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: : : : Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau FAQ/Walkthrough

Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau FAQ/Walkthrough

by KeyBlade999   Updated to vFinal on
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              |_|  |_|   \__,_|___/\__|_|  \__,_|\__,_|\__,_|___/
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             | |           |  __ \(_)                |  __ \
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                   |     Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau     |
                   |           An FAQ/Walkthrough          |
                   |             By KeyBlade999            |
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                        Section Negative One: Donations             **PICA_-1**

While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
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By the way, this is also my contact e-mail, so if you want to contribute
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                        Section Zero: Table of Contents              **PICA_0**

  [Section Title] .............................................. [CTRL+F Tag]

  -1. Donations ................................................ **PICA_-1**
   0. Table of Contents ........................................ **PICA_0**
   1. Introduction ............................................. **PICA_1**
   2. Version History .......................................... **PICA_2**
   3. Legalities ............................................... **PICA_3**

   4. Controls ................................................. **PICA_4**
   5. Walkthrough .............................................. **PICA_5**

                          Section One: Introduction                  **PICA_1**

Welcome to another FAQ of mine. This one covers the SMS game known as
Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau, a 2D platformer game released in South America,
apparently based off the once-popular cartoon character Woody Woodpecker.

This game was made by Sega and Tec Toy in 1996 for the Master System. In the
sixteen years hence, not a single complete FAQ has been written for it, until
now. I, along with other members of the GameFAQs FAQ Contributor boards, have
taken it upon themselves to write at least one guide for every Sega Master
System game out there. At the time of writing, after this game, that should
make 10 left!  ^_^

And, so, that's more or less how I came upon this came. Thanks for listening
to my ramblin'; I hope you enjoy!

                         Section Two: Version History                **PICA_2**

v0.10 - One level completed.  12:07 AM 2/18/2013
Final - All six levels done.  12:45 AM 2/19/2013

                           Section Three: Legalities                 **PICA_3**

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publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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© 2013 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).

If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
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                            Section Four: Controls                   **PICA_4**

 ~ D-Pad: Move around (Left/Right) (double-tap to dash); duck (Down); go
          through doorways and onto ski lifts (Up). In the case of levels where
          you're flying or swimming, you can move in all four directions.

 ~ 1 Button: Attack with your beak. The direction of the attack defaults to the
             direction you're facing unless you specify with the D-Pad. 

 ~ 2 Button: Jump. Use Left/Right to move in mid-air; however, you must already
             be moving horizontally before jumping to move left/right during
             the jump. In the case of boat-riding (like Fase/Level 4), you'll
             need to build up some speed before you can actually leap.

 ~ 1+2 Buttons: Use a paintbrush.

                           Section Five: Walkthrough                 **PICA_5**

Note that using the 1 Button to attack is only effective on bosses. Thusly,
whenever you see an enemy that is not past the end of the level, you may want
to dodge past it, right? This doesn't occur in all levels, but it will in some
of them.

Also, regarding extra lives (the stickers with the Woody Woodpecker face), you
cannot get more if the pause menu indicates that you have six remaining, or
something like that - that's the maximum you can have at any given time.

Before the Game...

At the title screen, you have two options:

 ~ Inicia: Start the game.
 ~ Opcões: Enter the options menu.

If you opt for the latter option, you'll have these options:

 ~ Modo  : Seemingly the game difficulty. This seems to affect the damage
           enemies can do (higher on Fác.), and the ending of the game
           according to tim_roast.
 ~ Música: Sound test-like option for the sixteen background music themes.
 ~ Efeito: Sound test-like option for the twenty-one sound effects.

Press the 1 Button to withdraw from this menu back to the title screen, where
you can press the 1 Button to choose the desired option.

Fase 1 / Level 1

Begin by jumping onto the ledge to the right. Avoid the enemy there, as you
can't hurt him or most enemies. Continue right, past the acorn-throwing
squirrel in the tree. Past another mole, who is near the blue irises, you'll
find another tree. This, too, houses an acorn-throwing squirrel. You can go
through the wall to the left and along the path, past a dog who will bite you,
to what looks like an ice cream cone. This will heal you, so grab it.

