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: : : : Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Import) Item Translations

Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Import) Item Translations

by oXKitsuneXo   Updated to v1.00 on
  ~~~Final Fantasy X-2~~~
=International + Last Mission=


© 2006 Connor Seitzer

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There. Copied straight off GameFAQs Contributing help. =)

NOTE: As of now, this guide is only available to:


The purpose of this guide is to translate every item in the Item Menu of 
FFX-2 I+LM. The menu options will also be translated. 

This Guide will contain item descriptions. It will NOT tell you how to get 
these items (not in the initial release, anyways).

The Layout, etc.

Here's a quick visual look of how the guide will be layed out:

*Type of Item*

Kanji/Kata/Hira Name - Literal Translation, US Version (Romanji translation)

Yeah, that's it. You'll want to increase the text view size on the page, as
some kanji can be hard to read at GameFAQs font size requirements. This FAQ is
best viewed using Mozilla Firefox. In order to see the Japanese text, you'll
need to go to View -> Character Encoding -> More Encodings -> East Asia ->
Japanese (Shift_JIS). Characters in brackets just support the word to give a
better understanding.

NOTE: My Japanese isn't perfect. There will most likely be a few bad 
translations. This is why I'm also including the US Version names. It should 
help when using another FAQ along with this. 

Table of Contents

[Sec1] Translations

[I.] Selection Options
[II.] Healing Items
[III.] Battle Items
[IV.] Support Items
[V.] Chocobo Items
[VI.] Key Items

[Sec2] Other Stuff

[VII.] Not-Certain-Abouts
[VIII.] Updates
[IX.] Credits
[X.] Contact Info


[Sec1] Translations: 

[I.] *Selection Options*

- ƒAƒCƒeƒ€  -- 
   Item (Aitemu)

- Žg‚¤ -- 
   To Use (Tsukau)

- ‚¹‚¢‚Æ‚ñ -- 
   Put in Order, Organize (Seiton)

- Ž©•ª‚Å -- 
   Myself [Decide] (Jibunde)

- Ž©“® --
   Automatic (Jidou)

- ‚¾‚¢‚¶‚È‚à‚Ì --
   Important Things, Key Items (Daijina mono)

[II.] *Healing Items*

- ƒ|[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ -- 
   Potion (Po-shon)

- ƒnƒCƒ|[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ --
   Hi-Potion (Haipo-shon)

- ƒGƒNƒXƒ|[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ -- 
    X-Potion (Ekusu po-shon)

- ƒƒKƒ|[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ --
   Mega Potion (Mega po-shon)

- ƒG[ƒeƒ‹ --
   Ether (E-teru)

- ƒG[ƒeƒ‹ƒ^[ƒ{ --
   Turbo Ether (E-teru ta-bo)

- ƒtƒFƒjƒbƒNƒX‚Ì”ö --
   Phoenix Tail, Phoenix Down (Fenikkusu no o)

- ƒƒKƒtƒFƒjƒbƒNƒX --
