Fighting Vipers Cheats

Fighting Vipers cheats, Tips, and Codes for SATURN.


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Clean Pause
Pause the game and press X, Y and Z.
Extra Character
To get an extra character beat the game on any difficulty setting to get Mahlor. Also when you beat the game go to the practice mode and theres two people there.
Extra Characters
-B.M. and Mauler as selectable characters-
Finish the game on the hardest setting with any character, and they will be selectable on the Character Select Screen by scrolling past the visible list of characters.

-Kumachan as a selectable character-
On the Character Select Screen, play in Versus Mode and play through at least 40 matches. He will be selectable on the Character Select Screen in the same manner as B.M. and Mauler.
Extra Option Menu
Beat the game on any setting and then it will take you back to the title screen. PRess start and go through the modes and there will be an Option in white letters, click it to get to the extra options.
Invisible walls
Do 350 moves in the training mode. This will add Invisible walls to the options plus menu.
Options Plus Menu
Finish the game in Normal difficulty. It will be selectable on the Start/Options Screen.


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Always Win
To win every match (Against the computer players), pick Bahn as your character. When the game starts just press the D-pad in the direction of your opponent and hold it and press B to do a super punch. Repeat this procedure to win the match, and sometimes unharmed!
Extra Portraits
Each time you finish Arcade Mode with a different character, new portraits will be added to the Portrat Gallery in Options+ To get the extra Tokio pictures, finish Arcade mode with him as normal, then again using MORE than Ten Continues. To get a secret picture of Kumachan and Bark and Bean, finish Arcade mode on the default settings without using any continues using any character.
Pandachan in Opening Movie
If you finish the game with Pandachan (2P Kumachan) then instead of BM on top of the City Tower in the intro, you will see Pandachan!
Pepsi Man
To fight Pepsi Man, let Picky defeat you with a perfect in 1 player mode. A new challenger will appear this will be Pepsi Man.

Defeating him will make him a playable charachter and will also unlock the 'Pepsiman Reset' option in the options menu allowing you to unlock him again if you wanted to.