Return back outside of the wall, by the way you came here. Proceed further
right of the tree and jump over the edge of the ledge - this will, you'll
probably dodge the eagle that swoops down. Beware the squirrel in the tree
below, then jump across the gap.

Go up the stairs and along the linear path on the other side - the only
feature around here is the dog. Past him, go down to ground level. Beware the
tree squirrel here and go left and along the path. Jump over the gap and the
mole to find a bag of money. Return to the tree squirrel and, when the path is
clear, jump on across.

Head up the stairs and past the mole on the other side - stop on the platform
with the iris. Now, you need to carefully jump across that itty-bitty gap to
the leftmost ledge of those to the right. Then jump onto the one above it and
to the right, then to the dual-ledges to the right. (You can stand on them, as
the gap between them is only half as wide as Woody Woodpecker.) Jump on the next
ledge to the right, but beware the mole on it.

At this point, you can see three paths going to the right. Jump right onto the
top path and run along it, past a dog, for a weird arrow. Grab it and return to
the mole ledge.

Back there, dash - without jumping - off the ledge and you should land on the
lowest of the three pathways. Stand on the small ledge at its left edge and
leap onto the middle path. Head to the right along it, past a dog, for a sack
of cash.

Backtrack onto the lower path and go right along it, past yet another dog. Once
you pass a second one, jump across the next gap, but make sure that tree
squirrel doesn't toss an acorn in your path!

On the other side, ascend the stairs and proceed to the right. Past a few more
enemies on the ground, you'll find another three-path conundrum. Run along the
top path if you want to see some sticker of Woody Woodpecker, though I can't
seem to grab it.  =/

Backtrack to the previous ledge if needed. Dash off of it and go along the path
to find a health pickup past a dog. Go back to the left side of the ledge,
stand on its left side, and jump across the gap. Go left, past the dog and over
the gap, then grab the bag o' cash. Return to the small ledge from before and
hop onto the middle path.

Past another dog, climb the ledges. Jump into the gap here and run into the
sign to get a nice li'l jingle, then get onto the ledge above. As before,
beware of the squirrel. Past him, you'll find another set of ledges. Get on
the small leftmost ledge, then onto the one above and to the right, then the
dual-ledge to the right, then right another ledge.

Once more, beware of mole. This time, dash onto the lowest of the three paths
to the right. Go right past an enemy if you want to see a sticker of Woody
Woodpecker, then jump from the small left ledge here onto the middle path
above. Past the enemy here, you'll find another bag of cash. Go back to the
aforementioned small ledge, then onto the ledge sequence to the left. Hop
across them to the leftmost of them, then backtrack from there to the mole

There, go along the top path. At the end, hop over the mole to find, lo and
behold, another one of those three path things.  -_-;  Jump onto the high ledge
to find a bag of cash past an enemy. Return to the mole ledge and dash right
onto the lowest path. From the small left ledge, hop left and go through the
wall to find a health pickup. Then go back to the small ledge and hop onto the
middle one to find some arrow pickup past another enemy.

Return once more to the small ledge and, from there, go right and past a few
enemies. You'll soon find a tree squirrel. Carefully cross the gap to the right
and ascend the stairs beyond. At the top, you'll probably see the Woody
Woodpecker sticker below. Feel free to go through the wall left of the iris to
reach it.

Now, onto the ledge sequence to the right... Same pattern, same solution -
leftmost ledge, ledge above, dual-ledge to the right. (I will note that you can
instead hop along the lowest ledges to find some cash, then backtrack.) Here,
go past the dog to finish the main level.


You'll then encounter the boss. He can be a pain in the butt at times, so why
not return the favor?  >:)

As one might have guessed, your goal is to peck this guy in the rear end, via
the 1 Button, several times until his health meter in the lower-right is
emptied. This can usually be done by just jumping over the guy as he approaches
and then turning around and ... *peck* *peck* *peck*  The only thing to beware
of, other than accidentally touching the guy, is his gun. You can usually just
duck under or jump over the shots, so they're a relatively negligible problem.

