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: : : : Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Import) Capture Create Guide

Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Import) Capture Create Guide

by KADFC   Updated to v1.10 on
                              KADFC Presents
           FFX-2 International + Last Mission's Creature FAQ/GUIDE
           Author: KADFC                          Copyrighted 2008
           First Created On: July 16 2008 @ 8:16 AM Pacific Time
           First Version Submitted On: August 20 2008
           Current Version: 1.10
           Current Version Submitted On: August 27 2008

           Youtube Account: KaddyGamer
           (Will post my FFX-2 International Video Walkthrough Soon. In the
            meantime, watch my 100% New Game No-Plus from the non-international
            version. All the percentage and steps are the same.)

     Table of Content
   A. Introduction
   B. Before We Start
   C. KADFC's Tutorial
   D. Collesium
   E. FAQs (Frequent Asked Quesetions)
   F. Credits

 Honestly, I can't believe I'm actually typing this FAQ up. I don't know how
 many people will read this, but it has to be done. I suck at both English and
 my origin's language (Chinese), and now I'm now typing a guide for this game,
 which is in japanese. Am I suited to create this FAQ, maybe or maybe not. Well
 no one else is volunteering, so I did and here I am.

 I use a Magic Swap with Slide Card make the gaming possible. It beats opening
 the whole system up and cheaper than buying a whole new JPN PS2 just to play
 this game. Inconvenient, yes. I suggest then to keep in turned on, and turn
 the PS2 off by the end of the day if you want to call it quits.

 The game itself, wow, so much has been added. Storyline wise, nothing, but
 gameplay wise, I would have to say 300% more. Creature Create. It has it's
 own storyline or rather, story telling. Too bad I don't have someone
 translating all the stories for me, that would be kickass. However, I will
 be uploading all storyline endings, but in JPN raw form. When? Someday.

 I'm not here to translate every single detail, that's out of my current
 abilities. However, I will do my best to create a guide that any english
 reading individual will comprehend. If you don't understand it, post
 a topic on the boards or send me a message on youtube. I rarely check my
 email anymore.

 This guide is created after experiencing and reading a few other guides. Just
 by reading those guides didn't give me enough information about the game.
 Actually it got me mad so many times. For one, there's not information given,
 so I have to play it in order to get it myself. The amount stress from
 playing this game... *sighs* Well I guess I'm over most it it now. The good
 thing though is that I've seen a few chinese characters before and 30% of
 the JPN characters are the same thing, so I could easily get myself through
 using items.

 Let me list the FAQ which somewhat guided me through this game:
  Split's Guides:
    Best for the difference changes and the new GG and what they do. I had to
    go back to this guide many times to confirm what gates do what.
    Used this for just about everything. It's the first place I look when I
    want to know something or get a refresher. Ctrl + F FTW!

  Kouli's Guide:
    Quite Frankly, I hate this guide. One, it was translated from JPN. How
    useless is this? VERY! Set's a good base to getting creature. Yet, I
    didn't use this guide to get any of my creatures, I did trial and error
    for all chapters. There is one thing good about this guide though. That's
    the link given at the end. I've got so many info from reading that.

    Oh and here's the link which I'm taking straight from his FAQ:
    A good amount of credits will go to them instead.

  The Ouroborous Item List: (A MUST, I LOVE ONE)
    Don't know what the item does? Read this. NOTE: This doesn't contain
    every single item possible though. There's a lot of items not covered
    in this section, but in terms of getting through the game, it's good

  EChang's GG List:
    Doesn't list all GG, but some of the ones that I regularly use are
    in this. What I use mostly? Let me see... A few of them - Treasure Hunter,
    Valiant Lustre, Highroad Winds, Menance of the Deep, etc...

  Red Scarlet's Monster List:
    Very useful. Translations were taken and finded with Ctrl + F
    Got me through a lot of trouble, but not for the internationl part though.

  nemes1s's Perfect Game Guide:
    This also applies for this game as well, but you'll have to remember
    what everything are. I did get 100% from following this guide even though
    I didn't follow it for Chapter 5. If you can keep up with it for the first
    4 chapters, that 100% is good as yours, unless you skipped a scene.

  Last, but not least, Jonrx's Creature Create guide hosted in
   I used this to start everything. This guy deserves most of the credit
   of helping me out when no one else can. All the gamefaqs FAQs can't go into
   more detail than this guide. Well, not until this guide is posted at least.

  As you can see, I did a lot of Guide/FAQ searching to get where I am right
  now. Currently, I'm only missing 1 (or 2 monsters). I've got all the NPCs
  possible. I have defeated Numerus for two methods so far, and I'm about to
  find some more. You probably don't know what I'm talking about, so shall
  we start from the very beginning?

      Before We Start
 Before we start this, let me say this, it's best to do this in New Game Plus.
 That's because you can't get everyone in your first time. It's required that
 you go to New Game Plus in order to unlock them. This is true for most NPCs
 who you need to use a SP pod in the chapters.

 Also, get Iron Duke and Adamantite. A few Crystal Bangel to increase HP helps,
 so does Champion Belts. Catnip does wonders, even though it's Berserked and
 Slowed. Know why? Because if you're smart, don't use YRP when trying to get
 all the enemies, assuming you want this.

 Let me explain why you should keep them at low levels. All non-human creatures
 in this game needs to be leveled up and released in order for you to complete
 their episode. If their level is low, it will take a few battles to fully
 get their episode complete. In my case, I used a Chocobo with Iron Duke and
 Champion Belt. My Chocobo basically guided everyone (creatures) through
 the leveling up process and he defeated all storyline bosses on his own.

 Also, if you're level is at 99 and you were trying to do this.. you need to
 restart in New Game Plus. It's impossible. If you're in the upper 90s. You
 can do it and all, but prepare to dedicate a lot of time getting that much
 EXP to level them up. Catch my drift? Okay, good.

 However, you can do it your way. It is your game after all, I'm just here to
 give you a heads up.


 When you first begin the game, go talk to Shinra. Compared to the original
 game, there is now a new option given. It's very easily noticeable, the very
 first one highlighted in a pink color. Select that now, if you will.

