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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Dialog FAQ

by Tahngarthor   Updated to v1.1 on

* Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a King *
* Dialog System FAQ                                     *
* (C) 2008 Grant Dotter                                 *

* Section 0 *

0.1 Table of Contents

0 This Section

  0.1 Table of Contents (You Are Here)

  0.2 Version History

1 About the FAQ and it's Purpose

  1.1 Introduction

  1.2 Who is this for?

  1.3 General Information

2 - The Dialog

  2.1 King Leo's Court

    2.1.1 Payment

    2.1.2 Exploring

    2.1.3 Combat Log

    2.1.4 Other

  2.2 Lost Item Mini-quest

  2.3 Captain of the Guard Sir Hugh Yurg (SPOILER warning)

  2.4 Topic: Adventurer Shops / Status of the adventurers

  2.5 Topic: Bread / The Bakery / The Emporium

  2.6 Topic: The Crystal / The Dark Lord / Architek / King Epitav(Your Father)

  2.7 Topic: Friends

      2.7.1 Adults- Female

      2.7.2 Adults- Male

      2.8 Topic: Walks / The City / The Frontier / etc.

      2.9 Topic: Time of day

      2.10 Special topics: Conversation directed at the King

3 Closing Stuff

0.2 Version History
v 0.1 Initial release. Contains only general informaiton about the game's
      dialog system and how it works, with a partial listing of actual
      dialog. Future versions will actually list many examples of specific 
      dialog in each category.

v 1.0 Lots of info added, especially in special conversations with the king
      and the lost item miniquest. Finished most formatting.

v 1.1 A few more quotes and Lost Item quest items added.

* Section 1: About the FAQ and it's Purpose *

1.1 Introduction
Welcome to my Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a King Dialog
FAQ. The purpose of this FAQ is to explain the game's dialog system. That is,
the system that helps keep you from getting bored while running around town,
esepecially after you've used all the building space. This FAQ is relatively
spoiler-free - that is, I will not cover cutscene dialog. Some sections will
have minor spoilers. This FAQ only covers
chatter from the Citizens during day-to-day gameplay. The point here is to
explore the suprisingly vast amount of dialog in a game that entirely takes
place in a single small city. You can easily play the game for 100s of hours
and still encounter new dialog. Indeed, what I list here is nowhere near
complete, but should give you insight into the system, and help you find out
what you need to do to explore all of the chatter in the game.

What is the purpose of this? Some people just like collecting / seeing
everything there is to see in a game. If you feel like you've missed something
in the game, this guide is for you.

1.2 Who is this for?
This FAQ is intended to serve two kinds of people:

- Those who like getting/collecting/seeing/finding every single thing in a
  game. This guide will tip you off to some conversation you may have missed
  and tell you how to encounter it.
- Those who are just curious about how the system works, as there is a bit more
  to it than there may seem to be at first glance.

1.3 General Information: Chatting it up with the Citizens
As the people go about their business, green happy face balloons will appear
over their heads, more or less at random, although they can be triggered under
certain circumstances as well. When you see these, you can press the A button
on the Wii Remote or Classic Controller to talk to them. Depending on where
they are, their gender, and the current progression of the story, they will 
have different things to say. Depending on the condtions, their lines are
randomly selected from certain groups of dialog. For each topic, I will list
all the known random dialog available. Note that most all chatter with citizens
depends only on factors such as gender, location, family status, and where they
are coming to / going from. With the exception of travellers, dialog is never
affected by race, which can occasionally appear slightly awkward; additionally,
this also means that some speeches will not be given by some races:

-> All Selkies in this game are female, and so they will not pick any dialog
   from that which can only be said by males.
-> All Yuke parents are fathers, and cannot pick dialog only said by female
   parents. Additioanlly, all Yuke non-adventurer children are females and
   therefore have similar limitations.
-> All Lilty parents are mothers, and cannot pick dialog only said by male
   parents. Additionally, all Lilty non-adventurer children are males and
   therefore have similar limitations. All Lilty Adventurers are male, as well.