Fase 2 / Level 2

Throughout the course of the level, be prepared to NOT jump into the light
fixtures. Apparently, you'll be zapped, and that'll often take a good chunk
of your health bar off.

Begin by pecking the bat flying around to the right, then proceed to the right
for a bit. Proceed past the doorways as you go along, ignoring more and more
doors and pecking more and more rats. Eventually, you'll find another doorway
at the end with a metal grille on it - it's locked, so head to the left now and
into the first open doorway you find.

Defeat the rat to the right if you want, then proceed left past the next door.
After pecking away a bat, you should see a key on the ground. Grab it and go
through the first door to the right. Back on the first floor, go to the far
right and through the locked door - the key will be used automatically as you
press the Up Button on the D-Pad.

Here, peck the rat into death or somethin', then grab the bag of cash and go
through the next door to the left. On this floor, peck the nearby rat and go
left. Head through the locked door.

Peck the bat to the right and head right and through another doorway. Pick up
the health pickup nearby, then proceed to the right and through another. Head
right through there, past a peckable bat, to and through the next door.

On this lower floor, go left and peck the rat, then continue on to find a key.
Woo-hoo? Anyways, go back through the previous door, left through another, then
continue left past the door you used earlier. Peck the rats as they come along
and go through the next door you see. Peck the nearby rats before doing so, if
you want.

Down here, go right to find an extra life, then left, past the door you used,
and through the locked one. Up here, go to the right for a bit and past a door
to find a candy cane (health pickup) on the ground. Return left and through the
door you passed earlier.

Here on the top floor, go left, peck a rat, and go through the left door. Head
left some more, past another rat, into another door. Peck the enemies down here
and head to the right wall to find another of those triangular health pickups
on the ground.

Go back left and through the door, then right through another. Continue past
the door you used earlier (the first one) and you'll soon find a bag of cash
and a rat to peck. Continue to find a bat. Go through the door nearby.

Down here, peck the nearby rat, then go right. Peck the bat here, then grab the
bag of cash next to the wall. Go through the first door to the left and, back
on the top floor, go left, peck the bat, and retrieve the key. Then go back
through the door you just used. Continue along this hallway leftward, past some
enemies, to find a locked door. Go through it.

Then go right and through the next door you see. Defeat the rat to the left and
continue to snatch some cash. Further left, there'll be a door, the first one
you reach. Go through it and defeat the rat nearby, then go left to find an
extra life.

Go back through the door and left to find another locked door. Peruse it and go
right. Defeat the rat and, as you approach the next locked door, you'll be
teleported to the next area, the boss.


This boss is rather easy. The fight will all take place on the top floor of
this area against the man clothed in blue. Each barrel here serves as a sort of
doorway - jump in the barrel and press the Up Button on the D-Pad to be
teleported into the other.

Simply abuse this bit to get behind the blue man, jump out of the barrel, peck
him in the rear end, and return to the barrel. Repeat as needed.

When the boss has been defeated, jump into a barrel and press Up on the D-Pad
again. This time, you'll be teleported into the lower-left barrel. Go to the
barrel in the lower-right and jump in to rescue another friend!

Bônus / Bonus Round

The bonus round is rather simple. At the right side are three enemies who will
toss things at you. Some of these can be good, such as food that will restore
health, or extra lives that have an obvious purpose, or bags of cash. Some of
these will also be rather bad for you, such as anvils and logs.

This level will only end when you are hit by something bad, so you can take
your time here to refill your health and lives.

After being hit by an anvil or something like that, you won't be damaged - you
will just head on to the next level.

Fase 3 / Level 3

Part one of this level plays akin to a snowy alteration of the first level. Go
to the right and past the dog near the tree. Continue right and peck the
snowman to kill him, then jump at the bag of cash nearby. At the next tree, you
need to cross this gap carefully. The dog nearby often likes to bite you, which
will impede your jumping, often even bringing you into the pit nearby due to 
the "shove back" effect. What I did was on the rightmost ledge that was above
the dog's platform's height, then jump right and held down the 2 Button.