 You will now be given a chance to read a tutorial from Shinra himself. I could
 translate that, but I would rather do it my own way. First option is yes, I
 would like to read what Shinra has to say, 2nd is no, I don't wanna. I picked
 the 2nd one because.. well I'm here ain't I?

 After you select the top option, you'll be given a screen with 7 options:
  1) Capture Creature Map, aka CCM (a rock symbol, could be a pod)
  2) Menu (same as going into the menu, symbol is a leaf/plant)
  3) Current Creatures (symbol is a cactuar)
  4) Creature Ending Collector (symbol is a book)
  5) Renaming Creatures (has 4 characters about)
  6) Collesium (has 2 characters)
  7) Exit (arrow pointing to the left, back to Airship)

 Well now, let's start from the first one then, CCM. Pick that.

 Capture Create Map (aka CCM)
 As you can probably see, this is the same screen as when you talk to buddy in
 order to travel all around Spira. How should we navigate this place? Well,
 since I can't read JPN, remember the picture on the background. If you can't
 do this by looking at the picture, I suggest you play a different game..

 Story Lv. # is just as it is. It's where you are in the game.
 Creature Completed % is the amount of storyline's you finished for all the
  possible creatures in the game. You start at 0% of course. It's soley up
  to you if you want to finish this or not. As of right now, I have 99% and
  I will get 100%.

 Now, look at the bottom of the screen. See this round object that looks like
 an orb? In this game, we call these pods. There's 4 types of mods total and
 you can only have a maximum of 8 pods at any time. Pods are, from what I've
 experienced, obtained through 3 different ways. Pods can also be known as
 traps, but I'll call them pods from now on.

 1) Win a battle in the Collesium, any will do.
 2) Finish a storyline chapter will get you 3 SP Pods, unless you're full
 3) Release a monster whose storyline you've just completed. Only new ones
    count. Meaning they aren't already apart of the collector.

 When the game does give you a pod, you can determine this by the S, M, L,
 or SP that's given on the screen. Don't confuse this with grenades though,
 since they can be seen as the same thing.

 If you have 8 or more, the game will automatically not give you any more
 pods anymore. Makes sense right?

 There are 4 types of pods, which can be determined by 2 methods. First is
 by their size and secondly is by their color.

 1) Small Pod: Smallest one of them all and it's yellow
 2) Medium Pod: A little big bigger and it's green/teal
 3) Large Pod: Largest one possible and it's blue
 4) SP (Special) Pod: Same size as Large, but it's purple

 How should I explain this? YRP, each of the girls is S. All humans are S.
 You can have 3 S at max. Creatures also can take up M which equals 2 S's
 space and L can take up 3 S's space

 3 S = 1 L
 2 S = 1 M
 So it's possible to have a M with a S, since that will take up 3 S spaces.
 However, if you use a L in your party, he's left on his own.

 These pods capture exactly as their size indicates. S pods only capture
 creatures that fit the S category, while M and L captures only their own
 type. SP however, gives you a list meaning you specifically capture a
 certain type of enemy.

 Special Pods List goes as follows:
  Human (NPC)| Armor   | Bird    | Flan     | Seed Plant | Element
  Wolf       | Lizard  | Bee     | One Eye  | Dual Horn  | Drake
  Bomb       | Ogre    | 2 Blade | Mushroom | Chimera    | Stoner
  Fire Snake | Sagahin | Imp     | Machina  | Statue     | Exit

 What's good about this? AFAIK, it's only good for getting Humans, or
 rather NPCs. I guess it also works when you know a creature that exists
 in that area. Besides that, don't keep many of these.

 Let's see if I can make any clarifications. Armor can also be called
 Helms, One Eye is that thing that flys around and has one eye, Dual
 Horn is that beast that shoots fire, Drake is the thing that breathes
 fire on everyone (Elder Drake belongs here), 2 Blade is that guy that
 only jumps to attack and has a blade on his tail, Chimera is the guy
 with 2 or 3 heads and a snake for a tail, Stoner is that snake like
 enemy that petrifies with his eye (Chac in Bevelle), Fire Snake is that
 enemy that enemy that you first saw in Gagazet, Sagahin is that fish
 like enemy, Machina is what they are, Statue however is what Bevelle
 uses to get enemy's away.

 NPCs can also be captured by S Pods, but sometimes it requires you to use an
 SP pod in order to get them.

 Okay, let's begin capturing your first monster. Select any area first. Once
 you did that, look at the bottom. The first pod on the left should be flashing
 with a white aura and an arrow pointing at it. You now will select your pod.
 Press O to confirm it again. The pod will now be used.

 Now press R1 to Round Up! Meaning it will do it's best to get you an enemy of
 that category. The screen will turn black and then reappear. It should say
 "Round Up!" on the screen. Press O again. If you see Shinra there, that means
 there is no monster that's capturable present in this area and you've just
 wasted a pod. If you do see an enemy. It asks you if you want it or not.
 Initially picking the option means you'll take it, use the other option to
 not take it.

 If you did take it, you'll get to rename it. Press start and the other option
 submit that name and you'll return back to the map. Well, you've just captured
 your first monster.

 Extra info. For each area, at max, there's only 4 possible enemy present for
 each category. Try anymore and Shinra will show up. If you used 2 pods on one
 area and you didn't see anyone's whose storyline is finished, it means you
 should move on.

 The level of the creature is determined by YRP's average level plus or minus
 some minor deviation. So if you keep YRP's level low, you'll get a low 

 How do you tell if the enemy's storyline is complete? When you capture an
 enemy, normally, the name of the enemy is on the upper left. When an enemy's
 storyline is complete, there's an extra yellow tag on the upper right.

 Let's teach you another feature. If you haven't used a pod, press X to exit.
 Pick one of the options to fully exit. If you have used a pod, you'll be
 given 3 options:

 1) I really want to exit
 2) Reload the map
 3) Stay here on this screen

 If you picked the 2nd one, the screen will reload itself. If you don't reload
 it, you can't set up pods anymore until you do.