   Mega Phoenix (Mega fenikkusu)

- ƒGƒŠƒNƒT[ --
   Elixir (Erikusa-)

- ƒ‰ƒXƒgƒGƒŠƒNƒT --
   Last Elixir, Megalixir (Rasuto erikusa-)

- “ŏÁ‚µ --
   Antidote (Dokukesi)

- ‹à‚̐j --
   Gold Needle, Soft (Kin no Hari)

- –Ú–ò --
   Eye Drops (Megusuri)

- ‚â‚Ü‚Ñ‚±‚»‚¤ --
   Echo Herb, Echo Screen (Yamabiko sou)

- ¹… --
   Holy Water (Sei sui)

- –œ”\–ò --
   Panacea, Remedy (Ban no Uyaku)

[III.] *Battle Items*

- ‚â‚·‚à‚ÌŽèžÖ’e --
   Poor/Minor Grenade, Budget Grenade (Yasumo no Syuryuudan)

- ŽèžÖ’e --
   Grenade (Syuryuudan)

- S”š’e --
   SBomb/Small Bomb (S-Bakudan)
- M”š’e --
   MBomb/Medium Bomb (M-Bakudan)

- L”š’e --
   LBomb/Large Bomb (L-Bakudan)

- ”š’eŽèžÖ’e --
   Sleep Grenade (Suimin syuryuudan)

- ’¾–ÙŽèžÖ’e --
   Silence Grenade (Chinmoku syuryuudan)

- ˆÃˆÅŽèžÖ’e --
   Darkness Grenade, Dark Grenade (Kurayami syuryuudan)

- Î‰»ŽèžÖ’e --
   Petrification Grenade, Petrify Grenade (Sekka syuryuudan)

- ƒ{ƒ€‚Ì‚©‚¯‚ç --
   Bomb Fragment (Bomu no Kakera)

- ƒ{ƒ€‚̍° --
   Bomb Soul, Bomb Core (Bomu no Tama)

- ‰Š‚Ì–‚Î --
   Fire/Blaze Gem (Homura no Shugyoku)

- “ì‹É‚Ì•— --
   South/Antarctic Wind (Nankyoku no Kaze)

- –k‹É‚Ì•— --
   North/Arctic Wind (Hokkyoku no Kaze)

- —â‹C‚Ì–‚Î --
   Cold Gem, Ice Gem (Reiki no Shugyoku)

- “d‹C‹Ê --
   Electric Ball, Electro Marble (Denki dama)

- —Ž—‹‹Ê --
   Thunderbolt Ball, Lightning Marble (Rakurai dama)

- —‹‚Ì–‚Î --
   Thunder Gem, Lightning Gem (Ikazuchi no Shugyoku)

- ‹›‚̃EƒƒR --
   Fish Scale (Gyozoku no uroko)

- —´‚̃EƒƒR --
   Dragon Scale (Ryuu no uroko)

- …‚Ì–‚Î --
   Water Gem (Mizu no Shugyoku)

- •‚Ì–‚Î --
   Dark Gem, Shadow Gem (Kuro no Shugyoku)

- Œõ‚Ì–‚Î --
   Light Gem, Shining Gem (Hikari no Shugyoku)

- ¹‚È‚é–‚Î --
   Saint/Holy Gem, Blessed Gem (Sei shugyoku)

- ŽŠ‚‚Ì–‚Î --
   Supreme Gem (Sikou no Shugyoku)

- “ł̉å --
   Poison Fang (Doku no Kiba)

- ‹â‚̍»ŽžŒv --
   Silver Hourglass (Gin no Sunadokei)

- ‹à‚̍»ŽžŒv --
   Gold Hourglass (Kin no Sunadokei)

- –½‚̃ƒEƒ“ƒN --
   Candle of Life (Inochi no Rousoku)

- ˆÙŠE‚̉e --
   Underworld/Spirit World Shadow, Farplane Shadow (Ikai no Kage)

- ƒ_[ƒNƒ}ƒ^[ --
   Dark Matter (Da-ku Mata-)

[IV.] *Support Items*

- ƒ`ƒ‡ƒRƒ{‚Ì”ö --
   Chocobo Tail, Chocobo Feather (Chokobo no O)

- ƒ`ƒ‡ƒRƒ{‚̉H --
   Chocobo Wing (Chokobo no Hane)

- ŒŽ‚̃J[ƒeƒ“ --
   Moon Curtain, Lunar Curtain (Tsuki no Ka-tan)

- Œõ‚̃J[ƒeƒ“ --
   Light Curtain (Hikari no Ka-tan)

- ¯‚̃J[ƒeƒ“ --
   Star Curtain (Hosi no Ka-tan)

- ‰ñ•œ‚̐ò --
   Recovery Spring, Healing Spring (Kaifuku no Izumi)

- –‚—͂̐ò --
   Charm/Magical Spring, Mana Spring (Maryoku no Izumi)

- ‘̗͂̐ò --
   Stamina Spring (Tairyoku no Izumi)

- –½‚̐ò --
   Life Spring, Soul Spring (Inochi no Izumi)

