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Final Fantasy Adventure is an action RPG spin-off of Square Soft's celebrated Final Fantasy franchise, originally released for the Nintendo GameBoy in 1991. Marketed as a Final Fantasy title in North America and Europe, the game was in fact an English localization of what would become the first title in Square Soft's Mana series.

Like all the Mana games that would follow it, Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden) contains one large world map that players traverse screen by screen. Players interact with NPCs and defend themselves against hostile enemies in real-time combat the occurs on the same screen as exploration, much like Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. However, player characters earn experience points from defeating enemies and become stronger after gaining levels.

Strength of attacks are further determined by a power gauge that automatically fills over time; the more the gauge is filled whenever the player attacks, the more powerful the resulting attack will become. Special attacks are also possible when the power gauge becomes complete full.

Final Fantasy Adventure and its Final Fantasy Legend sequels (which were similarly re-branded titles from other series, SaGa) would be re-released for the GameBoy Color through publisher Sunsoft

This game is also known as:

  • Mystic Quest in Europe
  • Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan

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Developer and Publisher: Squaresoft

Whilst Final Fantasy had garnered a reputation on consoles, its...

Sep 25, 09 8:11pm
gerard way owns you
Jul 09, 09 6:41am
Nothing beats this game. I think it's the only Action RPG you can get on the original GameBoy and GBC, that also has a leveling system.... FinalFantasyAdventure
Homunculus Lover
Aug 20, 07 12:42pm
Miss Razz
Jan 27, 07 2:02pm
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Release Dates
  • North America: Jan 1, 1991
  • Japan: Jun 28, 1991
  • Europe: Jun 17, 1993
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