Past here, get onto the ski lift with the 1 Button. You can leave it by
jumping if you see something appetizing down below, but you'll then need to
backtrack across the narrow ledges to the ski lift again. (Also, in that case,
you'll find some bear traps. So long as you jump quickly on then off, you'll be
okay.) Along the way, you'll find an extra life, ice cream cone health pickup,
then a bag of cash just before you get off.

When you get off from the ski lift, jump to the right and land near the base of
the tree further right. Jump across this gap like you did earlier. On the other
side, head up the ledges and to the right. You'll soon find a bear trap - jump
on and off of it, or over it, then peck the snowman in the head. Grab the bag
of cash sitting on the cloud above and continue right.

Once you jump over the dog (much simpler this time, no?), you'll find a
problematic gap like before. However, this time, you'll deal with a bear trap
and not a dog - therefore, it's quite easier.  ^_^  Jump from the rightmost
ledge like before to the edge of the bear trap's platform, then continue
holding the 2 Button and Right on the D-Pad to jump across the gap.

On the other side, you'll have to ride another ski lift. The concept here is
the same as before - feel free to jump down for the various items, but note
that you'll have to backtrack across the ledges to the ski lift again. In
order, you'll find a health pickup (triangle), then a bag of cash.

At the end of ski lift ride, jump down onto the rightmost ledge on the
bottom - for some reason, the top one won't work.  =/


You'll then proceed to the second portion of the level. Not a boss yet, sorry.
There, jump across the gap to the right and past the dog, onto the ledge to
his right. As you run left from this ledge, jump onto the platform with the
bear trap, then quickly onto the ledge above and to the right. It'll do some
working, but it can be done.

Then get on the next ledge above and to the left, then above and to the right
from there. Ascend up one more ledge and, while on it, walk left through the
wall to get a semi-hidden bag of cash. Return to the main ledge and go up and
right, up and left, and up and right.

From this platform with the iris, jump up and left onto the platform with the
bear trap and QUICKLY get onto the next ledge above and to the right. This will
definitely be a tough one to get but, again, it's completely doable. Then get
on the ledge to the left of there.

Continue up this small series of stair-like ledges to find an extra life, then
get onto the ledge to the right, then to the up-left, then up-right to find a
health pickup. Return to the previous ledge and get as far on it as you can,
then jump onto the platform above. Get the bag of cash and jump onto the ledge
to the right, then jump over the dog to head to the next ledge. Proceed right
into the third portion of the level.


Is it just me, or does this feel like a certain level has been ripped off from
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island? Well, whatever. You'll be riding some skis
as you go down the mountain, pretty much leaving you with one action: to jump!
Jump over the gaps -- this should be quite a simple concept to those having
played the aforementioned game -- and just don't fall in the gaps. You should
eventually fall in the gap at the very right side of the area, which should
bring you to the final portion of the level.


Another pseudo-emulation of the first level, ain't it? Anyways, the goal here
is a bit different.

First, take note of the squirrels in the trees at the left and right sides.
Like in the Level 1 boss, they won't hurt you at all. In fact, if you peck
them, they'll launch an acorn to the left or right, whichever is towards the
middle for them.

You need to use that concept to hit the polar bear at the right, your boss,
with an acorn. That's easier said than done - he really likes to run into you
and homes in on you. But that's about it for his offensive strategy.

So, beat his head in with an acorn. At that point, quickly get close and press
the 1 and 2 Buttons simultaneously. This gives Woody the ability to paint a
target on the bear's bottom.  XD  Peck it and he'll lose health. Loop until
you've won. It's actually quite simple if you get him trapped in the corner.

Anyways, after the clash, go right and rescue another one of your cute li'l
friends, apparently from the environment that he's acclimated to. Seriously,
what idiot takes a penguin, adapted for cold climates, out of there!?

Bônus / Bonus Round

The bonus round is rather simple. At the right side are three enemies who will
toss things at you. Some of these can be good, such as food that will restore
health, or extra lives that have an obvious purpose, or bags of cash. Some of
these will also be rather bad for you, such as anvils and logs.

This level will only end when you are hit by something bad, so you can take
your time here to refill your health and lives.

After being hit by an anvil or something like that, you won't be damaged - you
will just head on to the next level.

