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FIFA 2003 Masterpiece !



the leagues which you can choose teams from are: Austria, Belguim, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany International, Italy, Korea, MSL, Norweigan, Rest of world, Scotland, Spain, Sweeden, and Switzerland.

the teams in each league are:

ENG: arsenal, aston villa, birmingham, blackburn, bolton, charlton, chelsea, everton, fulham, leeds, liverpool, man c, man u, middlesborough, newcastle, southampton, sunderland, tottenham, wba, west ham.

FRA: auxere, as monanco, ajaccio, bordeaux, cs sedan, es troyes, en avant guingamp fc nantes, le harve, lille, marsille, montpeiller, nice, olimp...


FIFA 2003

The good:

graphics, totally reworked dribbling.

The bad:



This is the best football game ive playe and even though im not a big fan of football games, I do like this game.
I prefer this game to fifa 2004 and think its the best football game on the ps2.
My rating for this game is 4.9 so i think thay anny football fans with a ps2 should go out and buy this game.

thanx for readin


JuSt 2 xTrEme ...


The beautiful game..

The good:

So many teams
Real player names
The ability to play an whole season
Great multiplayer
Good for both short and long playing periods
lots of comentary lines

The bad:

A bit clumsy control
Some graphical glitches


Graphics: Good enough, the players and stadiums look good, but there are some glitches like tackles that do not connect with the player, stuff like that.

Sound: I am not such a big fan of the music, but the comentary got lots of different lines, even though they are not accurate at all times.

Gameplay: Great fun and very addictive indeed, the control is a bit clumsy, but you will eventuall get used to it.

Lifespan: If you love the sport it will last for ages, this is one of my most played Gamecube games and a good multiplayer does also boast the lifespan.

Overall: A really good game, that all F...


Fifa 2003

The good:

Good graphics, different to Fifa 2003. A fair few teams and a fair few tournaments. The Club Championship is a good one.

The bad:

No creation centre. Not lower leagues, such as Division one, two and three. This means you may not be able to play as your favourite club. Which, is annoying if you support a lower division club.


A good fun game if you like football. Not to hard, so it is good for the beginner. However, you can increase the difficulty if you wish. However, I would not reccommend buying the game if you want a real challenge and you feel you really are a Pro! Overall, I would say it is a good all round football game, that is enjoyable for all ages and all abilitys. A good buy if you are looking for some fun, but not if you want a real challenge. Only downer is the fact that you cant play as lower division clubs(no division one,two or three).


FIFA 2003 Review

The good:

FIFA 2003 for the PS2 has once again excelled itself in the graphical department. The number of players, teams and kits are mind boggling to say the least. Everything looks and acts more and more like the real thing, bringing a feeling of realism to the game itself. Accompanied by another awesome soundtrack FIFA 2003 is really buzzing.

The bad:

Once again it looks better than it plays, with the team spending too much time on making it look real and not enough on the gameplay. The goalkeepers are rigid, the tackling poor and the player control exasperating at times. No creation centre or editing facilties means this doesn't come up to scratch with the PC version.


Despite the game play problems FIFA 2003 plays better than any other football game around. If you have a bit of spare dosh lying around, go pick it up. It'll keep you entertained for hours practicing to beat your mates, even more so if it had editing facilites.

Oh well, can't have everything.


FIFA 2003 - An Improvement?

The good:

FIFA 2003 is certainly heading back to it's once homeland of the throne of Soccer Sims. Last year's disaster of a game tanished it's glowing reputation.

Fan Favourites John Motson and Alley McCoist commentate, which is odd seeing how they work for different TV stations, an obvious flaw to start with.
The gameplay, however is much improved. Open play is more of a joy, the stadiums look better then ever, the players look a good deal realistic, the kits are up-to-date with styles and sponsors, there are many compeitions to unlock and conquor.

The bad:

Well, no game is perfect, nor are they expected to be, and FIFA 2003 is certainly not. The AI hasn't been touched in comparison to TIF03's improvements, players linger back when you go on attacks, set plays are horribly difficult to get, bang on right. There isn't any data editing option either, which both it's rivals sport. There is plenty of room for next years version to patch up on. Plenty of room.


FIFA 2002 far from set the standard that the FIFA Football games have enjoyed over the past 7 years. The complacestancy allowed PES to sneek into "Top Soccer Sim" of the year, much to the disgust of FIFA's loyal fans.

This version, and the new PES and probably on par. At then end of the day, the fans of either game will tell you what is better, but from a neurtal standpoint, they are the same.

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