With some exceptions (which each have their own special section), I will not
cover some varying dialog including the following (at least, not initially):

- lines spoken by adventurers coming to or from dungeons
- lines spoken in reference to mini-quests (Except the lost item behest) and
  any other dialog that is only ever spoken once and/or can be repeated
  infinitely in the same day
- lines spoken by shopkeepers.
- anything in any cutscenes, even those that are not specifically part of
  the main storyline e.g. cutscenes related to gaining access to new buildings.
- Technical dialog, such as most functions in the castle, news headlines, and
  anything spoken by Chime at the Tavern or Bulletin Boards. Basically,
  anything that is not in any way random.

Some lines seem to be more rare than others. When possible I will give you an
idea of the rarity- However keep in mind that the rarity of some lines may
differ depending on your city's layout.

Section 2: The dialog
First we will discuss some special categories, then we will go to the more
general groups.

2.1 King Leo's Court
Though not clearly referenced in the game, the King's morning routine
in the game is referred to as holding court. Meaning, it's the period a king
holds for people to present the issues of the day and to make decisions based
on them. During your Court each morning, the adventurers present you with their
daily reports. As you examine the reports, you'll notice some lines of text in
each adventurer's travel and battle logs have the grey "this is selectable"
background and you can highlight them with the cursor. When selected, the
adventurer who performed the listed action will comment on it. They will
generally always comment on most of their in-town exploration activities,
exploration activities, and the caliber of an enemy before a fight. They will
comment on their use of special abilities, and the enemies' resistance to an
attack or spell at random. Usually they will comment on the same kind of action
only once per battle. Here's what they have to say. Rarity indicates the
likelyhood you will see the text during the game.

  2.1.1 Payment
  Pay: "I recieved my pay from Miss Chime. I'll use it wisely, sire!"(sure bet)
  Pay: "If only my pay were a bit higher..."(Rare to Never unless you never
       raise the pay rank)

  2.1.2 Exploring
  Used shortcut: "This shortcut is useful for avoiding unnecessary battles."
                  (somewhat common)
  Got lost: "I didn't know where I was, or where I came from, sire."
             (Common before dungeons fully explored, then almost never)
  Halls of Oblivion (DLC dungeons only): "It was so dark and frightening,sire."
                                         (Rare due to DLC and lighting beacons)
  Completed behest: "All in your name, Sire! Long live the king!" (Guaranteed)

  Someone else completed behest:

  Hit by Omega's Wave Cannon: "I didn't think that beam of light would reach
                                 that far..." 
                              (For parties in Infinity Spire but not battling-
                              Rare unless Omega is giving you a hard time)

  Hit by Tidal Wave: (Unknown)

  Found Fountain of Restoration: "Drinking from this enchanted spring renewed
                                    my strength!" (Common)
  Treasure chest found (Opened): "Finding treasure is the greatest part about
                                    being an adventurer, Sire!"(Uncommon)
  Treasure chest found (failed to open): "I could not open that chest without
                                            any lockpicking skills, Sire."
                                       (uncommon [thief] to common [no thief])
  2.1.3 Combat Log
  Rarity of threat assessments varies greatly depending on how you play.
  (Threat assessment- The first line of every battle log)
  Equal or advantage in numbers:
  Too weak (win): "The enemy didn't pose much of a threat, sire."
  Even match (win): "An evenly matched battle, and a victory for the realm!"
  Strong opponent (win): "This foe was a challenge, but victory was assured."
  Strong opponent (lost): "I thought that luck was on my side..."
  Outnumbered (win): "An advantage in numbers did not save them."
  Outnumbered, by 1 (win): "The enemy was many, but they were bested."
  Outnumbered, by 2 (win): "Sheer numbers did not help the enemy!"
  Outnumbered, strong (lost): "Nothing could prevent defeat against so many

  (Melee combat)
  Weapon resistance: "Most attacks could not get past that thick armor, Sire."
  (Sword abilities)
  Double Attack: "It's all in the wrist, sire." (Common)
  Shadowblade: "Whatever it takes to defeat the foe! (Uncommon: ability level)