Fase 4 / Level 4

The first portion of this level is quite linear. You'll navigate while riding
on a boat. You can only move left and right (using the respective D-Pad
controls), and jump (2 Button) when you've gained enough speed. You won't be
allowed to attack enemies here, so you just have to avoid them as best as you

The general goal of this portion is to proceed right. There is little notable
along the way, except the various pickups you'll find over the water (you can
jump to these), or those to the left, near the waterfall, when you go down a
big gap. Remember to jump over enemies, and this part will end when you reach
the cave.


The second part of this level is a bit of an underwater tunnel. You can move
up, down, left, and right in here, and peck enemies with the 1 Button. The
tunnel has pretty much no variance in its structure, so you can just proceed
to the right, pecking the enemies as they come. There are no pickups, though,
so try not to get hurt.


The third part of the level consists of the boss. You can deal with this one
rather simply. You need to try to keep one of the green lilypads between you
and him so that you don't get bitten. All you must do is jump behind him and
use Down on the D-Pad and the 1 Button to peck his tail. Quickly jump away
from him, as he is liable to bite you in retaliation, then loop as needed.

Once you've defeated this 'gator, approach Woody's caged friend to free her
and end the level.

Fase 5 / Level 5

When you start the level, jump right and onto the bear trap above, then quickly
jump right and off of it. Jump onto the bridge nearby and proceed to the right,
but carefully. Not only are two of those dogs (who seem to resist all pecking),
but there's a bomb. This bomb will soon turn into a ground-hugging fireball
that will take a moment to disappear. Nevertheless, don't get caught up inside
of it.

On the other side of the bridge, drop down to the ground below, near the tree.
Feel free to the hop to the left (I just held "2" and Left on the D-Pad) to get
a candy cane health pickup. Return back towards the tree and gap and, when the
path is clear of the acorns, hop across.

There, climb up the ledges and proceed to the right. You'll find another bear
trap thing like at the start of the level, but you can bypass this one by going
through the wall beneath it. You'll also have to deal with another bridge, like
before. This time, on the other side, you'll find a dog nearby when you drop
towards ground level. Beware of the dog and cross the ledges to the left if you
want a bag of cash.

Then return to the dog if you need to and cross over the gap to the right.
Stand on the slightly-raised central ledge and jump up and right onto the ledge
there. Then get on the very left edge of it and hop to the ledge above, then
above and to the left, and so on. At the ledge with the dog, jump onto the
bear trap and quickly get to the ice cream health pickup. Jump right from the
bear trap to the platform with the iris, then jump right off of it, heading to
the right.

You should land on or near a ledge with an extra life sticker on it. Go get it
if you have room, then jump on the raised wall to the right. Walk off of it and
you'll land near a bomb on the bridge. Quickly hit ground level, lest you get
burned. Get on the small ledge to the right and, from there, cross over the
next gap when the tree squirrel is not throwing acorns at you.

Proceed up the ledges as usual. At the top, jump right to the ledge slightly
above you with the iris. Go right and you'll find that you're going through the
wall! As you proceed to the right, note that you may need to jump around to
deal with hidden ledges that will impede you.

On the other side (when you see Woody poke out of the wall), walk off the ledge
to land just on the edge of a gap. Jump right across it and ascend the ledges
on the other side. Cross the bridge while dodging the thrown acorns and the
bomb's fireball. On the other side, go down to ground level near the dog. Hop
across the ledges to the left if you want a bag of cash.

Then return here if you went that way and go right across the gap to find a
familiar structure. Get on the central ledge and, this time, climb up the
ledges to the left to reach the sign and trigger some bonus. Then go back and
ascend the ledges along the right wall. This time at the top, you'll find
a bear trap. Leap from it to the extra life, then leap from that ledge

You should land on a ledge with a candy cane. Pick it up to refill your
health, then stand on the solid orangish wall to the right. Leap to the right
and you'll land on the bridge below. Go across it, dealing with the dogs as
usual (by running away). Of course, also beware the fireball/bomb.

