Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates review
12 Hours Of Joy.

The good:

- Beautiful Story.
- Okay Graphics For The DS.
- Overall Music.
- Pretty Voice Acting.
- Easy To Use Controllers.
- Easy Real-Time Battle System.
- Good Equilibrium Between Gameplay And Cutscenes.
- Multiplayer.
- Wi-Fi Capabilities.
- Replay Value.

The bad:

- Must Have A Memory Leak Glitch.
- Lack Of Save Points.
- You Can't Completely Pause The Game!
- Too Short.
- Very Few Places to Visit.
- You Only Get To Have 4 Party Members.
- Idiotic Party Members (In the Gameplay Only).
- Doesn't Use The DS Capabilities To The Max.


Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles games are known because they are most of the time different to the 'normal' Final Fantasy games. Ring of Fates is no different, and I must say that it is definitely a game that both Final Fantasy fans and casual gamers should check out. It's story and easy to learn Gameplay have the power to hook up anyone in the game.

I must start talking about the story of this game, because that's the reason I got hooked to this game a few hours after playing it.

--Yuri and Chelinka are twins that grew in a small village without her mother. This two children are destined to be together all the time, and while living with their dad and Alnahalem and Meeth, this two children learn the path of life, and that teamwork is going to be important in their lives. Yuri and Chelinka get along very well, and that will help them in their fight to survival.--

While the game is short, the story does have a beautiful meaning. It is incredibly deep, and you will end up loving the main characters in no time. I let one or two tears out while I was playing this game. The beauty and the way the characters deliver the story is something I haven't seen in a videogame in a long time.

Introduction Video
The introduction video of the game looks very promising for a lot of people, while for others, it is just dull. I found it promising and I gave the game a chance, and I definitely do not regret playing it.
On another note, my deepest apologizes for the quality of the video. I couldn't find a better one.

The story is just the perfect factor to hook someone in the game. Whether you are a casual gamer or even Final Fantasy gamer, this game is worth the time.

This game has graphics that are okay for the DS, but they do leave more to wish. The opening video has beautiful 3D images, but in the actual gameplay the graphics are like the ones in Final Fantasy III for the DS. They are pretty choppy, and when the characters talk they don't even move their mouths. The graphics are kinda blurry as well. Probably the developers could have worked harder on the graphics, it would have been a plus.

Chosen Screenshots
With this screenshots you can clearly see that the game could have had a big improvement with the graphics. The first and second pictures show how choppy they can be while you play the game.

The graphics didn't hit the game with a huge negative load, luckily. But Nintendo should try to work on them harder.

The music in the game is overall. Not too good, not too bad. They fit the scene you are playing, but it could have been deeper. The soundtrack is not too great, but I have to say it is okay and it shouldn't damage the rating of the game. The music does not change in battles, since it is real-time based and you just find the monsters and fight them in the act.

Static Video With Sample Soundtrack
This song plays in the final battle. It is the only track that is really deep and fits 100% the scene. While this track is one of the best, it should give you an idea of what the other tracks are like.

Sometimes the music looks like it was made in a rush, but it is still good. However, many gamers opted to play the game with the sound on their DSs off.

Now the voice in this game left me dumbfounded. It's probably the best voice acting job that actors have ever done. Every time a character talks, there is some emotion, and you can easily tell. The voice acting makes an awesome job in the cutscenes. Nintendo chose the actors very wisely on this one. The voices are very good in the English game and in the Japanese game as well (unfortunately, there's no option to change the language in just one game). A lot of people tend to complain that the voice acting in English is pretty dull compared to the Japanese cast, but I'm sure that won't be the case with Ring Of Fates. One of the important parts when someone does voice acting is to make sure the emotions go out and to emulate them properly. The cast on this game did exactly that with no flaws in the process.

The controllers are very easy to use. That's one of the factors that makes this game appropriate for children. A lot of people find turn-based RPGs confusing, specially children, but with this game, since everything is real time based, you just find the monster, and hit it with the appropiate button. Then you just press the very same button to perform convos. You can use Magicite with another button by just pressing the appropriate button and moving it around. This kind of Gameplay sounds pretty boring for hardcore gamers, but trust me: It is not. The gameplay is so simple that even hardcore players will find it enjoyable. You control one character at the time and the rest follows that character, and when you need to change of character, you just press it's icon in the touchscreen and you will be controlling that character and the rest will follow that character. This schema becomes handy in dungeons. With this gameplay, there's nowhere to lost. There are no complicate button combinations to keep things simple.

Gameplay Video
This video shows how you move around, jump, and battles. This video points out the simplicity of the gameplay.

Hope Nintendo keeps this method for future Crystal Chronicles games.
It has one negative point though: monsters ALWAYS ONLY attack the character you are attacking, and your party members barely move a finger to attack the monsters. They are never targeted by the enemies, and only the player ends doing the rest of the job as the party members also die too fast regardless of how they are equipped.

This game has a multiplayer method. There isn't too much to say about it. I haven't played it, but if it is like other CC games, it should be cooperative.

This game has Wi-Fi. Same as the multiplayer method. There's a lot of lag when you play online according to most people that did it.

This game has replay value. Once you beat the game, you can start again with all your magicites and items. You can also get different items on the second playthrough, and some things change in the dungeons and gameplay. There are also more secrets and some sidequests you can fulfill. Never less, it is something you should try to do if you ever wish to play the game again. This spices up the game more.

Now, talking about the negatives of the game, I will start mentioning the memory leak glitch I think this game has. Sometimes, your game lags all of a sudden, and when there are many monsters or items around, it lacks a lot more! Maybe Nintendo got the wrong addresses while they were codding the game. Regardless of what could have happened, it's very unprofessional.

The dungeons are HUGE, and there are like a total of 2 checkpoints at most in each one of them (most of them only have 1). So don't play this game one hour before visiting your girlfriend, because most likely you won't find a simple save point until the time comes, and you will be screwed; the girlfriend, or the game? I may never understand why Nintendo never puts the save features in the start menu. It's a huge mess and a huge downside. They did the very same mistake in Final Fantasy III for the DS.

A huge downside on this game is the fact that you can't pause the game. Simple like that. If you need to go to the bathroom urgently and have a shitload of monsters attacking you, you can't pause. You press start and effectively you see a pause menu, but the monsters are beating the hell out of you while you are at it. Nintendo though that having that menu in the touchscreen was beneficial, but they ended up messing a very useful basic feature. Let's just hope they never ever make an error like this.

The game is too short. I ended it in 12 hours, playing during one week (hence why this review is titled "12 Hours Of Glory". Many people ended it in 6 hours. Luckily, the deep story compensated this.

There are only 4 places in the overworld. Plus the ones you go indirectly, they are about 6. It's pretty limited. Their sizes compensate this though, even though that's a huge mess.

You only use 4 party members in the whole game and unlikely other CC games, you can't create more.
And these members are messed up. They are dumb in the gameplay, and interesting in the story. They always leave the hard work to you. The AI of your party members is actually pretty stupid. They can't even jump to a simple platform without falling into the water, decreasing their HP.

This game doesn't use the capabilities of the DS to the max. Only the touchscreen, and the only moment when the touchscreen is exclusive is when you use Meeth's ability to create Magicite. But other than that, it doesn't use the DS features too much, when it did have a good potencial for it.

--End Line--

This game has a deep beautiful storyline and a simple gameplay. It is for the whole family and it is definitely a game everyone can and will enjoy.

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