Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00
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Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise FAQ/Walkthrough

by SONE551   Updated to v1.00 on
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Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Walkthrough by SONE551
Copyright 2013

Table of Contents
[1.0] Introduction
[2.0] General information
[3.0] Characters
      [3.1] Fatty Bear
      [3.2] Kayla
      [3.3] Gretchen
      [3.4] Matilda Rabbit
      [3.5] Puppy
[4.0] Map
[5.0] Minigames
[6.0] Walkthrough
      [6.1] Beginning
      [6.2] Part 2
      [6.3] Part 3
      [6.4] Part 4
      [6.5] Part 5
      [6.6] Conclusion
[7.0] Credits
[8.0] Contact Information
                    [1.0] [INTRODUCTION]

Hello, and welcome to the Walkthrough. I have created the walkthrough to
help people who may be stuck beat the game. I know this game is suitable for 
children, with the suitable age range being between 3 and 7. However, this 
game has brought childhood memories to many, including me myself. Anyways,
read on!

                    [2.0] [GENERAL INFORMATION]

Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise is a point-and-click adventure game, just like
many other games developed by Humongous Entertainment. This game was released
on early 1993 for the DOS and Macintosh operating systems and later rereleased
in 1995.

The plot of the game:
Kayla's, the owner of Fatty Bear, birthday is tomorrow. Fatty Bear and her 
other toys plan to have a surprise for her. Like most Humongous Entertainment
adventure games, you are to pick up items, interact with others, and there are
minigames which you can play.

                    [3.0] [CHARACTERS]
[3.1] Fatty Bear
The main character of the game! He is a stuffed teddy bear that came to life!
Although he is called Fatty Bear, he does not seem to be fat like his name 
says it. He wants to make a birthday cake for Kayla, what a nice bear!
You are to control him throughout the game.

[3.2] Kayla
The title has the word 'Birthday' in it, right? Well, Kayla is the birthday
girl! And your mission is to surprise her!
She is the owner of Fatty Bear and seems to talk to her toys.

[3.3] Gretchen
She is the doll that sits on top of the bookshelf. She is in charge of making
a 'Happy Birthday' sign on the bulletin board.

[3.4] Matilda Rabbit
She is a stuffed toy rabbit whose ears can move like a helicopter's propeller
and can fly away. She will help you with the birthday cake.

[3.5] Puppy
It's a birthday present for Kayla. But it's weird how it is kept in a box...
A little bit of a troublemaker.

                    [4.0] [MAP]
Most/All of the point-and-click adventure games have more than one location
you need to go to. So I have created a map for you to understand the 
walkthrough better.

                                           Attic       Closet
 Garage ------ Outside the house               |           |
                             /   \             |           |
                            /   Living Room ---- ------- Parent's Room
                           /         |          |
                          /           -- Kitchen|
 Garden patch ------ Backyard                    ------- 
                      |    \                    |
                      |     Treehouse           |
                      |                         |
                    Laundry ------- Bathroom --- ------- Kayla's Room

                    [5.0] [MINIGAMES]

Scroll to the left side of the lounge room, there is an aquarium. You can
interact with the various types of fish. It's a really cool minigame!

In order to play the game, you have to go backyard and click at the southwest
side of your screen. There are 10 rounds in the bowling game. This game is 
just like ordinary bowling games. There are 10 sets of bowling pins and you
have to knock down the pins with the ball.

There is a cabbage on the bottom shelf on the right. You can click on it to
customise the cabbage, such as placing eyes, nose and mouth onto the cabbage
head. The special thing about it is that when you put the mouth, it speaks!

If you go to the lounge room and scroll to the left side of
the room, you'll be able to see a piano. Click on it to start the 'minigame'.
You can play the piano keys, in front of you and above the piano keys is a
musical sheet which shows the tunes/melodies of various nursery rhymes.
If you click the 'Play button' on the top left side, they will play the
song for you. However, you can change the sounds such as bell sounds, dog 
barks, a spring and other sounds.

                    [6.0] [WALKTHROUGH]
[6.1] Beginning
The game begins outside Kayla's house. You look through her bedroom window, to
see her father saying " Good night" to her. Kayla wishes him goodnight back
and tells Fatty Bear that her birthday is the next day and her parents will 
have a good surprise for her. She falls asleep. Next, there are sparkles
around Fatty Bear, bringing him to life. He leaps off his bed and then you can
start playing the game.

[6.2] Part 2
We would have to go make a birthday cake! Gretchen tells you that she is going
to put a "Happy Birthday" sign up on the bulletin board and Matilda Rabbit
flies to the kitchen, which is the place you go to bake the birthday cake.
Head to the kitchen, Matilda Rabbit would be found flying towards the kitchen
counter. But you will also see a mysterious box on the floor. The box shakes
and suddenly, a puppy springs out of the box and runs out of the kitchen! 

There goes Kayla's birthday present! 
You'll have to find the puppy soon and get a new ribbon for the box soon.
Click on the fridge to get some ingredients for the cake. Take the butter,
milk, eggs and cheese. 

Click on the ingredients Fatty Bear placed on the kitchen counter. You are to
make a chocolaty chip cake and refer to the blue book on the top left side of
the screen for instructions.

Check all the other drawers for Measuring Spoons, a
mixing bowl, an electric beater, baking powder and vanila and chocolate chips.