 You can also set multiple mods throughout spira and round them all up in one
 go, but only one category can be placed in one area. Now's lets return to the
 previous screen and go through the other 5 options.

 There's really nothing special here. It's basically going back to the normal
 menu screen when you press the triangle button. They just make this easier for
 you to see whose in your party and etc... A short cut if you will.

 Yet, don't you wonder what they said in Shinra's tutorial? Well, okay fine.
 I'll just go down the whole menu then. Compared to the original's menu
 screen a few more options are added as well. Most of which, can be said to
 train/add commands and auto-abilities to creatures.

 1) Items (No Change Here)
     > Use / Rearrange / Key Items
       Use -> Pick Item
             Rearrange -> Manual / Automatic
                          Manual -> Switch items around
                         Key Items -> Look at Key Items Collected
 2) White Magic (No Change Here)
     > Pick a girl (Has to be YRP) -> Pick spell to heal with -> Pick Target
 3) Equip (Different)
     > Pick Character/Creature from list
       > Equip Result Plate/GG, DS, and Accessories
 4) Result Plate (GG) List
     > This is where you fill up the slots of certain GG used in the game.
       Somewhat hard to use because it's in JPN, but get use to it.
 5) Abilities (YRP Only, No Change)
     This is where you change what girls are currently learning from their
     DS. Only the girls has this option, no creatures have this.
 6) Accessories List (No Change Here)
     > Manual Rearrange / Automatic
     Just like how the items were
 7) Dress Sphere List (DS List) (No Change Here)
 8) Training/Feeding Creatures (NOTE: You can't feed/train YRP anything)
     > Pick Creature
       > Feed Items
         Feed Accessories
         Forget Auto-Ability or Commands
    - When you feed them Items or Accesories, their stats increase, they get to
    learn a new Auto or Command, or even both. It depends if you think it's
    worth it or not
    - The Forgot feature is semi-pointless since during a battle, they can
    relearn what was forgotten. Yet, this only applies to their initial moves.
    To make them not relearn their initial stuffs, teach new stuff to
    block it out.
    - Blocking it out meaning, since they can only learn
      * Five Commands
      * Five Auto-Abilities
      Once all these slots are taken, they can't learn anything else, unless
      you make them forget
    - Last thing, even though all Item/Accessories gives the same stuff, that
      isn't fully true of how it changes the stats in terms of HP and MP.
 9) Rearranging Party Members
    Here's all the possible formats, since it depends on the party size
    S + S
    S + S + S
    M + S

    The last option on this list takes all the members out. Having an M on the
    list doesn't mean it will take up 2 spaces on the left list. On the left
    list, you can have up to 8 creatures, not counting YRP. For example, on
    your left list, you can have 8 L creatures or 8 M creatures, etc...

  Umm, that's about it. I don't think I can add anymore.

 Current Creatures
 This will let you see what creatures is in your party. This doesn't include
 YRP. You can have a max of 8 creatures here. Oh, forgot to mention this, but
 I'll do it here. If you were on the CCM and you exceeded 8 creatures already,
 you'll have to delete one and replace it with the new one.

 On this screen, the list gives you all the creatures' names. Pick one. I'm
 assuming Brother has been added to this. As you can see, he doesn't have
 storyline levels. No humans have storyline levels (NPCs). When you first
 pick them, you only see them. Press O to confirm again. A screen pops up.

 The bottom is to exit, the top one however, is to release. If you did pick
 the top one, they'll be removed from your party and you'll return to the
 first screen. If you decided to release Brother, you can get them back. Let
 me say this, there isn't a single creature who you can release but not get
 back. Meaning, you can release any creature and recapture them later.

 When you first capture a creature, remember their level. As a rule of thumb
 add 5 to that, episode complete level. If you get that creature to that level,
 go to this place to see if "Episode Complete" appears. If you do, then release
 them to see their ending. Too bad I can't translate any of them, but
 some of them do have some humor just by watching them.

 There's a way to determine if a creature has storyline levels. Notice that
 on the releasing box, go back a screen at look at the bottom of that box.
 If it has a fraction instead of 1/1, then it does have a storlyine. If it's
 only 1/1, then no storyline. For example, if it's 3/4, that means you need
 2 more level for this creature. Level him once to get 4/4, but you'll need
 to level him up again to get Episode Complete.

 When you've Episode Completed a creature and saw their ending, they'll join
 the collectors screens and you can watch them at any time.

 There's nothing else I can saw here.

 Creature Ending Collector
 The name saids it all. This is basically an album of all the creature's ending
 that you've completed. Pick one and you can see their ending again. Getting
 all of them is quite tedious and takes a lot of work. There's 19 pages total,
 so that's a lot of creatures to get.

 NPCs needs to be released in order to seen here. I'm not going to translate
 them back from the US version. That will take forever and that won't be much
 help to the people that's playing this version. So instead, I'll give you
 a jist of who's on here. Be warned, the names can be spoilers. Here I go:

 Page 1: Top 6 are all Helms; Last 3 are Small Birds
 Page 2: Top 6 are all Flans; Last 3 are Seed Plants
 Page 3: Top 6 + 1 = 7 are Elements; Last 2 Are Boris and Arcanae
 Page 4: Top 6 + 1 = 7 are Wolves; Last 2 are Coeurl and Queen Coeurl
 Page 5: Top 6 are Lizards; Last 3 are Big Birds, like Zuu
 Page 6: First 5 are Bees; Last 4 are One Eyes
 Page 7: Top 3 are Dual Horns; Next 5 are Drakes (Elder Drake having the 8th
         slot. Last Slot belongs to an Iron Giant.
 Page 8: Top 3 are Bombs, Mid 3 are Ogres, Last 3 are Twin Blades
 Page 9: First 4 are Mushrooms; Next 2 are Chimeras; Last 3 are Stoners (Chac)
 Page 10: First 4 are Fire Snakes; Next 2 are Tonberry and Mega Tonberry;
          Last 3 are Ochus
 Page 11: Top 6 are Insects like King Vermin, Last 3 are Dragons (Flame Dragon,
          Zalamander, and Clarnet Dragon.)
 Page 12: Top 3 are Sahagin; Next 2 are Archaen (A water fiend that has a
          glowing heart; Orange + Purple); Next 2 are large fishes; Last 2
          are Jelly Morphes (Spherimorph).
 Page 13: First 4 are Imps; Next 2 are Ghosts; Last 3 are Tombs, with Demon Cup
 Page 14: Top 3 are Devils (From Demon Cup); Next 1 is a Spirit (Demon Cup);
          Next 2 are Cactuar and Jumbo Cactuar; Last 2 are Eaters
          (Chocobo Eater and Anything Eater); Last Spot is Empty
 Page 15: First 2 are Iron Clads; Next 2 are Behemoth and King Behemoth;
          Next 1 is an Octopus; Next 2 are Malboro and Great Malboro;
          Very last 2 are Adamantoise
 Page 16: First 4 are Small Machinas; Next 4 are M sized Machinas
 Page 17: First 2 are Robots with 2 Cannons; Next 2 are Robots that Kicks;
          Next 2 are Defenders (Robots); Next 2 are Blitzball Shooting
          Machines; Last 1 is the Shooting Tank
 Page 18: First 2 are Giant Slugs (Shell Shocker and Concerher); Next 2 are
          Ancients (Ancient Guardian and Azi Dahaka). Last 3 are Weapons
          (Ultima, Omega, and Paragon). Followed with 2 Empties
 Page 19: Top 3 are Male Goon; Mid 3 are Fem Goons; Last 3 are the Syndicates
          (Ormi, Logos, and LeBlanc)
 Page 20: Yaibal  |  Lucil  | Elma
          Baralai |  Gippal | Nooj
          Garrik  |  Trema  | Seymour

 Page 21: Brother |  Buddy   | Strongest Shinra
          Auron   |  Kimarhi | Lulu
          ???     |  Chocobo | Shinra

 Total = 176 (Not Including YRP)

  I wish they had add these as well:
   Dark Aeons
   Angra Mainyu
   Ronso Youth
   Venagun? (LOL ^_^;)
   Sin <_<
   Normal Shinra
   Wakka (YES! WHY DIDN'T THEY!? Who knows)

 Renaming Creatures
 Like before, the name saids it all. You'll be given a screen like the Current
 Creature screen. Pick any of them. You'll be given 3 options.

 1) Rename Creature
 2) Release Creature
 3) Return Back

 I haven't said much about this before, so I'll explain it here. Since this
 is one of a kind. The first two are JPN characters of both kanji and hira.
 Since this guide isn't for JPN people, use the 3rd option which is english.

 Even though we're given the alphabet, we only get capitols and non lower case
 letters. You'll just have to get use to it.

 For now, let's skip the collesium because that's a little bit more advanced

 Getting Started with the Creature Create Feature
 This part maybe not neccessary, but I feel it's needed. This is basically a
 summary, but I'm here to rap it up.

 For those of you aiming to get 100% in the Monster's storyline. You need to
  put different pods in different areas, get them at a low enough level to
  level them up until their Episode is complete and then release them. Keep
  on doing this until you get 100%. However, you do need to read about how
  to unlock certain cups in order to do this

 For those aiming to get all the NPCs in this game. The majority of them is
  obtained by placing SP pods in the correct areas mostly in chapter 5.
  However, there is 3 FFX characters that can only be obtained by unlocking
  the last and final Cup. In order to get them, you need to battle them and
  win the cup itself. For that purpose, you'll definetly need to read the
  Collesium section. Which is coming up next.

 This is where all the action is at and the heart all of the new features in
 this game. I haven't figured out all the kinks yet, so until someone tells me
 what it does, I won't update what I don't know. Yet, what I do know is about
 99% of what you should need to do.

 Overall, you just need to learn the first top 3 options.

 1) Join the Cups
 2) Team Battles
 3) Menu (I don't need to describe this one anymore)

 Last Option is exiting this place.

    Join the Cups
 When you first start out, you're only given the first cup. As you progress and
 do certain requirements, you get to unlock all of the rest of those cups.

 There's a total of 10 cups total, while one of those cup's names will change
 and change back if you finish that cup's duties.

 Here's a list of all those cups:
  1) Regular Cup
  2) Regular Hard Cup
  3) Large Cup
  4) Large Hard Cup
  5) Chocobo Cup
  6) Cactuar Cup
  7) Youth League Cup
  8) Aeon Cup
  9) Demon Cup -> Shinra's Cup
 10) Farplane Cup

 Not counting the first cup, all the Cups are unlocked when the requirements
 are met or exceeded.

  1) Regular Cup (Initially There)
     No Requirements
     First Grand Prize: Psychier Dress Sphere
     Other prizes:
      X-Potion x 4
      Ether    x 8
      Titan Bangel    (HP +40%)
      Silver Bracelet (MP +40%)
      Random Pod

  2) Regular Hard Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Regular Cup 3 times
      Power Wrist    (STR +20)
      Tarot Cards    (MAG +20)
      Defense Veil   (MDE +20)
      Mythril Gloves (DEF +20)
      Mythril Bangle (HP +60%)
      Gold Bracer    (MP +60%)
      Talisman       (MAG +30)
      Random Pod

  3) Large Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Regular Hard Cup Once
      Mega-Potion  x  4
      Mega Phoenix x  4
      Elixir       x  2
      Panacea      x 30
      Random Pod

  4) Large Hard Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Large Cup 3 times
      Elemental Rings (Seven Types, I couldn't care less)

  5) Chocobo Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Large Hard Cup Once
     Requirements:  Must have a Chocobo in the Battling Party
      Regal Crown     (MAG +40, MDE +40)
      Champion Belt   (STR +40, DEF +40)
      Rabite's Foot   (Luck +100)
      Minerva's Plate (STR -80, MAG +100, MAX MP +100%, Pointless)
      Random Pods

  6) Cactuar Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Large Hard Cup 3 times
     Requirements:  Must have a Cactuar in the Battling Party
      Power Gloves     (STR +40)
      Crystal Gloves   (DEF +60)
      Oath Veil        (MDE +60)
      Pixie Dust       (MAG +40)
      Random Pods