- –‚œ–ò --
   Medicine Amulet, Mystic Tablet (Mayoke kusuri)

- ‘Ì—Í‚Ì–ò --
   Stamina Medicine, Stamina Tablet (Taryoku no kusuri)

- –‚—Í‚Ì–ò --
   Magical Medicine, Mana Tablet (Maryoku no kusuri)

- ‘Ì—Í‚Ì”é–ò --
   Stamina Nostrum, Stamina Tonic (Taryoku no Hiyaku)

- –‚—Í‚Ì”é–ò --
   Magical Nostrum, Mana Tonic (Maryoku no Hiyaku)

- ƒcƒCƒ“ƒXƒ^[ƒY --
   Twin Stars (Shiin suta-zu)

- ƒXƒŠ[ƒXƒ^[ƒY --
   Three Stars (Suri- suta-zu)

- ‰p—Y‚Ì–ò --
   Hero Medicine, Hero Drink (Eiyuu no Kusuri)

[V.] *Chocobo Items*

- ƒMƒT\ƒ‹‚Ì–ìØ --
   Gysahl Vegetable, Gysahl Greens (Giza-ru no Yasai)

- ƒVƒ‹ƒLƒX‚Ì–ìØ --
   Sylkis Vegetable, Sylkis Greens (Shirukisu no Yasai)

- ƒ~ƒƒbƒg‚Ì–ìØ --
   Mimett Vegetable, Mimett Greens (Mimetto no Yasai)

- ƒpƒT[ƒi‚Ì–ìØ --
   Pahsana Vegetable, Pahsana Greens (Pasa-na no Yasai)

[VI.] *Key Items*

- ƒAƒJƒMƒXƒtƒBƒA --
   Crimson Sphere (Akagi Sufia)

- ‚«‚Á‚©‚¯‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Chance Sphere, New Beginnings Sphere (Kikkake no Sufia)

- ƒKƒKƒ[ƒg‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Gagazet Sphere (Gagazeto no Sufia)

- ‰ó‚ꂽƒXƒtƒBƒA --
   Broken Sphere, Sphere Fragment (Kowareta Sufia)

- ‚·‚ñ‚²‚¢ƒXƒtƒBƒA --
   Awesome Sphere (Sungoi Sufia)

- ƒ‹ƒuƒ‰ƒ“‚̃XƒtƒBƒA -- 
   LeBlanc's Sphere

- ‡‘Ì‚µ‚½ƒXƒtƒBƒA --
   Combined Sphere, Reassembled Sphere (Gattaisita Sufia)

- ƒAƒ“ƒ_[ƒxƒxƒ‹‚Ì‹L˜^1 --
   Under Bevelle Record 1, Logos' Sphere (Anda- Beberu no Kiroku 1)

- ƒAƒ“ƒ_[ƒxƒxƒ‹‚Ì‹L˜^2 --
   Under Bevelle Record 2, Ormi's Sphere (Anda- Beberu no Kiroku 2)

- ˜S–‚̃XƒtƒBƒA -- 
   Gaol Sphere (Rougoku no Sufia)

- ƒk[ƒW‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Nooj's Sphere (Nu-ji no Sufia)

- ƒMƒbƒvƒ‹‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Gippal's Sphere (Gipparu no Sufia)

- ƒoƒ‰ƒ‰ƒC‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Baralai's Sphere (Bararai no Sufia)

- ƒpƒCƒ“‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Paine's Sphere (Pain no Sufia)

- í—F‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   War Buddy Sphere (Sen Yuu no Sufia)

- ƒrƒTƒCƒh‚̃XƒtƒBƒA --
   Besaid Sphere (Bisaido no Sufia)

- ƒAƒ‹ƒxƒhŒêŽ«‘‘恔Šª --
   Al Bhed Language Dictionary Ordinal Volume # (Aru Bedo Gojisyodai #Kan)

- í“¬•žS --
   Combat Uniform S, Syndicate Uniform (S) (Sentou fuku S)

- í“¬•žM --
   Combat Uniform M, Syndicate Uniform (M) (Sentou fuku M)

- í“¬•žL --
   Combat Uniform L, Syndicate Uniform (L) (Sentou fuku L)

- Ð‰îó --
   Letter of Introduction (Syoukai jyou)

- ƒŠƒyƒA° --
   Soul Repair, How to Repair with Soul (Ripea kon)

- ƒŠƒTƒCƒNƒ‹¸_ --
   [The] Spirit of Recycling (Risaikeru seisin)

- ƒŠƒyƒA‚Ì‘S‚Ä --
