FIFA Soccer 2003 review
Best soccer/football game you can buy.

The good:

Graphics, Control, Realism, Computer AI, Audio, Modes, Leagues

The bad:

No Edit Function, Difficulty To Win Headers, Lack of a career mode


This is probably the best soccer game I have ever played. First the positives. The graphics are stunning, best ever for a soccer game. The control is solid, the only problem I have with with control is that there is no give and go mode like FIFA 2002. Realism is great, the computer AI will change there strategy depending on the score. There are many different modes to choose from, and this game has every major league in it.

There are only a few negatives. The lack of an edit function sucks, especially for us Everton fans because the game is missing Wayne Rooney, and without an edit feature we can not put him in the game. Another problem is the headers, it is way too dificult to score off of a header in this game. The final problem is the lack of a career mode, every EA Sports game this year has a franchise or career mode other than this one, this I have a problem with.

Overall this is still a great game and a must buy for all soccer fans, and people who just like a fun game, I have friends that love to play this game that hate soccer, that's how good this game is.

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