  7) Youth League Cup
     How to Unlock: Win Large Hard Cup 6 times
      Defense Bracer   (Auto-Wall)
      Speed Bracer     (Auto-Haste)
      Shmooth Shailing (DEF +30, MDE +30, Super Ribbon, Auto-Slow)
      Tetra Bracelet   (Tetra Eater)
      Random Pods

  8) Aeon Cup
     How to Unlock: Read Special Unlocking Section
      Hirui-Naki Mono GG - Win Aeon Cup 3 times
      Kaiser Knuckles   (STR +50)
      Crystal Ball      (MAG +50)
      Crystal Bangle    (HP +100%)
      Rune Bracer       (MP +100%)
      Random Pods

  9) Demon Cup -> Shinra's Cup
     How to Unlock: Read Special Unlocking Section
     Storyline Mission Prize: Strongest Shinra Joins your party.
      AP Egg          (Double AP)
      Gold Hairpin    (Half MP Cost)
      Soul of Thamasa (MAG +15, Magic Booster)
      Adamantite      (DEF +120, MDE +120, AGL -30, MAX HP +100%, Auto-Wall)
      Last Resort GG  (Finish Shinra's Storyline)
      Random Pods

 10) Farplane Cup
     How to Unlock: Read Special Unlocking Section
     Prizes: (Hopefully you know what these do, since they are the best)
      Key to Success
      Iron Duke
      Force of Nature
      Random Pods
     Other prizes: Read Special Unlocking Section      ??? joins your party
      Auron joins your party
      Seymour joins your party

 Speical Unlocking Section
 Aeon Cup - To Unlock this Cup, you must capture specific fiends. Train them
  to increase their level by 5 and then release them. They don't have a normal
  storyline so they'll evolve as soon as you release them. It's said that you
  need to level them up first, but I haven't tried it without.

 Note: Remember what level you captured them at, add 4 to that and level up
 to that level, and then release them. If you can't remember what their
 initial level is, well then check to see if their Episode is complete. If
 it is complete, release them. The release screen also tells if their
 storyline is done.

  Besaid - Flame Dragon: Must be in Chapter 1 through 2. It could be there in
   chapter 3. It will definetly not be there in Chapter 5. Use L Pod.
   Flame Dragon will turn into "Ifrit". Note: Flame Dragon is the first Besaid
   Boss that you fight and you don't need to finish the mission in order
   to capture him.

  Thunder Plains - Blitzball Shooting Machine: It was said to be in Besaid,
   but I think that's BS. I found mine Thunder Plains in the area where you
   rescue Cid in Chapter 5. You must encounter him first though and he's
   always by himself. Use L Pod. BSM turns into "Ixion".

  Bevelle - Azi Dahaka: Can only be obtained in Chapter 5, no other chapters.
   If you're not getting him, try entering Via Infinito first. Use L Pod.
   Azi Dahaka will turn into "Bahamut". Note: Azi is the first boss and only
   boss that you battled in Zanarkand Ruins after talking to Issaru.

  Bevelle - Critical Bug: Whatever goes with Azi Dahaka, goes for this as well.
   Chapter 5 Only. Use M Pod. Critical Bug turns into "Yojimbo". Note: Pretty
   sure Mi'hien hidden cave isn't opened. But if don't get him, open that up
   with a Level 5 Chocobo. Note 2: This M Bug is on fire!

  Bevelle - Aranea: He can only obtained in Chapter 5 only if you've defeated
   him. He is the level 20 boss in Via Infinito. Use L Pod. Aranea will turn
   into "Anima". Note: He has the same appearance as the first Mt. Gagazet boss
   that you've battled, not counting LeBlanc's crew.

  Calm Lands - White Flan: I got mine in Chapter 5, and yet it has appeared in
   many other areas in different chapters as well. Use S Pod. White Flan will
   turn into "Shiva".

  Zanarkand Ruins - Mushroom: Don't know the exact name for it. I got mine
   in chapter 5, not sure if it can be obtained earlier.  Use S Pod.
   The Mushroom will turn into "Valefor".

  Bikanel Island - Jumbo Cactuar: This can only be captured in Chapter 5 and
   you must've defeated him in the cave after doing the Cactuar Mini quest.
   Use L Pod. Jumbo Cactuar will turn into Magus Sisters. Note: You might need
   to use many attempts since there's a lot of L type monsters in here. You
   Don't need to defeat Angra to get JC though.

  You can capture them, level them up, and release them anytime you want. The
  game's data will recongize this, so you don't need to worry too much. Only
  once you've released every single one of these aeon preforms will the Aeon
  Cup appear on the cup list. If you haven't done that, you'll not see the
  Aeon Cup.

  Win the Aeon Cup 3 Times in order to get the Hirui-Naki Mono GG. I guess
  it was fun using this. Auto-Haste kicks ass, and BDL isn't too bad. Here's
  what it looks like. NOTE: It's a cirlce, not a box-type.

    O = Open Slot for DS
    R = Red Gate = Critical (All physical attacks deals critical damage)
        Lady Luck can also has this ability.
    G = Green Gate = Soul of Thamasa's Magic Booster (Magic Spell's are 50%
        more stronger, but Double the amount of MP is used)
    Y = Yellow Gate = Invincible's Break Damage Limit (Damage can exceed 9999
        now, but cuts off at 99999) Not many attacks deals 99999. I can only
        think of 3 of them that YRP can use.
    B = Blue Gate = Speed Bracer's Auto-Haste (User is granted with Haste
        for remaining of the battle.

                                     /   \
                                   R       B
                                 /           \
                               O               O
                                 \           /
                                   G       Y
                                     \   /

 Unlocking Demon's Cup
 This is by far one of the most unique ways I've seen. To summarize it, there's
 a storyline to this about first getting a creature that's related to the
 underworld. Level up this guy and release him. He will then evolve into some
 one similiar. Then as you progress, you unlock some other creature that
 needs to be captured and released. One word to summarize it: Complicated.

