[edit] Background

A heavywieght title fight is in the works and you are the challenger. Create your very own boxer in the all new create a player mode and work yourself up the boxing ranks to compete for the title. Various new moves allow you to bob, block and weave against your opponent. Then throw serious punches like the jab, hook and uppercut to take your opponent down to the canvas.

[edit] Features

  • Total Punch Control: New analog controls give gamers precise control over their offensive and defensive arsenal. Using analog stick movement rather than digital buttons, gamers can decide what punch to throw, how hard to throw it, and where it lands with unprecedented fluidity and precision.
  • Total Defensive Control: An all new analog defense system emphasizes finesse and body control. Bob, lean, duck, and weave to draw your opponent in, then lay into them—make them miss and make them pay.
  • Fresh New Attitude: EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT 2004 captures the over-the-top showmanship and excitement of a championship fight with cinematic flair. The 3D crowds react to the action in the ring and influence the judges.
  • Deep Career Mode: In-depth create-a-boxer and career modes let players create themselves in the game and work their way up the ranks from chump to champ, picking up sponsors, upgrading skills, and traveling the world in pursuit of the big payday.
  • Realistic Boxing Violence: Physics-based action assures no two knockdowns will ever be alike. Swollen eyes and realistic effects highlight the physical nature of the sport.
  • Kings of the Ring: The biggest and baddest boxers rule the ring in EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT 2004. The game includes all of today's contenders, like Roy Jones Jr., Shane Moseley, and Lennox Lewis, plus all-time greats like Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, and more.
  • Customizable Ring Entrances: Assemble an entourage, choose your theme music, select your pyrotechnics, and set the tone for the fight to follow. Dark and threatening or bold and boisterous? It's your call.

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Once you have adjusted to your favorite control options create your own boxer. This is...

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I guess a change in name for EA meant faster game speed, because this is the fastest...

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  • Europe: Apr 30, 2004
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