However, the puppy will take the chocolate chips. Fatty Bear will chase it
around the hallway and the puppy stops at a mousehole but is unable to enter
the hole, and leaves the chocolate chips packet in the attic.

[6.3] Part 3

Click on the mousehole, the mouse will be seen running out of the attic with
the key in its mouth. However, before Fatty Bear could take the key to the
attic, the mouse runs back through the mousehole. Use the cheese and drag it
to the mousehole. The mouse will run back to Fatty Bear and he will give
the cheese to the mouse. The mouse will run through the mousehole again, 
leaving the key behind.

Use the key to unlock the door to the attic. When you enter the room, Fatty
Bear picks up the packet of chocolate chips. For a chocolaty chip cake, you
would definitely need chocolate chips! 

If you click on the drawers, you'll see Fatty Bear change into different 
outfits! Exit the attic.

Go to Kayla's room, Gretchen tells you that the dog has ran away with 3 of
the letters she needs for the sign. She will also ask you to blow up 
some balloons. They are beside Gretchen. Click on the packets of balloons
to blow them up.
(Explore around the house to get the 3 letters because they are found in 
different areas. So I will not post the areas to get the letters because
I can't say exactly where they are.)

Go to the closet in the Parent's Room. Shhhhh! They're sleeping!
You will see 3 boxes placed on top of each other. Click on the top box and
Fatty Bear will climb to the top and jump onto the trampoline, making his
way to the top. He will hold onto the string and click onto the box with the
label that says 'Bows and Ribbons'. Fatty Bear will take the new ribbon.

[6.4] Part 4
Exit the room. Go to the bathroom and click on the drawer on the right. The
measuring cup will drop out. There is a laundry shoot beside the bathtub. 
Click on it and Fatty Bear will open it and enter. 

He bounces off some clothes, knocking a garage-door opener in the process.
You are now in the laundry. Fatty Bear will take it. Take the door leading
you to upstairs, and you will go to the backyard. Head to the garden patch.

You will see the puppy digging a spot there. He is dirty from digging and
runs away. You have to have the puppy cleaned. Climb up the tree to go into
the treehouse. 

You can look through the telescope on the side of the treehouse to look at
the night sky! Leave the treehouse and head outside the house. Use the
garage-door opener to open the garage. Go inside the garage and click on
the ladder to move it in front of the shelves. 

There is a bag of sugar
on the top shelf, which is one of the ingredients needed to bake the cake!
Click on it to take the bag of sugar. Leave the garage and go back to the 
house through the main door.

[6.5] Part 5
Go into the bathroom. The puppy will be there. Since it was digging the dirt 
in the garden patch, it needs to have a bath! Take the bone out from your 
pocket and drag it to the bathtub. The puppy will be lured into the bathtub.

Click on the soap to scrub the puppy. Click on the shower head to wash them.
After it is cleaned, click on the towel and Fatty Bear will dry the puppy.
The puppy is all clean!

Go to the kitchen and put the ingredients you've collected to the kitchen
counter. Now you have to put the puppy back into the box before Kayla and
her parents wake up. Drag the ribbon to the box and then drag the bone to the
box to lure the puppy into it. Fatty Bear will tie the box together with the

Go click on the kitchen counter where the ingredients are put at. Refer to the
blue book for the instructions. Click onto the milk, sugar, eggs and flour,
then the butter, vanilla, baking powder and the chocolate chips. Finally,
click on the electric beater to mix the batter.

Matilda Rabbit will put the batter into the oven and then takes it out after
the cake is ready. It's now time to decorate the cake! Decorating the cake 
sure is fun! After you are done, Matilda Rabbit will take the cake up to 
Kayla's room.

If you have found all 3 of the letters for the sign, go up to her room. You'll
see that her room is decorated with banners and streamers and the birthday 
cake is on the table. There should be balloons blown up already. 

Click on the bulletin board to put the 3 missing letters up onto the sign.
It's now time for the birthday party to start!

[6.6] Conclusion
It's now morning! Fatty Bear goes up onto Kayla's bed. Once again, there are
sparkles around Fatty Bear again, and he will be sitting still. Right after
that, Kayla gets up.

Kayla turns around to see the banners, streamers, balloons and the cake and 
ends up amazed. Her father enters the room to wish her a happy birthday
and tells her he has a surprise for her.

The puppy runs into the room and climbs up onto her bed. Kayla hugs Fatty Bear
and thanks him for the wonderful surprise. Fatty Bear is seen winking at you.
Congratulations! You've completed the game!

It's now the time for the credits to roll in! During the credits, there shall
be a cute carrot(I think it is) walking along your screen. You can click on it
to interact with it.

Wasn't this game so fun? Sadly, this game is the only adventure game for the
Fatty Bear series. Fatty Bear was a really cute little guy! Thank you for

                    [7.0] [CREDITS]
Credits to Humongous Entertainment, for developing and publishing the game.

Credits to Wikipedia and Humongous Entertainment Wikipedia for release 
information about the game.

                    [8.0] [CONTACT INFORMATION]

If you have any questions, suggestions or additions you would want me to make
to this Walkthrough, you can send me a P.M.(Private Message) on GameFAQs.

If I am not online or don't have a GameFAQs account, you can send me an email
on cseah551@gmail(DOT)com.

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This FAQ/guide is copyright of SONE551, 2013.