F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin review
Less 'FEAR' more 'ACTION'.

The good:

Sound effects
Lighting effects
Character & blood textures
Great bazzare creatures

The bad:

Confusing story (if you've not played F.E.A.R.1)
On-line trophies
less scares
Mind-less action



Hello gamers! This is a F.E.A.R.2 & I am gonna review it for you. This is a unbiased and spoiler-free review of PS3 game 'F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin'. I'll help you to make the right decision about buying or renting this game.

'HORROR' is a bloody thing...-

This game is rated 18+ for a good reason.This game has plenty of gore & violence.Sometimes it feels like it's raining blood! Because when you shoot someone's head with a shotgun, the head will blow like a balloon! And lot's of blood splits across the the screen as well as on the floor.But, game developers knew that some people may not like this blood-fest. That's why they've given you the option to switch off all the blood,violence and gore effects altogether!

There are some suggestive themes & sexual reference in this game.You can hear some swear words occasionally as the game progresses (don't forget the on-line!). The horror itself can be very intense for children to take. Psychological horror tends to be mature by the theme. So, parents should not let their children play this game till they are 18 or older.

The story of F.E.A.R.2 (without spoilers!)-

Now something about the story that this game tells us.Actually, I wasn't a F.E.A.R. fan nor I was a First Person Shooter fan.I bought this game because of the great graphics, the element of Japaneese psychological horror & Advance A.I.(Artificial Intelligence of the enemies/allies). So, I don't think you need to play F.E.A.R.1 to get used to controls (at least). But I did, actually was lost in the middle of this game and was unable to understand what was happening in the game. So, this game isn't a stand alone title & depends on F.E.A.R.1 FOR STORY & character descriptions. Thus forcing you to buy/rent F.E.A.R.1.

A short description of F.E.A.R.2's story-

The story starts where F.E.A.R.1 left off.In F.E.A.R.2, you play Michael Becket, a Delta Force operator sent in with a squad to take Genevieve Aristide into protective custody & to stop the supernatural activity of Alma.Alma is a girl who was used as a experiment in the original game and after the disaster of that experiment, Alma acquires lot's of Supernatural powers with unexpectedly destroys the whole city & makes it look like an apocalyptic Earth.Also, other bad guys are here to stop you from achieving your goal.

The story is very gripping & will keep you hooked for weeks, then you can replay it on the hardest difficulty to unlock trophies or achievements.The story is divided in 'chapters'. So, you can play your favourite part again & again.

Gameplay of F.E.A.R.2-
  • Basic FPS things-

Yeah, as you may have noticed this is a first person shooter game.You'll not see the body or face of your character while playing the game.And usually, there is a cross-hairs in the center of the screen and pressing the fire button or click the mouse will fire bullets at that direction. As simple as that.
  • Uniqueness of F.E.A.R. FPS gameplay-

This game is different than most of the games out there (at least from FPS games).You have the freedom to move object according to the situation or the position of your enemy.Enemy will do it too (More on the A.I. later in this review)! Also, there is a 'SLOW-MO' feature that let's you literally slow down time for a certain period of time.Maybe, some games already have this feature.
But, I don't know any that's why I think this is a unique feature of F.E.A.R.2.
As a basic arsenal, in F.E.A.R.2, you can carry 4 different types of guns & 4 different types of grenades.In this game- you have the ability to sprint, 'cook' grenades, slow down time & interact with environments.What can be better than that? this makes this game a must play.
  • Weaponry (No spoilers)-
In F.E.A.R.2, you can carry 4 different types of guns & 4 different types of grenades.But there are lot's of weapon types that you'll encounter.There are four types of grenades with you'll use according to the situation & enemy types.Also, when you press and hold the throw grenade button with a grenade equipped, you will prepare to throw and a timer begins.This indicates how long you have until the grenade detonates.You can release the control to throw the grenade immediately, or choose to "cook" it in your hand, timing your actual throw to gain maximum effect from the explosion.This is a unique feature about grenade, I think.And is quite strategic too. Also, there are some situations, when you are weaponless and you have to fight Supernatural things 'hand-to-hand'. Although, these situations are rare but quite fun. In later game part and in some on-line/LAN matches, you can control a powerful fun robo suit too!
  • A.I.(Artificial Intellingence) of enemies & allies-

The enemies are very clever in this game. They act like human beings when we play. And sometimes may plan strategies to take you down too! Enemies will sometimes use the environment against you like you do with them. They take cover, move movable objects, throw grenades at you if you are in the cover, will shoot a volatile objects (fire extinguishers, yellow electrical boxes and gas cans) when you are near them. Really, They are like KILLZONE 2 enemies.Very realistic and sometimes they play better than us !
  • On-line & LAN multiplayer action-

Yeah, like every FPS games these days, F.E.A.R.2 have a On-line & LAN multiplayer features.And there are trophies & achievements which you can get only by playing on-line (Not even by playing through LAN).