 I started mine off in chapter 1, so I have no idea if it's possible solely on
 chapter 5. However, you do need to progress further into the storyline to
 make things possible. From my resources that I've gathered, it's stated that
 should only be possible from chapter 3 to 5. However, I do recall capturing
 my Devia (Deeva) in chapter 1. Oh well, do this on your instincts. However,
 it's only possible to finish it up in chapter 5 because I couldn't get the
 last few creatures until then.

 Note: Remember what level you captured them at, add 4 to that and level up
 to that level, and then release them. If you can't remember what their
 initial level is, well then check to see if their Episode is complete. If
 it is complete, release them. The release screen also tells if their
 storyline is done.

 Summary: 3 Devils -> 3 Tombs -> Spirit -> 2 Weapons

 Okay, here's how to unlock it:

 1) Capture Devia (Deeva, Deva) in Kilika using a M Pod. Level it up and
    release it. Devia. They look like levels. They have the same exact
    appearance as those enemies that you battled in chapter 3 when
    trying to get to Ifrit. They usually cast Haste as their first most.
    After that, only magic spells is used and no physicals.

 2) When you release Devia, it be be replaced by Aka Manah (Aka Manahu).
    Meaning, you don't need to capture this one, Devia is taken out and
    Aka takes his place. Level up and release him. Note: He has the same
    appearance as Devia, and so will Aeshma.

 3) When you release Aka Manah, he will be replaced by Aeshma (Aeeshuma).
    Level up and release him.

 4) When you release Aeshma, he will be replaced by Shahi. Another devil
    once again. Level up and release him. However, this time, it's Mission
    Time. It's said that you'll need to find the traitor to the underworld.

 5) This is where, you need to be at least chapter 3. Not possible in 1 or
    2. You now need to capture this creature called "Tomb" in Djose with a
    M Pod. Tomb. How do I describe this? It's basically a box with an arm
    sticking out that does physical attacks. In FFX, it's known for
    countering physical attacks with a spell. Normal attacks includes a
    slash attack with the hand and a full party petrify attack. Level up
    and release it.

 6) Releasing Tomb will unlock Dorumen for capture, which has the same
    exact look as Tomb. Dorumen can be captured in Kilika or Djose with a M
    Pod. But it can also be be caught in Mushroom Rock Road. Level up and
    release it. 

 7) Releasing Dorumen will unlock Monument for capture. But before you can
    capture Monument, you must've encounted him in the Farplane. He shows
    up on on the road where you battle the Dark Aeons. You get Monument in
    Djose with a M Pod. Level u pand release it.

 *NOTE: I have to add this part. I remember that releasing Monument will
   give me a spirit. I leveled it up and release it myself. However, the
   resources don't mention him. This spirit only uses Magic. I saw his
   picture in the collector. Just take note of this.

 8) After releasing Monument, more storyline progression. Monument will
    now be replaced by Ultima Weapon. Level him up and release him.
    Note: Don't change his name. Take a piece of paper and write his name
    down before you release him.

 9) When you release Ultima, more storyline. Shinra's there and it seems
    Ultima is going crazy. Mission Time! You need to fight in the collesium
    because the Demon's Cup is now unlocked.

 Even though it's locked, there's still a few more phases.

 Demon's Cup Part 2 (Turn this into Shinra's Strongest Cup)
 1) Now pick your best party and join the Demon's Cup. Once you join, look at
    who the last team is. Yes, that's your final opponent. Battle your way
    through all your rounds and defeat Omega.

 2) You will now be given the option of picking someone, Ultima or Omega. Take
    that piece of paper out and look for which names is which. Pick Omega and
    NOT Ultima. Level up Omega and release him. Note: Ultima has red/pinkish
    parts/strips, and Omega has things danglins from his ears with a blue like

 3) Level up and release Omega Weapon. Shinra will come out. I rather not
    ruin the storyline, but if you read further, you'll discover why. Be warned

 4) When you release Omega Weapon, it's Mission Time! again. Go to the
    and check where Demon's Cup was at (2nd slot from the bottom). Notice that
    the name is more stretched out. Join that cup. Look at the team on the
    very last slot. Yes, that's your last opponent. Defeat him to get him
    into your party.

                      SINCE THERE'S STILL A LOT MORE TO DO!)

    Strongest Shinra then joins your party once he's defeated. He hums a tune.
    I didn't know Shinra has such a lovely sound

    Shinra, IMHO, is by far one of the most useful NPC in the game. I can use
    him to take down the strongest enemy in the game (Numerus) by himself.
    With a lot of preparation of course.

 5) Level up and release Shinra. Yes, you need to do that. After you release
    Shinra, he'll be back to normal and the Demon's Cup will come back. The
    prize for releasing Shinra though, is one of the Ultimate GG in this
    game (The other ultimate GG would be The End). This GG is called
    "Last Restort." How good is it? Let me draw picture and you decided.

    O = Open Slot for DS
    R = Red Gate = Spellspring = Ragnarok's 0 MP Cost
    G = Green Gate = Critical (All physical attacks deals critical damage)
        Lady Luck can also has this ability.
    Y = Yellow Gate = Soul of Thamasa's Magic Booster (Magic Spell's are 50%
        more stronger, but Double the amount of MP is used) However, even so,
        just go through the Red Gate to get Spellspring. Meaning no more MP
        problems for this battle.
    B = Blue Gate = Invincible's Break Damage Limit (Damage can exceed 9999
        now, but cuts off at 99999) Not many attacks deals 99999. I can only
        think of 3 of them that YRP can use.
    All Gates =  Hidden Hero Medicine
       (A New Command is added to Main Command window (Kinda how like Finale
        is for The End) and allows the user infinite use of Hero Drinks)

                               O - G - O - B - O

     From what I see, this is the perfect DS in so many ways. At least now,
     you don't need to worry about not having enough Invincible to use, need
     to get more Three Stars. The End has Finale for you to deal 99999, but
     without items, it can't grant you the same things that Last Resort does.