At the end of this lengthy bridge, walk off of the right side. To the left,
you'll notice a bag of cash. Hop to it and return here, then climb onto the
bridge from before and leap onto the bridge to the right. Continue crossing
the bridges and you'll soon reach one partially hidden by a tree. Walk off the
right edge of this one, then one the below.

Hop across the gap to the right and you'll find a familiar situation. Climb up
the right ledges as you have twice before done and you'll find another of
Woody's friends at the top. Yes, there's no boss for this level - just walk
near Woody's friend to free him.

Fase 6 / Level 6

It's time for the final level! Are you ready?

As with the lighting fixtures in Fase 2/Level 2, you'll want to avoid the
hanging spiders here for the same reasons - you'll get hurt!

When you begin, jump into the barrel to the right. Much like the boss in the
second level, press Up on the D-Pad to go through it to the next one, much like
the doorways of the aforementioned level. On the other side, go into the next
barrel to the right, but be sure to not get hit by the hopping rat nearby. On
the other side, stand on the edge of the barrel and wait a while for the
bomb/fireball to go away, then go left. Collect the cash and go back through
the barrel.

Go to the left and over the barrels into the leftmost one, next to the wall.
Go through it and, on the other side, quickly jump onto the edge of the barrel
because a fireball is already running rampant here... Go into the next barrel
to the right and through it. Kill the rat nearby - he'll probably jump on you
from above.

Go left and hop over the gap. Collect the bag of cash and return to the other
side of the gap. Go into the gap and head right. Take note of the first barrel
you reach. If you want a health pickup, go to the far right and past an enemy
or two to find a sufficient candy cane; otherwise, go through the noted barrel.

On the other side, carefully cross down into the gap between the two barrels,
then into the next one. On the other side, quickly hop on the edge of the
barrel because another fireball is about to appear from the bomb. After it goes
away, go left. Hop onto the edge of the barrel there, then leap onto the ledge
above and to the right for the extra life. Go into the gap and into the barrel
on the left.

On the other side, head into the gap nearby. Proceed to the right, past an
enemy or two, and you'll find one of the triangular health pickups. Grab it and
flee - another bomb is about to blow! Go into the first barrel to the left and,
on the other side, go into the gap and through that barrel.

When you come out, hop into the lower area and grab the bag of cash. Head to
the right and stand on the edge of the barrel you soon reach. Leap onto the
ledge above and to the right to find another health pickup. Cross the gap to
the right, then the next one to find a bag of cash.

You can go to the lower level around now and head to the far right, past a
fireball, to find an extra life if you want. Just be sure to then go to the
far left and jump from the leftmost barrel's edge to the ledge above, then keep
hopping over the gaps to the right. You'll soon see a bag of cash below. Go
get it, then use the barrel. 

When you come out, go into the gap below and into the next barrel. Yes, this
will induce a little backtracking, but it matters not. Jump from the rim of
the barrel onto the ledge above and cross  ONE  gap - no more or less. When you
see the next gap, go down into it and go through the barrel.

On the other side, be careful about the depth perception involving the stairs
at the right side - you'll be using the light-blue brick-pattern platforms as
usual. Cross to the right - the bomb won't blow up until you're very close -
and head up the stairs. Leap to the ledge to the left, defeat the rat, and go
through the barrel. Then go through the doorway nearby.


And so, you will begin fighting the final boss, which is actually quite easy.
This particular enemy likes to hop around until he's close enough to hit you
with his bat. Going old school, are we?  :P  Anyways, the main thing to note
about this is that his jumping is actually an advantage to you - you won't be
damaged if you touch him while he jumps! Take extreme advantage of this fact
during the battle.

Now, as for how to do damage? The exact conditions remain fairly vague to me,
but I pretty much know this. Whenever the enemy is about half a screen or more
away from a cannon, you want to do a full-fledged (i.e., while walking/running)
leap onto the dark-gray portion that is the front. If successful, Woody
Woodpecker will be launched from the cannon at a high speed - if you hit the
enemy, you'll deal damage.

That's pretty much it. After you deal damage, try to get on the other side of
the enemy by jumping "through" his jump, to the cannon, and launch again. Loop
as you need until the enemy is defeated, and the credits roll.

Congrats on beating Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau!

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