   All's Repair, The ABC's of Repair (Ripea no subete)

- ‚©‚ñ‚½‚ñƒŠƒyƒA --
   Simple Repair, Repairing for Dummies (Kantan ripea)

- ƒŠƒyƒAƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹ --
   Repair Manual, Everyone's Repair Manual (Ripea manyuaru)

- ƒrƒTƒCƒh‚̃JƒM --
   Besaid Key (Bisaido no Kagi)

- »”™‚̃JƒM --
   Desert Key (Sabaku no Kagi)

- ƒiƒMEŠ„ˆøƒpƒX --
   Calm. Discount Pass, Calm Lands Discount Pass (Nagi. Waribiki Pasu)

- ƒiƒMEƒtƒŠ[ƒpƒX --
   Calm. Free Pass, Calm Lands Free Pass (Nagi. Furi- Pasu)

- ‰©¨‚Ì‚µ‚¸‚­ --
   Drop of Dusk, Twilight Rain (Koukon no Sizuku)

- ‹Å‚Ì‚µ‚¸‚­ --
   Drop of Dawn, Aurora Rain (Akatsuki no Sizuku)

- ƒ}ƒLƒiƒu[ƒXƒ^[ --
   Machina Booster (Makina Bu-suta-)

- ƒ}ƒLƒiƒŠƒAƒNƒ^[ --
   Machina Reactor (Makina Riakuta-)

- íŸ”V”é“` --
   Invincible Secret!!!, Victor Primoris (Jyousyou [kore] Hiden)

- •s”s”V”é“` --
   Sure-Victory Secret!!!, Corpus Invictus (Fuhai [kore] Hiden)

- –‚“±ƒ_ƒ“ƒX‘å‘SãŠª --
   Magic Dance Encyclopedia Last Volume, Magical Dances Vol.1 
    (Jyujyutsu Dansu Taizen Gekan)

- –‚“±ƒ_ƒ“ƒX‘å‘S‰ºŠª --
   Magic Dance Encyclopedia Last Volume, Magical Dances Vol.2
    (Jyujyutsu Dansu Taizen Gekan)


[Sec2] Other Stuff

[VII.] *Not-Certain-Abouts*

Well, just about everything really. Well, just the romanji translations. I'm not too sure on those,
nor am I on the literal meanings, though I think I was pretty accurate. At least the important 
things I know for sure are right. =)

[VIII.] *Updates*

- v1.00 -- Initial Release, 4/19/06

[IX.] *Credits*

Boy, a lot to go here:

- Me
- FFX-2 EX-POTION ( -- Helped me a lot with some kanjis.
- UltimusX -- His guide helped me a lot when I was double-checking my kanjis. 
- Jim Breen's Japanese<=>English Dictionary website -- My MAIN source for double checking 
   my kanjis and finding meanings to them. <3 the site.
- Wikipedia -- It's always just so helpful
- Split Infinity -- I used his guide for the US version names-- I don't have my US version anymore.
- JWPce/Glenn Rosenthal -- I used his program to make this. So very useful. 
- Square-Enix -- They made the game, I just wish they're release I+LM in the US. =( 
- GameFAQs -- Best site for FAQs/Guides ever. I don't know what I'd do without it.
- Exploitstation -- Without their help, I wouldn't be playing this now, since my laser hates imports.
- Darkn355 -- I'm using his save. =D

[X.] *Contact Info*

If you need to contact me, email me at (also my MSN), or IM me at 
that same address, or TXT3CH for AIM. But PLEASE, don't IM me asking questions that can be
answered on a message board. I'm rather busy normally. If you just want to add me, fine, but don't
spam me.