FIFA Soccer 2002 (PC) Cheats

FIFA Soccer 2002 cheats, and Codes for PC.


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ARSENARULES All values of the arsenal team are made maximum.
WHATSUGANNADO Gain all bonus tournaments.
Free Kick
I just found this out im not sure if anyone knows it but i haven't seen it submitted anywhere. When you are allowed a freekick (when you are tripped inside goal box and you are allowed a one on one kick against th goalie) do not kick the ball. After awhile the computer will kick for you and the goalie will not be able to block it. He will be in the way but the ball will go through him and into the net scoring you an automatic goal... Cool huh?
Team Unlockables
Get All America's Team - Win world cup with South America/North America.
Get All Europe Team - Win World Cup with Oceania/European teams.
Get All Africa Team - Win World Cup with African team.
Get All Asia Team - Win World Cup with Asian team.
Get All World Team - Win World Cup with American, European, African and Asian teams.