
ScholarDefeat the four elements on 20F in Guardian of the Water
ThiefSucessfully steal the item seen behind Merchant Hero X in any of his dungeon shops
White MageComplete Pastor Roche's Memories


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Chocobo's Memories Dungeons
Complete the game first, then access this Standard Dungeon by checking the Chocobo statue in the park.
Croma's Future Dungeon
Complete the game first, then access this Special Dungeon by speaking to Croma in Stella's House.