Fate Passwords

Spawn Legendary Gear
While in-game, press Ctrl + Shift + ~

Then type one of the following codes to spawn an item. These are very valuable and can be sold for a lot of money.
PasswordWhat it does
Legendary Ancesrtal FootstepsGives you defence boots
Dark TwinBattle axe
legendary ironbandbest belt
legendary ancestral footstepsbest boots
legendary the rakerbest gloves
legendary terrifying Visagebest helm
legendary Breakwaterbest sheild
legendary Enduring Victorybest body
branston's bnawtee ring of blingawesome ring
julie's enduring diamond ringawesome ring
seal of eternityawesome necklace
Legendary Mage's BaneSummons the sheild with the highest defense.
legendary elphame helmbest helm
legendary elphame bootsbest boots
legendary elphame shieldbest shield
legendary elphame swordbest sword
legendary elphame glovesbest gloves
legendray elphame armorbest armor
Legendary Mage's BaneGives you the shield but when identified, it sells for over 6,000,000 a piece!
legendary foe cannibalsells for over 12,000,000 gold and a great weapon
Legendary Elphame HammerBest Hammer
Legendary Elphame StaffBest Staff
Legendary Elphame AxeBest Axe
Legendary Elphame Polearmbest polearm
Legendary Terminal CalculationThe strongest weapon in game, sells for about 2,000,000 but it is the best weapon in the game
Legendary Tor's SaviorReal Best Shield
SplinterSummons An Epic Pickaxe