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As one of the first fighting games to come out on the Playstation that is not titled Tekken, Fighting Force had a bit of a task to come out with a good game. They had come out successful, filling the game with plenty of characters and even more levels that are filled with an almost unlimited supply of weapons for you to use against your opponent.

All around the gameplay was very well done and put nicely together, and although not quite as good as those of the King of Fighters series, they are still some of the better ones in the game. With the great game play had to come good controls, and that is what was not done so greatly in Fighting Force. They are not bad controls in any way, but they are not great ones in that respect either. Unfortunatly the controls were the main downfall for this game.

If asked to recomend Fighting Force to a fan of the genre, I would do it in a second. However, if I was asked that for someone who really does not care too much for the genre, then I would tell them to pass. There is nothing spectacular about Fighting Force, and not too much to be missed.

Mike Truitt

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