Fatal Frame review
Fatal Frame

The good:

Several Creepy and bone chilling ghosts
Storyline is interesting,Touching and amazing
Graphics are very good and make the ghosts very scary
The weapon you use (Camera) is very unique

The bad:

Puzzles are way too easy
Not enough herbs or medicines
Game is too short(I wanted to enjoy it longer)
The game bosses is very hard


The game is more creepy then gory actually. But there's lots of anxiety you feel as you explore the mansion.
Your main character is Miku who goes in the mansion to search for her brother Mafuyuu who hasn't come home. Mafuyuu went in the mansion to search for someone who's he close to which is a novelist named Takamine who went in the mansion with his two assistants to get help on working his book. The Himuro family that lived there did Shinto rituals but now the mansion is in ruins for several years.

Miku uses a camera as a weapon as she explores the mansion. Her mother's antique camera has the strange ability to exorcise ghosts, absorbing their spirit energy with each photograph. Miku's only defense against the ghosts is her sixth sense and her ability to take clear, swift photos of the ghosts as they appear. However, she only has a limited supply of film, but you'll find several films throughout the mansion.

This game is way different then the normal survival horror because it's more like mystery/puzzle then a normal survival horror game. I get so frighten at the ghosts that I shoot film frantically making me waste film because I forget that the camera doesn't do physical damage like the other horror games.
The bad things about the game is that there isn't enough herbs or medicine so it's hard to find more of them in the mansion if you wasted them already. This is what annoyed me, also the ghost bosses are really hard but some of you people like challenging games. One other thing is the puzzles are way too easy and you don't even need to ask for help or look in a FAQ to figure it out.
So I suggest you get it if you are a fan of these kinds of games or you just wish to try out these types of games. It's well worth it. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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Shadow of Death May 31, 11
The final line of your summary is at odds with the score you gave it XD
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SunnyDelight May 31, 11
Wow you are so right. I wrote this years ago so I know my reviews would be much well written now lol
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