Final Fantasy Chronicles review
Great collection

The good:

*2 games in 1
*Bonus material

The bad:

*slowdown in Chrono Trigger


These were 2 of the greatest games on the SNES but I have to admit, this collection doesnt come close to Anthologies.

The graphics in the games were pretty good for the Snes. Especially Chrono trigger. The addition of FMV sequences in Chrono trigger gave the game a bit of an extra touch although they wern't placed at the right time. For example, when Ayla and Crono took of on the dinosaurs, they fly away and then the FMV shows them mounting the dinosaurs. Square should have fixed this.

Both games have some of the best casts of characters ever. Cecil and Rosa are amazing and to me, was THE best couple in Final Fantasy History (actually on par with Squall and Rinoa). And Who can not like Frog and Magus, seriously.

The Music in Chrono Trigger was great. Lots of variety and you never get sick of it. I found FF4's music to be average. As far as the battle systems go, I would say Chrono Trigger comes out a winner. Duel techs and Triple techs make the fights so cool. But FF4's is still enjoyable aswell.

Both stories were great. Both games have many sidequests and I was great fun going from world to world in chrono trigger.

Overall, this is a great collection of classic SNES RPG's and shouldnt be missed by any RPG fan. Unless your one of those kiddy gamers who loves graphics. If that is the case....I pity you.

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