 6) Hoped you enjoed the GG, but I want Shinra back. How do we do that? Go
    into the Collector and look for a picture of Omega. Watch his ending
    again. Mission Time! Demon's Cup will turn back into Shinra's Strongest.
    Yes, you guessed it right. You'll have to refight Shinra in order to
    get him back into your party. However, I suggest getting him only when
    YRP's average level is at least in the mid 90s or even 99. That way you
    don't need to level him up.

 Farplane Cup
 To unlock the final, last, and ultimate Cup, the Farplane Cup. You must win
 every single previous cup at least once. It's easily checkable since they
 tell you the number of times you've won a cup. Just make sure non of those
 are zeros.

 After that, the Farplane Cup is unlocked. Now let me explain the details of
 this cup.

 Here are the enemies that you'll be facing:
 ??? = Tidus
 Elder Drake
 Black Elemental + Mushroom
 Critical Bug (KING Vermin!?)
 Azi Dahaka
 Major Numerus = Ultimate Enemy in FFX-2 International

 In order to get ???, Auron, or Seymour to join party, two thins must be met.
 1) You must defeat them in the Cup
 2) You must win the cup afterwards.

 Both can pose a problem.

 1) You must defeat them in the Cup: This is based on luck because you might
    not battle them during your climb to the top. Even if you saw them in
    the ranks, that doesn't gurantee that they'll win their battle and
    face you next. Trema and Paragon tends to out beat anyone. And there's

 2) You must win the cup afterwards: If you can defeat every single one else,
    than this isn't an issue. However, if you see Numerus in the ranks and
    you're not ready, now that's a different issue.

 I suggest you are equipped with Mascot, at least 1 Iron Duke to prove that
 you're ready for Trema, be in the 90s, and have a good enough GG to win.
 As well as some strategy climb to victory.

 Trema: I. See. No. Difference. My resources tell me he has the same amount
        of HP as before. He might attack harder this time, but still
        somewhat the same. If you don't see Numerus in the ranks, high chances
        are that he'll be your last enemy or uncoming enemy.

 Tidus and Seymour, somewhat easier than I expected.

 Auron, different issue here. Only problem with this battle is you don't want
  to have a long battle with him. Shooting Star means instant rejection. It
  doesn't miss its target ever. Auron will eject all 3 girls and when he does,
  the victory goes to him. How did I defeat him? All girls at 99 with Mascot
  Mastered. Get BDL for Moogle Beam or Cactling Gun. Have them use that while
  the other 2 girls use normal attacks to chain it. Sometimes though, he tends
  to not use Shooting Star for a long time. Also based on luck as well.

 Elder Drake. With high enough levels, this guy isn't a problem. I've seen
  him miss every single one of his attacks before.

 Concerher. Can be an issue if you don't take him down fast enough. There's
  only one attack that won't miss and KO 1 target and he isn't too fast. Once
  again, high levels recommended.

 Every other not mentioned enemy is pie, very easy. I see no problem with just
  using physicals to take them out.

 Numerus. Even if you see him in the ranks, it's not guranteed that he'll be
  facing you. This is fact okay? I've seen him lose to Trema, Paragon, and
  even... OMFG, an Elder Drake? It's somewhat unpredictable. Yet, if you're
  fighting him yourself for the first time without knowing anything, you'll
  lose 100% of the time. Strategy of how to defeat him are given later on
  in this guide.

 After Numerus is done, which is the final new ultimate boss of FFX-2
  Internationl, you've basically covered/finished the game.

    Team Battles
 I'm not going to list the whole thing because, one, I can't translate all of
 them or any of them. The list is based upon who you've encountered in the
 collesium. If you have see them during battle, their team will be added.

 Now pick any team. You'll be given the option to fight that team whenever you
 want. This is great when you're trying to farm Iron Dukes from Numerus.

 You can't use this method to get FFX characters though. Those must be won
 while you're in the Farplane Cup.

 When you start a New Game Plus, the whole list will reset and you need to
 get them back on this list again.

    FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)
 Q1) So, what get's transferred in this case? I mean, do I need to do all the
     monster capturing again?
 A1) If you've finished a monster's storyline, it will be carried to NG+. You
     can tell this by going into the Creature Ending Collector and viewing it.
     It all goes into there. Monster Complete Percentage transfers as well.
      Besides that, if you have a monster/NPC in your party, their levels will
     be reset to level 1. They keep their abilities. Their equipped
     accessories goes back into your inventory. YRP levels is resetted as
     well. You keep your item and accessories, as well as any GG or DS.
     Learned abilities from DS transfer as well.
      The exhibition in the collesium, however, is resetted. So you'll need
     to participate in the cups again. Meaning, you can't pick a fought team
     and go into battle with them right off the bat. If you opened all the
     cups, they will stay opened in NG+.

 Q2) How do I unlock the Aeon/Demon's Cup?
 A1) If you've read the FAQ or search in this FAQ, you would know. In summary,
     you need to capture certain creatures, raise their level about 4 times,
     release them and they evolve afterwards. For Aeons, that's one per Aeon
     and you need to release all of them in order to open Aeon Cup. For Demon,
     that's a little more complex because there is a storyline involved, and
     you must do them one at a time.

 Q3) What kind of rewards do I get from creature creating?
 A3) The best of the best. Actually, something more than valuable. Items,
     Accesories, and NPCs. Elixirs are rather common, if you know how to get
     them from the collesium. Iron Duke, Key to Success, Invincible, and
     any other rare/unique accessories that you're suppose get one per game
     playthrough can now be obtained in 20 or less, depending on your luck.
     Before I stopped playing, I got 99 Iron Dukes and 6 Key to Success, and
     this was only on my third playthrough. NPCs, I'm just going to give a
     quick rundown of the most people want:
     Tidus (aka ??????)
     Oh, btw, Strongest Shinra (yes, the "I'm just a kid" has a lot of power)

 Q4) Is there anyways to hear voices from the creature storylines?
 A4) No, that's how it's made. It's just an extra for the players.

 Q5) I released Buddy! Can I get him back?
 Q6) Yes, you can get him back in Luca in chapter 1. Honestly, I released him
     before, and I don't want him back.

