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A failed attempt to fuse Action RPG elements with the Fighting Genre?

The good:

*UMD installation. this cuts loading time down by a lot.
*Stunning CGI. that makes Dissidia Final Fantasy possibly the best looking PSP game for its time.
*Classic themes remade exclusively for this unique installment.
*Solid story with all the more famous Final Fantasy heroes and villains at your control.

The bad:

*Lacks a healthy Bestiary. if it was just a fighter this would be understandable. but to be half Action RPG that's pretty bad.
*Lacks depth. making Dissidia more for the casual gamers and leaving the hardcore players out.
*Extremely over-powered ultra attacks. this wouldn't be so bad if you had the option to disable them.


The first thing i noticed (Other than the stunning CG from the opening) was the option to install the game to your memory stick. now if your familiar to fighters on the PSP (Liker DBZ Shin Budokai) you'd know this is a must. the last thing i want to do is stare at a loading screen for 2 minutes every time i'm ready to fight. fortunately Square-Enix was smart enough to give us the option to prevent just that.

The battle system at first seemed unique but if you look closely you'll see that it's a fusing between Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. the main concept is to build up Brevry (simila...


The fantasy knows no end...

The good:

The style of the menus and game are superb
Music and voice acting a perfect
Gameplay is well set out and invigorating
Levelling up system and items are plentiful and provide loads of features.

The bad:

The game can be somewhat confusing to understand and difficult to get a hold of at first, if not most times.
Sometimes be game is so fast it's hard to keep up with (May not be bad)
A LOT of information to get a hold of at first


The character designs are really nicely cut, remaining true to the original character designs. The feature of Alternative costumes ensures more memorable character designs as well as helping to prevent a lack of substance in the character's costume.

The levels are quite varied. Some are small, some are big. Each has their own special features as well as different styles (Lava, empty void, and palace). One of the coolest features is the interaction you can get within the level, such as sliding up banisters from jumping from building to building, both fast and stylish. ...


Dissidia : A game for all Final Fantasy fans!


Review - Dissidia : Final Fantasy

First of all, I don't know how to read Japanese, so take this as the thoughts of a non-Japanese player about the game.

Dissidia : Final Fantasy is unlike any other Final Fantasy game. This game is the ultimate FF crossover that links the first 10 FF games. And unlike the other games which are mainly RPGs, this one is a one-on-one fighter. But surprisingly, this, combined with RPG elements, works quite well, and provides quite an enjoyable gaming experience.

When you first load up the game, you are greeted with the start screen which is thankfully in English.


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