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12 Hours Of Joy.

The good:

- Beautiful Story.
- Okay Graphics For The DS.
- Overall Music.
- Pretty Voice Acting.
- Easy To Use Controllers.
- Easy Real-Time Battle System.
- Good Equilibrium Between Gameplay And Cutscenes.
- Multiplayer.
- Wi-Fi Capabilities.
- Replay Value.

The bad:

- Must Have A Memory Leak Glitch.
- Lack Of Save Points.
- You Can't Completely Pause The Game!
- Too Short.
- Very Few Places to Visit.
- You Only Get To Have 4 Party Members.
- Idiotic Party Members (In the Gameplay Only).
- Doesn't Use The DS Capabilities To The Max.


Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles games are known because they are most of the time different to the 'normal' Final Fantasy games. Ring of Fates is no different, and I must say that it is definitely a game that both Final Fantasy fans and casual gamers should check out. It's story and easy to learn Gameplay have the power to hook up anyone in the game.

I must start talking about the story of this game, because that's the reason I got hooked to this game a few hours after playing it.

--Yuri and Chelinka are twins that grew in a small village without her mother. This two children are destined t...


Glory of Crystal Chronicles

The good:

4 Classes to choose from.
Armor changes appearance.
Great Weapon and armor making system.
Multiplayer is easier to play now.
Up to date DS Graphics.
Voice overs.

The bad:

Lags very rarely.
Almost no wi-fi.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates is the latest installment to hit the shores of North America and it's for the Nintendo's Dual Screen system commonly referred to as the DS. It is a real time RPG; by that I mean that you get to walk around and kill the enemies. It has many improvements over its predecessor Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube.

The first big improvement is that it has a real storyline with main characters.
Although this could be viewed as a downgrade because you do not get to choose your class for the story mode, do not fret because the multiplayer ca...

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