Fighters Destiny Cheats

Fighters Destiny cheats, and Codes for N64.


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Change Pierre into a werewolf
To change Pierre into a werewolf choose Pierre in his second suit. As you are play as Pierre press L rapidly. Every time you do this twice Pierre will spin and his nose will get bigger. If you do this for about twenty seconds Pierre's nose will explode and he will look like a werewolf for the rest of the round!
Change your characters winning pose
To get different winning poses, press A or B rapidly for two different poses.
Escape a counter hit
You can escape a counter hit on this game as long as you have very good reflexes and timing. To do this, you must hit the A and B buttons together the moment you see the blue star appear on the screen. This is hard to get the hang of and it may take some time to master but once you become used to it this is a very useful trick.
Have a character with 9 skills
After you have gained all eight skills from master mode go to two player battle. Select Win or Lose mode. Pick the player you have eight gained skills with. Then defeat your opponent. They will lose one of their skills but you will gain your ninth skill. Now beside your name you will have not only a star but a red circle beside the name as well. Note: You must have a saved player on both controller packs for this code to work.
Play as Boro
If you want to play as Fighter's Destiny's most dangerous aerial fighter, Boro from Switzerland, you simply need to beat the game on Easy Mode.
Play as Robert
Go into the Fastest Mode and beat all the fighters in less than one minute (combined time). You will now be able to play as Robert.
Play as the Cow
In Rodeo mode, survive with Ushi for one minute to play as Ushi the cow. Make sure you do not kill Ushi or the code won't work.

Note: You need a star by your name for this code to work. You earn a star by beating the game.
Play as the Joker
This one's tough: Beat all 100 characters in the Survival Mode, and the Joker will become a playable character.
Pull out a bottle of milk
While using Ushi the Cow, tap the L shoulder button twice and Ushi will pull out a bottle of milk. If you are right next to your opponent she will knock them down when she puts it away.
Ushi knock down
Ushi has a knock down that is not listed in the command list. It is the only hidden move in the game. All you need to do is press L twice. This will make Ushi pull out a jug of milk and drink it. When Ushi is done he will swing the bottle and if your opponent is hit by this he will be dazed waiting for you to finish him off.