  (Axe abilities- DLC only)
  Avalanche: "Anyone would feel that in the morning." (Uncommon due to DLC)
  Flurry: "It may not look it, but I'm actually aiming each swing, Sire."
           (Less common than Avalanche)
  (Dagger abilities)
  Critical Attack: "That one must have hurt."
                    (Rare to Uncommon based on ability level)
  Pommel Strike (Interrupted target): "Just in time, too." (Rare)
  Poison Sting: "Poisons are tools of the trade, sire. (Common)
  (Hammer abilities)
  Shock Bomb: "The enemy can't dodge if they're stunned."
               (Rare [White Mages] to average [Warriors])
  Power Bomb: "That's how you nail them! So to speak, Sire."
               (Very rare [White Mages] to uncommon [Warriors])
  Wave Bomb: "Bringing down their defenses was the best course
               of action!" (Very rare [White Mage] - Rare [Warrior])

  (Thief abilities)
  Mug: "I'll find even the smallest elementite pebble, Sire!"
        (Rare to uncommon depending on ability level/# of thieves)

  -note- the rarity of spellcast messages will be affected by medals that
         change a character's preferences, e.g. Protection or Holy medals.   
  Spell resisted: "This foe wasn't being hurt much by the spells I cast."
                   (semi-common, depends greatly on the dungeon)

  Poison: "Weakening the enemy is a valid strategy." (Common)
  Slow: "They're easier to hit this way." (Common)
  Cure: "It's my job to heal, Sire." (Common)
  Regen: "It's great for nicks and bruises." (Semi-common)
  Shell: "The best defens against the arcane!" (semi-common)
  Protect: "The hardier, the better." (Common)
  Haste:  "The faster we attack, the sooner they drop."
  Clear: (Rare)

  2.1.4 Other
  Won prize in Gaming Hall: "Oh, that - I thought I needed to sharpen my mental
                               skills, sire."
                            (Very rare [no medal] to Rare [w/Game Guru medal)
  Level Up: "I feel much stronger now, and I know I can be even stronger!"
            (Every time the character levels up)
  Visited Training Hall: "I feel much stronger now, thanks to Sir Yurg!"
                         (average [normally] to common [w/ Traning Freak medal)

2.2 Lost Item Mini-quest
Mogtillo will come out of the castle to offer you a mini-quest to talk to one
of your citizens once a day if no such quest is currently active. Upon talking
to the person in question, they will tell you they lost something, and you
can issue a behest at the castle for the adventurers to search the town for it.
A list of possible items is shown below. Successfuly finding the item will
boost morale (Appears to increase the heart meter for that person's hosuehold).
Comments are available for some of the more interesting items.
The list of possible lost items is as follows (There are many more
I haven't listed yet, email me if you notice any):

Selkie treasure map
Unsent love letter
Sir Yurg cooking book <- (Sir Yurg, besides your Captain of the Guard, is also
Crystal Cage                                                   the castle chef)
Sounds of the Wind music box
Carbuncle Ruby <- (this item is used in a quest to unlock the Summoner job in
Collection of old poems                                       Final Fantasy XI)
Memento necklace
Secret Stash purse
Moogle slippers
warm leggings
Yuke grimoire

2.3 Captain of the Guard Sir Hugh Yurg (SPOILER warning)
Hugh Yurg spends all hours of every day standing guard in front of the castle.
He helps you when you are looking over the adventurer canidates, and magically
appears in the Training Hall whenever you go in there in order to run the
place. Talking to him in front of the castle has a relatively small amount of
random dialog that depends on your progression in the story and whether or not
a holiday has been declared:

  Chapter 4
  "To witness you overcome your feelngs toward your father and make the
     decision to rescue him... / I...I'm so proud of you, Sire."
     (Very common)
  "Your father used the Skysphere to warn his people of the Dark Lord, and urge
     that they escape. / He also insured that you would not be harmed by
     invoking their silence in the matter. / Now it is up to us to give answer
     to a father's love for his son." (Common)
     **This is the explanation for why the citizens seemed to know so little of
       what happened before you began your job as King.
  "The path we are to undertake will be long and wrought with hardship. / Yet
     we must not act in haste. Let us start with that which lies before us, and
     proceed from there." (Common)
  "The Carbuncle that the wanderer Stiltzkin spoke of is a sage of ages past. /
     It is said that he used the crystal to give us the knowldge to survive and
     prosper." (Less common than the above, but still common)
  "The Dark Lord has successfully used you to regain his corporeal flesh, but
     why has he yet to attack? / ... "