 Q7) I saw this video on youtube showing Numerus defeated in 1 minute, how do
     I do that?
 A7) To me, it still remains a mystery. However, from what's said on the
     boards. Get Chocobo, Cactuar, and Tidus. Teach them healing skills by
     the masses and have them level up a few times. This should teach them to
     not use them unless needed. Therefor, making them use Quick Attack/Hit
     more frequently than other moves. I got my team of 3 to 99 before I knew
     of this, so I can't level them up. This still remains a mystery as of
     right now.

 Q8) How do I play this game on my US PS2?
 A8) There's 4 ways that I know of right now.
     1) Buy a JPN PS2 - Most expensive. Most reliable.
     2) Get your PS2 modded to play international games - Second most
         expensive. More than likely done from a professional, which also
         cost money. Can damage your PS2 if not done right.
     3) Swap Magic + Slide Card - Cheapest. Somewhat inconvenient. One simple
         and unnoticeable done to the PS2.
     4) Swap Magic + Flip Top - Second Cheapest. Total remodal of your PS2.
         Take some to do, but at least it's more convenient than Slide Card
     Personally, I'm using the Slide Card. Cheap and doable. It's only con
     is that you need to use both of them everytime you play the game. Soft
     Resetting doesn't remove the effects though, only turning on and off does

 Q9) How do I get the characters from FFX? Mainly Tidus!
 A9) Well, first, unlock Farplane Cup. Which is basically is, unlock all the
     cups and win each of them at least once. Then with some luck involved,
     get into a battle with Tidus and defeat him. The last step is to actually
     win the Farplane Cup. There's two things that can block your path. First
     is Trema, second is Major Numerus. Good luck with the second one...

 Q10) I haven't done any of the collesium stuff yet, but what's one way to
      prep for those battles? Meaning I should able to win most of those with
 A10) Aim for Mascot with everything learned. Level 99 with all 3 girls.
      Then you should consider defeating Trema for his Iron Dukes.

 Q11) Is it possible to defeat Numerus with just YRP? I heard that it was
      impossible to do and the only way to win is with creatures.
 A11) That's true. They are just newbies, don't worry about it. I'll explain.
      To do this, you need the first turn luck and getting that first move
      is the only key to the whole battle.
      YRP at level 99 and Mascot with all abilities learned. Rikku must learn
       Dispel from White Mage. Paine must learn Nonpareil from Samurai
      Yuna  = Mascot
      Rikku = Alchemist -> Mascot
      Paine = Mascot

      Must have at least 2 Dark Matters or the needed items to mix Miracle
      Drink. Miracle Drink is the key to win this whole battle. Invincible or
      anything that grants Break Damage Limit, like Last Resort for example,
      is needed. For people just starting this, I suggest tackling Shinra
      first to get Last Resort, if not, do the Aeon's Hirui-Naki Mono GG.
      Rikku must equip Highroad Winds (First Strike). Put the Dark Matters
      on top of your inventory.

      At the beginning of battle, quickly have Rikku mix Mircale Drink by
      using 2 Dark Matters. This takes a lot of luck. Especially not having
      any of the girls killed while waiting for it to happen. If one girl is
      KO'd (that it not being Rikku), you can still win the battle, but for
      this scenario, I will talk about having none of the girls be KO'd.

      Okay, you got Miracle Drink to work and all 3 girls are alive. Now, if
      you don't have Invincible on and are using GG that has it, use that
      gate. Also do it for No MP Cost. Last Resort has that as well. If you
      don't you'll need Three Stars to get No MP Cost. Now let's start talking
      about strategy.

      First have Paine use Nonpareil 3 or 4 times to increase her attack. Then
      she would be using Cactling Gun from now on. Yuna will be constantly
      using Moogle Beam and that's it. Rikku has two roles. Numerus will cast
      Protect and Shell on all of his heads. When both of them is on, Dispel
      all but one of those heads. Leaving one will mean that he won't cast
      it again. Smart AI or dumb AI, who knows. After that, have Paine and
      Yuna concentrate on one head at a time. However, Rikku has a second role
      remember? That is to chain her physical attack with Cactling Gun and
      Moogle Beam.

      In order to do that, Rikku's hit must hit before CG and MB's damage
      number appears. Here's a few tips. For CG, initiate Rikku's attack when
      you see CG's needles start flying towards to the enemey. If that doesn't
      work for you, pay attention to Tonberry's hands. When her hands point
      towards the enemy, that's your signal to attack as well.

      MB is harder, just by a little, so you'll need more practice. I came up
      with a plan that may or may not work for you. MB's animation is longer
      than needed. When the moogle starts shooting the beam, count 1... 2...
      and then you should attack as well. Takes some practice.

      CG is definetly easier to chain than MB and that's a good thing because
      CG can actually hit 99999 when chained, but MB is only around 80000~.
      With some practice, I got both of them down quite easily.

EXTRA INFO #1: With this strategy, I've managed to beat Numerus in 18 minutes,
 which should be the world record. Miracle Drink was stated to end in 25
 minutes and I beat that time by a lot.

EXTRA INFO #2: With this method, it is also to set it up as a semi-automatic
 way. After Miracle Drink connects (it doesn't matter if you only have 2 girls
 still alive or not), have Yuna and/or Paine use their attacks, and Rikku
 should just do her normal attack. Put something on the O button to hold it
 down. After 27 minutes or so (don't worry, Mircale Drinks actually lasts
 longer than 25 minutes), the battle will be over and you win. It can take up
 to 32 minutes though.

EXTRA INFO #3: I honestly don't know how long Mircale Drink lasts. I doubt I
 will have the time to test it out anymore. I had Rikku constantly casting
 Dispel and Yuna using Moogle Beam throughout the battle. That battle was
 about 35 minutes long and I won. That means a whole lot to me.

 I guess I have to name people who I've talked to on the FFX-2 International
  + Last Mission Boards on gamefaqs. Which isn't many... I wish more people
  come here.

  Here goes, in no specific order:   YUNAROX

  Kouli, Split, Jonrx and anyone else that was apart of the introduction.