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Choose to fight as Guy, Cody, or Haggar. As one of the three characters in the game, it's up to you to clean the streets up of the massive saturation of Mad Gear gang members, as the leader has kidnapped the mayor's daughter. Each brawler has his own style of attack and special moves.

[edit] Features

  • The classic arcade blockbuster now for Game Boy Advance
  • Team up with a friend,using the link cable to link two Game Boy Advance systems
  • New added scenes for each character
  • Includes the famous "missing" scene 4 which features Rolento
  • Features seamless animation and Capcom's signature arcade gameplay
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    Apr 30, 09 6:36am

    How R6: Rogue Spear led me to FF One

    I'm a fan of Rainbow Six (even if I didn't play...

    vicrabb blogged
    Apr 26, 09 12:14pm

    I'll review next week a game I've bought some weeks ago. Why not doing it now? Well, I prefer to write when it's not a special AoE (Articles of Excellence) event, in other words, the All-Stars winning.

    So, why have I bought that game? GBA is older than DS you'll say. But my DS happens to be GBA compatible (in other words, it's the original DS I'm owning).

    Well, I finally found R6: Rogue Spear for the console and the same seller happens to sell also Final Fight One. Beat'em up isn't my favorite genre but I've a soft spot for it, as it's pure arcade, reminding me my vacations when I was looking to people playing it on arcade born.

    So, as I've said, it's a quick review, so don't expect developements, just wait for the official review I'll publish.

    The story is about three people, fighting for freeing Jessica from the claws of the Mad Gear gang. You have Cody, the polyvalent guy, the boyfriend, Guy, Cody's friend, very agile and Haggart, the father, the ex-street fighter, the mayor of the city.

    In a beat'em up, you have to fight a lot of enemies coming from every direction, with different healths and different damage inflicted. You have the simple street thug, but you can find sort of mini-bosses, harder to beat and also doing more damage. And finally, at the end of the six stages, you'll have a boss, very hard to beat at the end and with different abilities: you'll find the idiot who thinks he's great, a sort of samouraï, a sort of soldier, a corrupted policeman, a "clown" (sorry but Abigale is really looking like a buffoon) and finally the boss, the chief, the one in a wheelchair but who happens to be a fake crippled.

    I've in very easy with nine lives and Cody didn"t get past Abigale, Guy did wonders but was unable to beat the last boss and Haggart is really recommanded for the sixth stage... if you have continue in stock. Because you can start the stage again when dead with a new character. I didn't really like Cody because he seemed very weak against bosses when Guy is definitively your man for the game. Haggart can inflict high damage but he's kinda slow, despite that, he's the only one that can last against the last boss. Or it's me playing like a noob or it's just a problem in the difficulty of the game. Even some weak enemies can inflict high damages, which is abnormal for me. When you're a common nemesis, you don't have to inflict bosses damage, right?

    The stages themselve are varied. You're beginning in the street for finishing the game in the uptown part, in a tower. You'll have to go through a bay area, a metro, a club, an industrial zone (with fire on the ground, beware of that), etc..

    It's perhaps only six stages but it's enough for me, my poor thumb was definitevely hurting when playing it.

    What is great in this game is the secret search. Well, it's more a "beat X enemies" for unlocking a secret (which are options in reality). I'm currently trying to unlock the rapid punch one but now, I can select my stage.

    As for the graphics, they're colorful but again, it's a pure beat'em up, so, you don't expect darker graphics, especially when the game is conceived as it was back in that time. Soundtrack is also good, as the sounds effects. You don't have voice acting like you can have in Half-Life 2 but still, it's good.

    I'm mainly mad at the game because you can't save when you want or in a special slot. In other words, play a new game and everything done before is lost. That's why I'm happy of the stage select secret unlocked. But still, I'm feeling like being lucky to be the only one to play DS (being an only child) because if you had to share your console, well, it can be a problem.

    Final Fight One on GBA is deserving a 6/10 because of that lack of normal saving system, because of some unbalanced difficulty and mainly because my thumb hurts during playing and it wasn't after one hour of it, it was after 10 minutes!

    So, this is the end of the quick review, stay tuned for the developed one!

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    wigthers 2000
    Apr 19, 03 6:22am

    Relive this arcade classic when Jessica (Mike Haggar's Daughter) has been kidnapped by...

    Jan 2, 03 10:58am

    This has a really retro feel to it, it reminds me of the good ol' days of the snes....

    Nov 3, 01 3:13pm

    A few days ago, I began wrinting a neoseeker review of final fight one. And in place...

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