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Final Fantasy Chronicles Cheats

In-game reset
While playing a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select to return to the main menu.


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Not being able to defeat the Dark elf?
If you are one of the gamers stuck in the battle against the Dark Elf, and you are wondering how to defeat it, because he simply causes 9999 damage to each one of your party members killing you without problems, it means you forgot to trigger a cut-scene in Toroia Castle. So, go back there and search for a room where Gilbert in on a bed resting, a scene will trigger. Now go back to the Dark Elf's lair and fight against him, now he won't hit you physically and cause you 9999 of damage, instead he'll use magic against your party, nevertheless you will lose, there is no other possibility, but this time, you won't get a GAME OVER instead Gilbert will help to battle the Dark Elf with your "metallic" weapons. So be sure to re-equip everybody with their metallic equipment and fight the boss.


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Easy Experience
Whenever you want to build up your levels on Final Fantasy IV, simply knock out the characters who you don't want the experience to go to (but keep a black magic user or a white magic user or Rydia alive). Then put the characters who are alive in the back row. Then when you get in a fight, have the fighter (Cecil, Kain, Yang, or Edge) attack, while the Magic user either heal, attack using black magic, or Summon. When you win the battle, you will get more experience than you would usually get.
exp easily ffiv
just enter a fight with a summoner(otside the village of summoned monsters) then wait until it summons kill the monster and reapeat the previous steps when the summoner is almost out of mp it will use death on itself and viola 32000exp per character
A little tip: When you first step into the house there is a pie on the table. After talking to the "monsters" you can run up and eat it. It refills your life if you do.
Secret Magus Items
In Ozzies castle, in the room where the imp disables the axe thing ozzie tries to hurt you with, if you hug the well to the right when it turn 90 degrees you will find a helm, sickle, and armor for Magus.
Secret Magus Statue
When entering the Cathedral, you will see a room with the princess, the king and a guard. These of coarse are monsters so kill them. And afterwards, if you feel along the right wall you will find a door that leads to monsters who are worshiping a monster statue.

And a bonus for you: In the pot where you fight the first set of monsters is some type of tab.
Secret Tabs
If you fight the keeper of magic, he first appears as a magic koala looking bear, he will give you a ton of tabs, which help bunches. Try beating him each time he changes.
Upgraded Equipment
Note- Your pendant must be able to open seals to do this.

Have you ever seen a sealed chest in 600 A.D? Chances are you can upgrade the item inside to a better version. If you see a sealed chest in 600 A.D don't open it just yet, examine it, when it asks you if you wish to open it, say no. Go to 1000 A.D where that chest was and inspect it now. It should be upgraded to a better version of the item. Now you can go back to 600 A.D and get open the chest.