  "My ancestors hailed from the Liltian kingdom of Alfataria... / They lived
     there until they grew weary of the tribal wars and moved away." (V.Common)
  "Did you know I used to have a family? / Even though they are gone, they
     remain with me, their memories engrained in my heart. / But now you are my
     family, and it is you I must protect with my life." (Very common)

2.4 Topic: Adventurer Shops / Status of the adventurers
These lines are spoken when a citizen has a ? bubble over their head. This
usually happens when they near an Armor or Weapon shop and they can't decide
what to do so they enter the shop. When this happens they generally talk about
something related to the shop they are about to enter.

2.5 Topic: Bread / The Bakery / The Emporium
One of the most discussed NPC topics in the GameFAQs forums, The people of your
city love food and talk about it all the time. This is becuase the bakery is
the most common thing your citizens will leave their homes to go to.

 - Replace this with one of the several things a
citizen is thinking about / about to buy / recently purchased. Here is a list
of items the citizens may talk about buying:

    Homestead Bread* (Epitav used to hold and win eating contests with this)
    Wonderous Bread
    Boonies Bread
    Striped Apple Bun* (Striped Apples are the King's favorite food)
    Striped Hot Pie
    Jammed Danish
    Rainbow Croissant*
    Round Corn Bun (Commonly used to restore HP in other FF:CC games)
    Wooden Mu* (A Mu is a monster in the crystal chronicles world)
    Mog Stamp Plus* (Your guess is as good as mine what the heck this thing is)
    Colorful Journal (May allude to the journal kept in the 1st FF:CC)
    Mithril Locket*
    Star Carrot (Commonly used to restore HP in other FF:CC games)
    Striped Apron
    Piggil Bank
    Sleeptight Blanket
    Twinkling Vial

*These are the most common items.

2.6 Topic: The Crystal / The Dark Lord / Architek / King Epitav (Your Father)
Citizens have been praying to crystal formations for as long as anyone can
remember. Thus you will often find people standing in front of the crystal
with a talk bubble. These people will always say something pertaining to the
crystal. That said, anyone heading to or walking past the crystal may talk
about either the crystal, the dark lord, or architek. Since the crystal is 
the centerpeice of the city, this chat comes up a lot.

Most of what you see when you use the "Address everyone" function at the
Lookout Tower comes from one of these topics. (Note also that anyone you
have talked to just prior to addressing everyone will most likely be
repeated as the citizen hasn't made a new decision yet).

2.7 Topic: Friends
When a citizen's destination is another citizen's house, they will talk about
what they are going to do there or what is on their mind that relates to their
friend. When they are heading home from a friend's house, they will talk about
what they just did. These messages are most often seen when the person is near
their own house or the house they are visiting.

 is replaced with the name of the person they are visiting.


  2.7.1 Adults- Female
  "Today's party-with-the-wives was oh-so-much more interesting than
     yesterday's. / ... " (Uncommon)
  "The Battle of the Burning Chefs is nearing it's climax! / Why, I'm feeling
     so confident right now, I think I could fricassee the Dark Lord himself!"
  "Times are dark, but that's why I value my conversations with . What
     about you, Sire? Have you been spending enough time with those you care
     about?" (average)

  2.7.2 Adults- Male
  "Now where was 's house again...? / The city has grown so large
     lately that I can't even remember where my own friends live!" (average)
  "I'm sneaking over to 's house for a top-secret
     meeting. / We plan on contriving a special attack for when the dark lord
     comes." (uncommon- Typically evening or night)

2.8 Topic: Walks / The City / The Frontier / etc.
Sometimes citizens will go on walks with no particular destination all day
and eventually just go back home after milling about. In this situation,
they will talk about how they like going on walks, what good shape they're in
as a result, something they noticed about the city, or random facts about The
Frontier (The part of the Crystal Chronicles world the game is set in).

