Fighters Uncaged

  • Released on Oct 26, 2010
  • By Ubisoft for Xbox 360

Fighters Uncaged Cheats

Fighters Uncaged cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Super strike expert (5)Perform all super strikes
Relentless (5)Beat your own record 3 times against the same opponent
Bronze legend (5)Win 10 fights
Combo expert (15)Perform all combos
Humiliation (15)Finish off the fight with a combo
Silver legend (15)Win 30 fights
I don't like skinny guys (15)Beat lightweight opponents 30 times
I don't like big guys (15)Beat heavyweight opponents 30 times
I don't like medium guys (15)Beat mid-weight opponents 30 times
That's an eyeful! (15)Blind an opponent 20 times
Under the Wire (20)Win a round with less than 10% of your life remaining
Back to the sandbox (20)Win 20 fights against Ratface
Your tricycle's waiting (20)Win 20 fights against Rider
Get lost (20)Win 20 fights against Mover
Reap the whirlwind (20)Win 20 fights against Jawbreaker
Adios amigo (20)Win 20 fights against El Luchador
Forsaken by the gods (20)Win 20 fights against Kawharu
Tail between your legs (20)Win 20 fights against Jackal
Saturday night fighter (20)Win 20 fights against Deadlock
Tarred and feathered (20)Win 20 fights against Piston Joe
Fallen angel (20)Win 20 fights against Angel Face
The chips are down (20)Win 20 fights against Gambler
Hang up your gloves (20)Win 20 fights against One Jab
Combo master (20)Perform 50 combos
Super strike master (20)Perform 50 super strikes
Speed champion (20)Win 20 fights within two rounds
Speed expert (20)Win 40 fights within two rounds
Gold legend (30)Win 100 fights
Platinum legend (30)Win 150 fights
Speed master (30)Win 80 fights within two rounds
Ratface's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Ratface in the open league
Rider's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Rider in the open league
Mover's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Mover in the open league
Jawbreaker's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Jawbreaker in the open league
El Luchador's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against El Luchador in the open league
Kawharu's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Kawharu in the open league
Jackal's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against The Jackal in the open league
Deadlock's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Deadlock in the open league
Piston Joe's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Piston Joe in the open league
Angel Face's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Angel Face in the open league
Gambler's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against Gambler in the open league
One Jab's nightmare (20)Win 20 fights against One Jab in the open league
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