Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus review
Dirge of Cerberus

The good:

- First playable sequel to arguably the best Final Fantasy game.
- Stunning ingame graphics.
- Plenty of extras to unlock after the end of the game.

The bad:

- Lack of difficulty or too easy.
- Not being able to replay previous missions with already gained stats/items.


Some of the pro reviews such as IGN and gamespot teared this game appart with their comments leaving the readers with an impression that this game is nothing but mediocre, at its best. Truth be told, that is far from the truth when it comes to it. Dirge of Cerberus is not nearly given the credit it deserves.

The story revolves around Vincent Valentine, one of the most misterious and proclaimed badass secret character in most games today. The story picks up with amazing graphics, Advent Children quality FMV explaining events that went down 3 years ago in Final Fantasy 7 but not included in the game itself. From that point on Vincent's own story unfolds with a handfull of new enemies (sort of) and plenty of cameo appearances from the old crew as well.

The gameplay is somewhat bland, but then again, it is a shooter. Vincent can perfom a few combos with his claw and feet to contribute to melee attacks, and of course his trusty Cerberus gun to take out almost any foe in encountered in the game. Appart from that he can also jump, and double jump, as well as use some Limit Breaks to help him out in combat against groups of enemies, bosses or what have you.

Probably the best feature in Dirge of Cerberus is the fact that you can customize Vincent's gun in any way you wish. You can collect or purchase gun frames throughout the game and with the money you save up you can upgrade certain parts and attach them to the main gun in order to strengthen Vincent's arsenal. Gun parts go from materia, to sniper scope's and other minor accessories that can increase the gun's attack speed, power, weight and so on.

There are a total of 12 missions in the game, each one explaining a little bit about Vincent's past, some of the untold events that occured in Final Fantasy 7 and how the current situation in the Final Fantasy World came about to be. The levels vary in length and difficulty so it's all up to how fast the player is or how good he is at genre of games. The game should take a little over 10 hours on average in terms of length but can stretch out a lot more with the extra unlockable feature the game has.

The main con's and issues I have with the game are, like the reviews say, the repetitiveness of the stages and enemies. The camera angle is not as bad most say it is, I have seen far worse and aggravating games dealing with it, however the stages are just slightly too straightfoward, and the enemies are laughable. Most drop in one to two hits at most, and from the first mission, to the last, you will encounter almost the same enemies. Bosses are fairly easy as well. All it takes is a steady lock on, constant tapping of the shooting button and you can just run circles around them shooting them until they die, which can pretain to the last boss as well. However the game has a hard and extra hard option, it still has quite a ways to go and match up with other shooters such as Metroid Prime, Counter Strike, Halo and whatnot.

The part Dirge of Cerberus really shines however is the storyline and character development. Without spoiling too much, it explains almost all there is to know about Vincent's past, loose ends and secrets Shinra had and perhaps a foe even more evil than Sephiroth? Who knows?
If you are a Final Fantasy fan, then definelty go ahead and buy this, you won't regret the fact you did. If you're not a fan of the series or have not played Final Fantasy 7, you will ask yourself a lot of questions about it and might not really get into it as most of us other fans. At least rent it before you buy it if you're still having doubts, however don't take the pro reviews to heart as they arent as accurate as most think.

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