2.9 Topic: Time of day
At any time during their strolls the citizens may make a comment related to
the time of day (Usually in the evening / at night). These messages will be
seen more often when the people are happy, allowing you to stay up later.
This can be considered a sub-category as they are often tied to other chat
groups, as well. These sometimes come up with the ? talk bubble chat as
well as with other topics. So it's really a sub-category. One thing that is
NOT part of this is when mothers or maids talk about making supper. They
can say "It's time to make supper" even at 8 AM.

2.10 Special topics: Conversation directed at the King
This is a special group of dialog that is only used under certain conditions.
Sometimes, when you approach a citizen, they will stop and bow. Usually, they
will continue about their business right after, but sometimes they will stand
before you and a happy face icon appears over their head, allowing you to talk
to them. When this happens, they will usually discuss a member of their family,
or their/a family member's feelings about you or your job as king or a few
other things. This dialog only appears in this situation and is not a part
of the rest of the random dialog. Note that the name you enter for yourself
is rarely used in the game outside of a few cutscenes, and the head of the
black mage academy who has the audacity to address you by your first name(heh).
This dialog often comes up if you catch someone just as they are coming out of
their house. Finally, talk ballons can randomly appear over people near you
even while time is paused due to you talking to someone. These people will
always be on one of these topics. Note that during the early parts of the
story, citizens will not bow to you or talk about most of the things in this
category. The reason is explained in Sir Yurg's section. These speeches tend
to be longer than others. Be sure to react quickly if someone near you wants
to talk in this way, as the talk bubble often dissapears very quickly!

 - Replace this with the name of the avdenturer who is the son 
or daughter of the person you are speaking to.
 - replace with the name you gave the kingdom.

Note that there is some dialog about the king himself that appears outside of
this part of the system- but dialog accessed in this manner will always cover
one of the topics in the heading. There is also some dialog that fits into
other topic categories, but is only encountered within the scope of the
special conditions described in this category above. This category has some of
the most diverse and unique conversation in the game.

  2.10.1 Young people- Male
  "You've worked so hard for us lately, Sire. / When the Dark Lord is finally
     conquered, Why not take a trip in the country with Lady Chime and rest? /
     What is there to worry about? The moogles will take care of everything
     while you're away." (Semi-rare)
     **Note that Chime gives you the same great idea at the castle.
       (I'd say there's a LOT to worry about leaving things in the care of the
  "It wasn't long ago when you were reluctant to speak to the people of the
     town. / But since you have begun rebuilding the kingdom, you have really
     opened up to your subjects." (Rare)
  "No matter how dangerous the journey, no matter how spectacular the place
     at the end of the road, / it is never long before all adventurers return
     here, to their homes. / And maybe that's the duty of those who remain--
     to provide that very place. (Very rare)

