Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Cheats

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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New Game +
When you complete the story line. You are offered a New Game +. You can choose to go to Hard or Very Hard mode. In these modes the dungeons are much harder. This allows you to start from the beginning, but your characters items and medals are carried over, but you must research everything again.
Various Tips and Tricks
To get the King to stay up later, is a little difficult if you are into or past Chapter 2 to build up relationships, but following this is easy and simple.

You need at least two morale sphere holders, if you do not have two, enter into the castle every time you get one and donate it to chime to improve the kingdom. After three or four donations, you will receive two sphere holders as well as being called "The City of Padarak" and the option to hold holidays.

Now you have two morals sphere holders. Now on the next day, choose the town for behest selection and have a holiday. During this time, it's easier to boost the morale of the town, it is equivalent to adventurer's defeating a boss, but it lasts the whole day. Try to build the morale the entire day. If you begin to fill up the bar and you have two sphere, call Chime with the bell and use a sphere and Talk to people. Just know that after doing this, the ability to obtain the boost will last only until the Sphere Boost Gauge is depleted, then earning morale will be as usual. When the day is over send you adventurer's out to perform a task.
Now, since you have two spheres, call Chime and use one to boost the morale. During this time, talk to everyone with a green "talk" icon over their heads, but make sure to also talk to your adventurers when they get the "shield-and-sword" icon over their heads. Doing so gives them boosted attributes to better get the job done. While still under the Sphere Boost, talk to everyone with a green "talk" icon over their heads.

After their message, you should notice that their was a confirmation saying "So-and-so has gotten to better know their neighbors" or something along those lines. Basically, that particular person just received a point to your relationship. Continue to everyone while building your town and sending out adventurers. You won't even notice it's been long until you start seeing foliage on people's houses. This means that they are close to liking the town. Do the procedure over again until you see two little lamps on their doors. When you see them, go inside to talk to the person. If the person isn't there, you won't receive anything, but if they are there, they will give you a Special Medal. You can only get one medal a day and they are all chosen randomly, but each race gives out a different selection, so make sure you get the "3-Race's House Pack". It's worth it. I will explain how the medals work later. If you get alot of people with lights on their doors, you will notice that your time to stay out has increased a little. Increase it two more times to reach max curfew. This plays a good part when you get the torches from the Emporium and your adventure team comes back really late.

Now, if you continue to do the sphere boost procedure, you will also begin to see your people stop in town and chat with another and go into each other's houses as well as bow to you every time you walk past them. But the main thing is that, your adventurer's get a better chance at fulfilling a task and are less likely to fail or be upset the next day. Use this to your advantage!

Now to the medals. The Special Medals are able to be given out to the adventurer's that complete behests, like normal medals. Except, these increase a stat secretly as well as give another attribute to your adventurer's. Every medal has a different effect. Some make adventurer's buy more items, go only for hard behests, go for easy behests(I will tell you a tip on this one), obtain more elementite, not rest on behests, recieve bonuses on restorative spells and so on. I do not know if the effects of the medals stack or not, but I have a feeling they do. I am testing that out..

Remember, that tip I was going to give you? Here it is:
The Sp Medal is called "Mop-up Medal". Assign to a high leveled(Over 15) winner of a behest. When you obtain taverns, go their and assign the person you gave the medal to into a party. Assign one more person in around their level, and then assign two newbie adventurers, around level 5 or so. Assign them to a dungeon in between their levels. If the leaders are 24 and the newbies are 7, choose a dungeon that is about 13 or so. This is recommended for those that follow the beginning of the guide, because the chance of the newbies dying are slimmer than if you just start doing this randomly.