Fate Passwords

Push and hold Ctrl+Shift+~ and a question mark will appear on the side of the screen. Then type one of the following codes to activate its effect.

For entries with a #, enter a number in place of that hash.
godGain enough experience to go up 10 levels, and your pet by roughly 8 levels
gold #Gain gold equal to the amount entered.
fameGain 1,000 fame points
ascend #Go up to the stated level in the current dungeon
descend #Go down to the stated level in the current dungeon
experienceGain 5,000 experience points
healHeal yourself
levelup #Gain levels equal to the amount entered.
[name of monster/pet]Summons the stated monster / pet
spawn [name of item]Gain one of the specified items
bloodit lets you see the blood when fighting
nobloodyou dont see any blood
discoverallUse this to see all the things on the map
Legendary Foe cannibalITs a wep and use the ideity scroll on it then sell it.It sells around 1 mill(Faster way to get money becuse gold give less money then the method
Spawn a playerType in a person's name (A merchant does not work) and that person will spawn. Works!!!
Fame #Gives amount of fame stated