FIFA Soccer 2004 Tips

Moves, various info
I have been looking for a complete moves list, and since I can't seem to find one, I will put down all the ones I know.

Hold L and Tap the right thumbstick in the same direction twice, and you will step over to that direction, then take the ball that direction.

Hold L and tap the right thumbstick one way and then the other (right, then left or vice versa) to step over one way, and sprint the other. This is very useful when running down the line, and to set up a cross.

Hold L and tap the right thumbstick backwards, then forwards fast to have your player power himself past a defender.

And now, the most useless move in the game. Hold L, and do a 360 with the right thumbstick to accomplish absolutely nothing at all, in my opinion.

Also, you can use L and X to give low volleys, better crosses with diving headers, and even through ball volleys that don't use the clear button (which takes time, and which I find a bit unrealistic, the way your player is gauranteed the ball).

For headers, tap the header button at the last minute for the best chance and most power.

If you are about to receive a through ball pass and a defender is coming your way, slow down, and when you almost have the ball, and he is almost on top of you, tap the sprint, and you should clear him or draw a foul.

In defense, when the ball is within 10 yards of your goalie and an attacker is in possesion, tackle the ball away and immediately hold the Y button to have your goalie charge and pick up the loose ball.