FIFA Soccer 2005 review
FIFA Continues to Improve

The good:

~Career Mode
~New First Touch Controls
~Off the Ball Control
~Realistic Gameplay

The bad:

~Commentary Bugs
~Unchanged Graphics
~Players Looking Nothing Like Their Real Life Counterparts


Overall I really rate this game. It is a lot better than FIFA 2004 and I do mean a LOT. Every year Pro Evolution Soccer gets to brag about how much better it is than FIFA (and looking back to last year, you cant complain!) but this year I think this game is just as good, if not better than PES4. The gameplay is very realistic and very easy to get used to. The new first touch control fits into the game superbly and now you can beat your man with style. The new create-a-player mode is a very good part of the game allowing you to create your own player and slot him into which ever team takes your fancy. Plus the player is fully customisable; everything from their lip size to if they wear tape round their fingers or not. All of this added to the excellent graphics and updated transfers for the start of the 2004/2005 season makes it the best football game this year in my opinion. I would truely think about buying this game instead of Pro Evo this year folks.

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