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The Beginning Of A PES Takeover?

The good:

  • Fifa is and always has been an enjoyable game to play against friends when they are over. It's good to get some bragging rights when beating them too.
  • They have jumped right above PES again this year, with a far more superior game.
  • Manager Mode is always enjoyable to play. It's good to get your manager statistics high and build a team of your own.
  • Be A Pro has improved highly from last year, and is a great asset to the game to get that feeling that you are actually playing the game.
  • The wide variety of teams is really good as you can play as the side you like whenever you like.
  • It's nice to have both a Classic XI, and a World XI side. Two of which are much better than any other side in the game.
  • The stadiums in the game have been really well done, especially Wembley. When taking a goal kick in each stadium, you will notice how realistic they look.
  • Creating your own player is fun if you want to build yourself to be the best.
  • A new celebration feature that will let you perform your own celebration moves. It's a nice addition as it's not been done on a football game before.
  • If you are bored, you can always head to the arena and practice with your arena player. And one thing that's really good is that there is no loading screen. When loading, you can always play in the arena until your match begins.
  • Fifa Clubs is an amazing new feature to the game.

The bad:

  • In Manager Mode, there is a glitch that I've often come across that freezes your game every time it tries to load. It's very annoying for me because just as I was getting use to playing with my Manager Mode side and developing a very good team, it decided to freeze on me so I can never play on it again. Highly annoying.
  • The celebrations system gets repetitive after a while, because you find yourself doing the same celebrations over and over.
  • The stats system still isn't as accurate as PES I find. There are heaps of over and under-rated players on the game.
  • The difficulty levels aren't extremely tough. Playing on the most difficult level isn't really a huge challenge, and I'd like to see a tougher difficulty setting.


The gameplay in Fifa has taken a huge step forward for me. I was always a PES fan before this year, but once I noticed that the new PES was looking poor, I decided to have a look at Fifa again. I played Fifa 2008 when it was released and it was quite good, but it got dull quickly for me. I'm not sure what they done with it this year, but it was certainly a lot better than previous games, and I'd have to pat the creator of this year's game on the back for his efforts. It's always fun just to have a kick about with friends on this game, or even against the computer. On previous footba...


Best FIFA Ever? It sure looks like it

The good:

Presentation: As you'd expect from any EA game the menu's are superb, the soundtrack is great and everything looks slick. You'll find it hard to lose your way navigating the menus and you'll recognize most of the songs. Artists included are Duffy, Hot Chip, Kasabian, MGMT, Sam Sparro, The Fratellis, The Script, The Ting Tings, The Kooks and Tom Jones amongst others. Also the commentary is solid with the familiar tones of Andy Gray and Martin Tyler providing a decent insight into the game. The commentary at times can become repetitive and seem as though they are watching a different game but on the whole it's a solid effort from Gray and Tyler.

Graphics: Also when you buy an EA game you know the graphics will be highly polished an FIFA doesn't disappoint. You'll be able to recognise all of your favourite players down to the small details. The stadiums also look superb, this becomes more apparent in Be a Pro mode.

Be A Pro mode: This year Be A Pro mode has been turned into a proper game mode in which you control a custom or real player through a career spanning 4 seasons. You'll start off in the reserves and will have to fight your way into the first team and then into your national squad. Admittedly the mode could last longer but as a second outing for the mode we can let the length pass us by. There are a few issues when it rates your performance such as an error from a different player affecting your rating or an inferior performance been given a greater rating than your hat-trick performance.

Liscenced teams: Thanks to EA holding the licenses all the major teams from all the major leagues are here and are mapped out perfectly. Also the license allows EA to tap into a greater poolof leagues and teams. So not only can you choose from the top teams, you can choose from the small teams like Accrington Stanley.

Gameplay: This has always been where FIFA has let itself down. The passing felt un-natural, the ball seemed to be on strings and everything seemed to be rigid. Not anymore. This year FIFA has improved on last years solid gameplay and the results are there for all to see. Everything seems real, passing is a tricky thing to get right, through balls are much more difficult to pull off and the whole thing flows. There is also a very good learning curve to the game which means new comers to the series will not be left struggling to get the ball nor will they start trouncing Barcelona in theie first game. This is a simulation and as a result means you don't get the open pace of Pro Evo but do get instead a well paced and balanced footballing experience

The bad:

The Glitches: As always there are some rare glitches that can frustrate at times. A common glitch is when players seem to stop a jogg backwards after the ball instead of bursting through on goal as you'd expect. Another glitch that some people have experienced are random unexplainable red cards. These are very rare with only a handful of people experiencing them.

Online opponents: This is not a flaw with the game but more a flaw with some of the people playing it. Some people are immature and quit when they are losing online. Others might as well cheat as they watch you pick a team like Burnley then proceed to select Barcelona.


This year FIFA has surpassed Pro Evo to become the No. 1 football game. I write this as a gamer that has been a Pro Evo fan since FIFA 03. You will get hours of fun out of this and the more work you put in the better the game gets. A fully deserved 4.3.

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