Session types-
1) Online play
  • Unranked Play: A multiplayer game where you don't get experience and are not ranked.You can jump into quick match, search for specific game types or host your own game.Scores achieved in Unranked play will not affect the leaderboards.Thus, you'll not get on-line trophies or achievements by playing this mode but will get lot's of fun.
  • Ranked Play: Ranked play games are multiplayer games where experience and rank are tracked.Unlike in Unranked play, you cannot customise the default game options.This is the mode which you'll be playing again & again if you want those on-line based trophies/achievements.
  • Leaderboards: Compare and view your ranked multiplayer stats with other F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin players. This feature is like Resident Evil 5, KILLZONE 2, RESISTANCE: FALL OF MAN, RESISTANCE 2, Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves, Call of Duty :Modern Warfare etc. so, you will be familiar with it.
2) Network play
  • In this mode you can play a multiplayer game with friends via your local network.Local play allows you to host or join a game.Local games are not ranked so scores accumulated during local play do not affect your standings in leaderboards.This feature is a treat if you got lots of friend who own the same platform (PS3, PC or Xbox360) as you do. You can play this without need of internet.
But, unfortunately, you cannot get multiplayer trophies/achievements by playing in this mode.

Game Lobby-

In this menu, you can swap teams, customise the weapons & gears, change the game option if you've hosted a game,choose maps if you are hosting a game,change game settings and leave game & return to main game menu.

Game Modes-
  • Deathmatch: Basic everyone against everyone match.
  • Team Deathmatch: Team version of the classic 'Deathmatch'.
  • Control: A team-based 'capture and defend areas' mode.
  • Armoured Front: Different take on 'Control mode'. In this mode, the team who captures all the 'control' areas wins.Also, each team have access to large fun robo suit!
  • Failsafe: A team-based mode where one team tries to plant and detonate a bomb, while the other team to defuse or otherwise keep the bomb from being detonated.
  • BLITZ: Capture the flag type of team-based mode.
The online mode is very promising & is very potential. It will take 2-3 months to get the highest rank in online matches. But, if you are looking for a real hard-core on-line game, then you should play UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, KILLZONE 2, Resistance 2, Call Of Duty: Moderen Warfare 2 or Little BIG planet etc. instead.

Other important things-
  • Graphics,Lighting/blood effects, textures,character models-

The graphics are really good. And in early 2009 , this was one of those FPS games which had the best graphics & lighting effects.It's almost as good as KILLZONE 2 or Resistance 2.The blood and wound textures are very life-like.The characters lip-sync very precisely.The hairs, body structures, movements & behaviour of enemies/allies is life-like and is realistic. This is one of the reasons, the gamers buy this game.This game is very polished and production value is high.All the things look similar to Condemned 2:BLOOD SHOT.It's because, the same game developer made this game.
  • Sound Effects-

The sound effects create the horrific atmosphere of Horror, anxiety & action.The effects are very well done. And are as good as CONDEMNED 2 : BLOOD SHOT.The sound effects will make you jump out of your seat when something 'horror' is on-screen or Alma suddenly appears before you. And the sounds of guns & bullets are good.The supernatural creatures' voice will sure scare you. All in all, this game is very polished and is created in high standards.
  • Glitchs-

I haven't found any glitches in my PS3 version of game. The game ran smoothly & the loading time was short too.Also, this game don't need installation if you are playing it on a PS3 or an Xbox360!
  • Replayabillity-

If you like to experience horror again and again then this game will last you for 5 or 6 months. Also, casual gamers will find this game interesting too.Although, if you are not a F.E.A.R. or horror fan, then this is worth a rent. Or if you are a F.E.A.R. fan then, it's a must buy.
  • Conclusion-

So, this is a great game which is very polished & the story is good if not perfect. If you have played any Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Siren Blood Curse or other horror games, you will find that this game isn't as scary as they are but still have some frightening moments which seems that they are inspired by 'Classical Japaneese Horror movies' we all love.They (Game developer of F.E.A.R.2) have concentrated on mindless action than 'Fear' factor.

So, this game is good for a FPS gamer than a hard-core horror fan. If you are a F.E.A.R. series fan, then this game is a must buy for you.But if you are a horror game fame or a casual gamer, then at least rent this game to experience this unique & polished game.

It have a great story but while on-line have potential, it's not intended to be a hard-core on-line game.But still, on-line is a great addition to this game.Don't buy this game for on-line features, buy/rent it for it's single player/ LAN features.It shines there & is best at it. This game is worth your time and efforts.

Get ready to confront Alma again in 'F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin'....
  • Scores=
Music: 4/5
Voice acting: 3.9/5
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 4.6/5
Production Value: 4.5/5
On-line: 3/5
Replay Value: If you are a "F.E.A.R." series fan or you'd like to experience horror, then - 4/5.
If you are a casual player, then- 3/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 3.5/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 7/10
On the scale of 50, this game gets: 39/50
On the scale of 100%, this game gets: 80%

This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because you will not find some gameplay elements like advance A.I. etc. in other games. Also, it's great to play a FPS which combines Japaneese horror with action (more action than horror).So, at least rent it and then wait for F.E.A.R.3!

Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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jbh May 2, 10
A good review darsh, If you liked the ability to slow down time then you should look at a copy of TimeShift
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 12, 10
Thanks a lot ! And yeah, I'll check TimeShift too. I've heard lot's of good this about it too.

I think, you should also try this game, F.E.A.R.2 if you love horror- 1st person shooter and time slowing games! TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (PS2) is a good FPS game too.
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