FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer (PS2) Cheats

FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer cheats, and Codes for PS2.

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FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer Cheats

Always win the game
Around 2 minutes into a game, press pause and hold down L1 + L2. While keeping them helpd, press X, X, Circle.

All-Star Team
At the Team Selection screen, choose Arsenal and hold down O when you press Start. This will start the game with you playing as the EA All-Star team.

Longer Kicks
From the Title Screen, and press X, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, R1 (x2) for longer kicks in game.


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Great goalie
When you're choosing you're team choose Denmark.Their goalie is THE BEST in real life and the game!
Bypass opposing players
Pause the game, go to the options menu and choose "Side Select". Switch to the opposing team and resume the game. Get the ball with a defender or attacker, then hold R1 and shield it. Keep R1 held, and pause the game. Go to "Side Select" and switch back to your original team. Whenever that player gets the ball, he will shield it, allowing you to pass him and score.
Game Shark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)
ECB67348 1456E60A

Top Team Scores 0 4CBCB8C0 1456E7A5
Top Team Scores 9 4CBCB8C0 1456E79E
Bottom Team Scores 0 4CBCB8C4 1456E7A5
Bottom Team Scores 9 4CBCB8C4 1456E79E
Stop Free Kicks
If your opponent is taking a free kick to block it (but make your guy fall over)Put a guy infront of the kick-taker and when he shoots press and hold square the your guy will be knocked-down, but will get up again and take the ball.