FIFA Soccer 11 review
FIFA 11 - Total football?

The good:

  • Improved career mode.
  • Ultimate Team DLC is free to download this year.
  • Smoother graphics and improved player cut scenes.
  • No more "ping-pong" passing due to the new Pro Passing.
  • Personality+.

The bad:

  • Defending corners/crosses much more difficult.
  • Major online and career mode glitches.
  • AI's ability to pull off the impossible as smaller sides.


Some clips of gameplay and graphics.

Career Mode

Let's begin with probably the most played game mode throughout all of the FIFA series, Career Mode (previously Manager Mode). This year has added a new twist to the way you can approach your career mode. You now have the choice of beginning your career by taking the reigns of your team as a Manager, Player Manager or simply just a player. Each type of Career Mode has a different edge to it, giving you more variety in the Career Mode, than there has ever been before.

    You take full control of your team of choice. Make the signings you want, create that lethal tactic you've dreamt up whilst laying in bed, negotiate with players to extend their stay at your club and most of all control entire team in matches.

    You have the choice of using your virtual pro or creating a new player to use as your player manager. In this mode you still have all the privileges of a manager but you can choose whether to take control of the entire team in matches or simply control your own player. This is the newest feature added to Career mode, combining manager mode and virtual pro career from previous FIFA's.

    Last but not least, you can choose to just control and mould one player as you guide him through his career and constantly improving his skills and abilities in the process. You work your way through the ranks and aim to bring your team success and eventually captain them to glory. Again you can create a new player or use your existing virtual pro.


This is one of EA's freshest idea's and most unique in recent years. The whole aim of Personality+ is to create individual player styles that match their real-life counterparts. For example, you can now fully utilise Wayne Rooney's ability to shrug and hold off opposition defenders to create space to unleash a thunderbolt shot from distance. Another example of Personality+ is Cristiano Ronaldo's ability to skip past players and get into scoring positions using pace and tight ball control. Goalkeeper's aren't left out either, you can now expect acrobatic saves or fantastic reflexes which match World Class keeper's styles. Overall, Personality+ makes the game feel that bit more realistic and enjoyable to take control of bigger team's. On the downside though, smaller team's don't really benefit from Personality+, hopefully next year they will put more effort into adding more Personality to more teams.

Pro Passing

Another new addition from EA which has been meet with some mixed reviews. It's not as simple as tapping pass and pinging the ball between your players and working your way towards goal and avoiding contact with the opposition. You now have to time and place your passes or expect a large number of your passes to stray wide of the target. Again, this is EA attempting to make the game more life like and true to the nature of Football. Once you get the hang of it, it's a pleasure to play with. It can be frustrating at times but you also respect the fact that these things happen in the world of football. Newer players to football games or gamers looking for a more casual game won't like Pro Passing but it's definitely the future of football and sports games a like.


Each year, more and more players are taking to the lands of online gaming and FIFA is no different. You can play one on one in Ranked and Unranked matches, which caters to the needs of different types of players. The more competitive players will play Ranked matches, where the result is stored on their profile and points are gained after each match to work their way up the rankins. Casual players looking for some fun matches will opt to play Unranked matches as the results aren't stored, so their isn't as much pressure to win.

One of the biggest aspects of online is Clubs. Introduced a couple years ago and has grown in popularity ever since. This is where you and your friends can create a club and join with your Virtual Pro to take on other teams. Club matches can consist of 22 players (11 in each team, including Goalkeepers) and players take a position each on the field. Definitely one of the most sociable game mode on FIFA.

Virtual Pro

Virtual Pro has been around for a few years now and has improved as each year's edition is released. This year has the new addition of being able to play as a Goalkeeper, although I personally haven't enjoyed playing as a Goalkeeper, a lot of players do. With the other game modes now looking to include Virtual Pro's as much as possible, it has become a bigger part of the game. You can choose to take your Pro online to play with friends or include them in your Career mode, whilst doing so, always improving your player.

Ultimate Team

Previously required to purchase Ultimate Team separately, you can now download it for free from the beginning. In this Game mode you unlock players buy purchasing player card packs (either using FIFA coins or paying for them using MS Points or cash). The aim is to build a team and compete in tournaments, online and offline. An extremely enjoyable and rewarding game mode to play and is even more popular than previous Ultimate Team's, due to this year's edition being free.


To sum up this review, year after year FIFA is constantly improving and this is obviously the best one yet. A lot of former loyal Pro Evolution Soccer players (including myself) made the switch to FIFA and more players each year make the switch. Just goes to show how good FIFA has gotten, afterall PES was THE football game of the early to mid 00's. If you're a fan of football, definitely pick this up, you won't be disappointed.

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InsanityS Dec 6, 10
Hey Danger. Nice to see this review from you. Good detaiing - especially on the workings of the game modes. I do get the impression that this might be a little unfinished though. There isn't really a conclusion and I was hoping you would expand on the "bad" elememnts you listed. Other than that good work.
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Danger Dec 7, 10
Aye, that's true. I was thinking about incorporating the bad elements into each section but they are relatively minor and didn't want to take away from the overall positive feeling of the review. Will add a conclusion in the next few days. Cheers for the feedback IP!
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