  2.10.2 Young people- Female
  "Is it true that your father built the Skysphere? What an amazing display of
     technology! / It is reckless dreamers like Epitav that open the gates to
     the future." (Semi-rare)
  "Once the Dark Lord is defeated, do you think everything will be better?
     Even my dry skin? / Alright, maybe an epic battle between good and evil
     can't cure everything." (Semi-rare)
  "Lately there have been travellers of all different tribes visiting our 
     kingdom. / Maybe they'll fall in love with it as we did and settle down.
     Wouldn't that be great?" (Average but requires an Inn in the city)
  "It is strange that the King in whom we once had so little confidence can
     provide us with so much happiness. / Are we keeping you happy, Your
     Highness?" (Uncommon)
  2.10.3 Adults- Female
  "Ever since the Dark Lord was ressurected, I haven't been able to stop
     eating! / What better way to relieve stress than by engulfing a couple
     of piping-hot striped apple buns?" (Rare)
    **Note that striped apples are King Leo's favorite food.
  "Your mother was always worried about you and your father's relationship. / 
     I wish she could be here to see you working so hard to save Epitav."
  "When my (son/daughter) told me (s/he) was scared to fight the Dark Lord, I
     offered to go in (his/her) place. / Do you know what (s/he) said to that?
     (S/He) said that (s/he) wouldn't let anything touch (his/her) dear old
     mother! / What more could I ask for? I knew I raised my 
     right!" (Rare)
  "If you ever get around to building a tavern, make sure you invite me! / I'll
     whip up a feast for you and all the adventurers!" (Average)
     (This comment can appear whether or not you actually have a tavern)
  "My (son/daughter) used to be a wild one, but lately he/she has transformed
     into quite the gentleman! / It must be all that adventuring in parties.
     He/She's been forced to think about others out of necessity." (Average)
  "If you are only to act as a temporary ruler while your father is away... /
     then what are you to do when he returns?" (Very rare)
  "My (son/daughter) has shown much earnest in his magic and ability studies. /
     It's a miracle, considering how impatient s/he was when s/he was younger."
     (Very rare, and only if the adventurer's job is white/black mage)
  "Our rule used to be 100 sit-ups or no dinner. But now my (son/daughter) can
     do 1,000 before the meal's cold. / I would like to see the Dark Lord
     match that!" (Rare)
  "There are kingdoms across the world,  but i suspect none have families with
     ties as strong as these. / No one who has been torn from their loved ones
     wants to witness the same thing happen again." (Very rare)
  "My daughter used to cook all the time, but ever since taking up that sword,
     she hasn't put it down. / If she's not going to help in the kitchen any
     more, then she had better put her all into those fencing lessons!"
     (Have only seen once)
  "Once the monsters have been vanaquished from the realm, I'd love to go on a
     picnic with my family. / We will finally be able to live without fear.
     Right, sire?" (Have only seen once)

  2.10.4 Adults- Male
  "It would be wonderful if there was a place where everyone could gather and
     mingle - A tavern, perhaps. / It would be a perfect place for adventurers
     to find companions to join them on their travels." (Average)
     (This comment can appear whether or not you actually have a tavern)
  "Lately, my (son/daughter) speaks much about what a reliable leader you have
     become. / It was but a few weeks ago that she was voicing her doubts about
     taking orders from a ten-year-old..." (Rare)
  "What's this? Have you grown, Sire? / I remember how when I first arrived in
     , you were still just a wee lad." (Rare)
  "The town you have built for us looks much like the old one. / But it has a
     color that is all your own! Well done, Your Majesty!" (Uncommon)
  "Even when times are hard, there is always a smile on your face. / Returning
     that smile is one way of showing our undying gratitude. That's our motto!"
     (Very rare)
  "If he's called Stiltzkin the 'wanderer,' why is he still here? Is it for his
     dear Epitav? Who would have thought a moogle could have such a keen sense
     of duty?" (Uncommon)
  "Recently, I find myself talking more with my (son/daughter). / Since he
     started adventuring, s/he has so many stories to tell, and I try my best
     to listen." (Very rare)
  "Every time I see my son, I'm suprised at how much he has come to resemble
     his father. / Not just his physique, but his attitude, the way he carries
     himself... / Maybe it's becuase he's starting to take responsibility for
     even the tiniest of his actions." (Very rare, father-son families only)
  "When my (son/daughter) told me s/he wanted to become an adventurer, I was
     among the first to tell him/her I did not approve. / I just hope that all
     this Dark Lord business ends before s/he's sent to the frontlines. "
  "When we were still young, your father used to join us when we played in the
     city. / But now that I think about it, he was actually observing us. How
     subtle!" (Very rare)
  "With the growing number of adventurers in the kingdom, my (son/daughter)
     needs to focus if s/he is to be number one! / You just watch, Your
     Highness. If anyone is going to take down the Dark Lord, it's my
     ! (Very rare, I think this one is really cool)
* Section 3: Closing Stuff *

3.1 Common Questions
If anyone asks me any questions about this FAQ, I'll put them here.

3.2 Contact Info
You can reach me at tahngarthdk (at symbol) hotmail (period) com. Please
mention the FAQ in the subject line or it may end up in my spam box. Please do
not spam me, or I'll spam you back 100 fold worse.

3.3 Legal
This FAQ is (C) 2008 Grant Dotter. (AKA Tahngarthor)
You are free to use this FAQ for whatever *personal* use you can imagine.
All other rights reserved.

3.4 Permissions
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